Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty – Truth

Zaeem’s pov:

She is looking so beautiful in that red colour bridal dress. She smiled looking at me but then Afnaan came there and she turned to look towards him. I know she is just acting but still it hurts to see her with him. I took next dress and went inside the trail room. I was about to lock it when someone entered the room and locked it. I was shocked and then I sighed in relief when I looked at her face. It was Aneesha. She smiled at me and said,“How am I looking?”

I said,“I have to change go out.”

She said,“who is stopping you from changing? You can change now”

I said,“you are too bold for my liking.”

She said,“This is how I am, get habituated with it”

I said,“ok fine now go from here.”

She said,“Just like that. You are so unromantic. You are locked in trail room with beautiful girl and you are just letting her go”

I said,“What you want me to do?”

I sighed and said,“fine. Let it be. Just tell me which dress should I wear tomorrow from this. I took pics of all dresses I tried”

I said,“I like the dress which you are wearing right now. ”

She said,“I also like this one and you wear this one she showed my pic. It matches with mine”

I was shocked and said,“How you-”

She said,“Zohaan sent me the pics so now our dresses are decided. Please come today evening I will be waiting for you.”

I nodded and she unlocked the door to go out but then turned around and kissed me and said,“I love you”

I smiled and said,“go now..”

She scoffed and said,“you are not going to say it back.”

I said,“when we get married then”

She hugged me and said,“then I have to wait for one more day.” she kissed on my cheek and left.

I came out and saw Zohaan looking at me. I said,“Dresses are decided now let’s go”

We went home and in the evening I got ready and left for her house. I am very nervous.

When I entered their house I saw they are applying mehandi to Aneesha. Afnaan came towards me and said,“I was waiting for you so how it feels to lose?”

I said,“I don’t know.”

He looked confused and said,“What do you mean?”

I said,“nothing. ”

Someone called him and he left from there. They are performing so many rituals. I am really feel suffocated here.

I went to balcony to get fresh air when someone came and stood beside me. I thought it is Aneesha but it was someone else.

She said,“Hi Zaeem. I am Zaiba”

I said,“Hi..but do I know you?”

She said,“yes..We met at the club.”

I don’t recall meeting her.

I said,“Nice meeting you but I have to leave now. Can you show me the spare room? ”

She was about to follow me to show the room but then someone called her so she left giving me the directions.

I went to that room and then slowly drifted to sleep.

When I woke up. I saw Aneesha sitting beside me and looking at me.

She said,“finally you are awake.come with me.”

She took me to her room and I said,“Where is every one? They left you alone”

I said,“No. I said I am having head ache and want to rest. Don’t worry they think you already left so they don’t feel suspicious”

I said,“What is your plan?”

She said,“you will know in some time ”

I said,“Do you really have plan or you are just bluffing and will get married to him?”

She said,“Why are you saying like that?”

I said,“you are performing every ritual with him. You even wrote his name on your hand”

She said,“Are you jealous?”

I said,“no I am just saying if you are going to ditch me then tell me now.”

She showed me her hand and said,“See whose name I have written”

I was shocked and said,“My name and no one saw it. How?”

She said,“I have my ways. Now will you honour me by coming with me on a date?”

I said,“date?”

She said,“yes..usually men ask women on date but as I fell in love with most unromantic person on earth so I took the initiative to ask you on date so will you come with me?”

I said,“yes but how will we go out of this house.”

She pointed towards window.

I said,“no way. I have never done it. No”

She said,” don’t worry. I have experience in it and I will not let anything happen to you. Trust me”

I took Allah’s name and got down from window using pipe. I was very scared but somehow I managed to do it.

She took car keys from me and we started driving. I kept asking her where we are going but she said It’s a surprise.

At last she stopped at a garden kind of place and it was fully decorated with white flowers and a table is placed in the middle of it and once we reached there.

Two person came in waiter dress and placed food on our table.

She said,“All your favourite dishes..”

I said,“How do you know?”

She said,“I asked aunty”

I was about to eat when she said,“you are going to eat by yourself on our date?”

I said,“then?”

She said,“you have to feed me and I will make you eat”

I said,“I am not good at this kind of stuff”

She said,“I know but practice make man perfect so start from today”

We fed each other after she said,“let’s have a dance”

After dancing for a while. She said,“Zaeem what you hate most in a relationship? ”

He said,“lies and betrayal”

She said,“if someone lied to you and they had their reasons.will you forgive them? ”

I said,“no”

She said,“even if they have valid reasons?”

I said,“if you love someone then you should not lie to them no matter what? Because lies are the first step of betrayal.”

She was silent for a while and said,“you will never forgive them?”

I said,“As far as i know myself No but why are you asking all this?”

She said,“I want to tell you something for that you have to blindfold yourself.”

I nodded and did as she said after sometime she said,“open your eyes.”

I was very shocked and no words came out of my mouth.

I said,“you? it can’t be”

She removed her mask and said,“yes I am Aneesha. Your wife”

No no it can’t be happening to me. She looks so similar and It’s the same mask but still don’t want to believe it. I can’t believe she lied to me. She betrayed me again. She played with my emotions again.

I said,“it means Zohaan is my son?”

She said,“yes our son.”

She came towards me and tried to hold my hand but I moved back.

She said,“I am sorry. I wanted to tell you this but I was scared.”

I said,“you lied to me.”

I turned back to go.

She said,“please don’t go. I love you”

I said,“Don’t ...I don’t want to hear anymore lies. ”

She said,“please don’t say like that. ”

I said,“It’s the truth. You were already married.”

She said,“I am not married your PI gave you wrong information.”

I said,” but you are engaged. You broke the engagement with Afnaan only because you met me otherwise you would have married him. You don’t love me. If you have loved me then you would at least tried to find me. You would not have moved on so easily”

She said,“Zaeem please. Don’t say like that. I would have never married him.”

I said,“I don’t care you can do whatever you want. Marry him or someone else . I don’t care. You are nothing to me. ”

She said,“Tomorrow I will wait for you. You have to come to stop the marriage. I am your wife. Will you let your wife to get married to someone else?”

I said,“I don’t care” and left from there..

Aneesha’ s pov:

Right now I am sitting on stage wearing bridal dress waiting for Zaeem but there is no sign of him. I am scared to death. I can’t marry someone else. Please Zaeem I can’t face all of them alone.

Qazi asked Afnaan,“do you accept Aneesha as your wife?”

He said,“I accept” three times..

Then he came towards me and asked me,“Will you accept Afnaan as your husband?”


I was shouting in my mind but no words came out of my mouth. I looked towards door but no one was there. No..Zaeem will not do this to me. Everyone was looking at me.

Qazi said,“please answer..I repeat will you accept Afnaan as your husband?”

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