Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty One – Marriage

Aneesha’s pov:

Qazi said,“please answer..I repeat will you accept Afnaan as your husband?”

I have no choice now I have to handle everything on my own .Zaeem is not here.

I said,“No..I don’t accept”

Everyone was shocked.

Ammi said,“Aneesha what is this? Don’t make a scene. Say yes..”

I said,“I can’t. I am helpless. I can’t marry Afnaan. I can’t marry anyone because I am already married.”

Everyone gasped and started murmuring.

Afnaan angrily walked towards me and said in my ear,” Stop it now. Marry me silently.”

I said,“No. I will not marry you.”

Ammi said to the people,” No..She is just joking. Nothing of that sort happened. You guys calm down and sit.”

I can’t take this anymore.

I angrily shouted,“I am not lying. Zaeem is my husband. We got married four years ago.we have a son together..I am not lying..”

Qazi said,“If she is saying truth then this marraige can’t happen”

Mom was about to faint when dad got hold of her and made her sit and gave water to her. I sat on my knees infront of her and said,“Mom. I am sorry”

She turned her head away .

Afnaan grabbed my hand and said,“Don’t make stories. You are twisting the truth. We know what happened four years ago and your son is no more Aneesha and it’s good he is died because you are not aware who was his father.”

I slapped him and said,“How dare you say that about my son? He is alive and he very well know who are his parents.”

Afnaan said in whisper so that only me and my parents can hear ,“when are you going to stop? If you don’t stop now and get married to me then I will tell everyone that you got raped and you are lying about marraige. I know it’s a lie but I can prove it as truth. ”

Ammi stood up and got hold of Afnaan’s hand and said,“Let’s go and talk in private. Aneesha follow me”

Me,dad, mom and Afnaan went to the room and locked the door. Afnaan told Zaiba to stay and look after thw guests.

Ammi said,“Afnaan. Have you gone mad? You promised me that you will not do anything that will spoil our image in public.”

Afnaan said,“only if Aneesha get married to me. ”

Ammi said,“Aneesha stop this drama and get married to Afnaan. Don’t you think about your parents respect. If Afnaan says that comes out we will not be able to show face to anyone.”

I said,“Mom but he is lying and truth will always come out. He is blackmailing me now for marraige. Later he will blackmail to get something else out of me. Everytime he make me helpless and force me do what he want. I can’t live like that.”

Dad said,“He loves you Eeshu. He is doing that to marry you. He will keep you happy. We have seen him from childhood. He is crazy for you”

I said,“But I am crazy for Zaeem. I love him madly. I can’t imagine my life without him”

Afnaan clapped his hands and said,“Wow What a eternal love we have here. I want to something then decide what to do ?”

He took out his phone and showed me snapshot of reports in which it was clearly stated that I was gang raped but how is that possible? Nothing happened that day.

I said,“This report is wrong. Nothing happened. ”

Afnaan said,“Okay. I believe you but if this report is leaked then Do you think Media will believe you? ” then he looked at mom and said?“I don’t want to hurt her so I am going out. If she didn’t come out in 5 mins and marry me then I am going to reveal this report to every one. Now you guys decide what you want?” With this he left.

Ammi said,“Aneesha enough is enough. Go out and marry him.”

I said,“I am already married to Zaeem. I have a son with him,Zohaan. I have a family. How can I marry someone else?”

Ammi said,“Are not we your family? Our family respect means nothing to you? If that report goes out have you ever thought how much damage it can do to our family ?”

I said,“that report is not true”

She said,“What proof do you have? No one going to believe your empty words so stop all this and go marry him”

I looked at my dad and said,“dad please at least you help me”

Dad said,“call Zaeem now and if he says the same thing then we will see what to do?”

I called him but his phone is switched off. Zaeem please..Please pick my phone.

Mom said,“Why? What happened? Your fake husband is not lifting your call?”

I said,“his phone is switched off.”

Dad said,“he is not correct for you Aneesha. If what you are saying is true then he must be knowing that you are getting married today. Instead of stopping your marriage and staying by your side. He switched off his phone. I think you should marry Afnaan. I am very sure he is going to be with you in every step of your life”

I said,“Dad please. I love Zaeem. I can’t love anyone else. I can’t even think of spending my life with someone else..Please.....Please...”

Ammi said,“Enough is enough Aneesha. I don’t want to hear one more word form you.. Silently go out and get married to Afnaan otherwise I will kill myself. I can’t see our family name falling to dust just because of your carelessness. It’s better to die than to see the hard work of our ancestors falling to ground.”

She took knife from fruit basket and was about to cut her wrist when dad got hold of it and said,“Have you lost it? What are you doing?”

Ammi said,“yes I have gone mad because of your daughter.”

Dad said,“just calm down. I will talk to her.”

He came to me and said,“Aneesha, if you respect me then you will get married to Afnaan. We have given you life and I have always fulfilled all your wishes. I have done my best to be a best father. I dedicated my whole life to give my daughter’s a happy life.
Today also I want your happiness. That guy Zaeem is not good for you. Where is he when you need him? I want everything best for my daughter. In my eyes he is not worthy of you so please if you have truly loved me then you will get married to Afnaan”

I said,“but I am already married.”

He sighed and said,“even though there is no proof but let’s say you are married to him then we can get divorce but now go out and marry Afnaan. You can’t disrespect him like this In front of whole world. He helped us in our hard times so you can’t repay him like this. You have to marry him for me.please beta you are not mature enough to take your decisions listen to me please get married to Afnaan”

I said,“I really love you dad but sorry I can’t do this . If you ask me to leave him I will but I can’t marry someone else when I have him in my heart.”

Ammi said,“I have never seen a selfish daughter like you. I wish I would have killed you the day you are born then my family name should not have hold this disgrace. ”

I said,“Ammi please..”

She said,“Don’t call me Ammi when you don’t respect me a whatever you want but I promise you Aneesha the second the report is revealed I will kill myself and you will be response for it.”

I got hold of her hands and said,“Ammi please..I love you. I really do but I can’t give you what you are asking me”

She shrugged my hands and said,“you are fighting with us for someone who don’t even care a bit for you. Where is he now? Whom you love this much that you are fighting with your parents ? ”

Zaeem where are you? I really need you please come..I am falling weak. I need you. Even his phone is switched off..

Door opened and Afnaan came there and said,“time out.what you decided?”

Ammi looked at me and placed knife on her wrist and dad was looking down .

Dad said,“think carefully Aneesha. Is this how you are going to repay your parents for loving you unconditionally..By disgracing them.”

I said,“Zaeem will come and stop this marriage. He is worthy of me and he is worthy of my love. I will prove you this just give me 1 hour.”

Afnaan said,“I will give you 3 hours if he didn’t come till then promise me that you will marry me and remove him from your heart completely.”

I closed my eyes and thought 3 hours will be more than enough so i said,“I promise.”

I called him again and again. I called at home but no one picked it. Zaeem please where are you? Don’t break my trust. Please I don’t want to lose you.

I tried calling his friend’s but none of them knows where he is? I went out from back door and then to his house but It’s locked. I came back with broken heart he left me.

When I reached room from back door Afnaan came towards me and got hold of my hand and dragged me to the stage and made me sit on bride’s place.
He told somthing to qazi and qazi started the marriage.

Qazi asked again to Afnaan,“do you accept Aneesha as your wife?”

He said,“I accept” three times..

Then he came towards me and asked me,“Will you accept Afnaan as your husband?”

I closed my eyes and prepared myself to say something which I didn’t mean from heart.

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