Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Two – Hurt

Aneesha’s pov:

Then he came towards me and asked me,“Will you accept Afnaan as your husband?”

I closed my eyes and prepared myself to say something which I didn’t mean from heart.

I was about to say,“I ac-”

I heard some say ,“Stop this marriage cannot happen”

I looked at him who was looking at me with blazing eyes. He is angry.

Everyone again stood up.

Afnaan said,“Why is everyone hell bent on stopping this marriage?”

Zaeem said,“Because you are marrying someone else wife.”

Ammi was about say something when dad stopped her and said,“don’t say anything. I will handle it”

Dad said,“may I know whose wife is she?”

Zaeem said,“mine. She is my wife.”

I felt happiness rose inside my heart. He accepted me as his wife. It feels so good to hear it from his mouth.

Dad said,“Can you prove it?”

He nodded and he took out a paper and said,“here is our marriage certificate”

Dad was looking at it when Ammi also came beside him and looked at the document shocked.

Afnaan took it from their hands and said,“I don’t believe it” and he tore the certificate to pieces.

I gasped and tears left my eyes. How can he do this?

Afnaan said,“now there is no proof and she is not anyone’s wife. Problem solved.”

Zaeem smirked and said,“Do you really think I will give you original one? It just a copy. I have it safe at my house.”

Afnaan fisted his hands and about to punch Zaeem but he got hold of his hand and said,“Don’t you dare touch me. I will report you for assault.l” and pushed his hand.

He said,“so now you got the proof so I am taking my wife with me. ” he got hold of my hand and dragged me with him and I followed him but Ammi caught my hand and said,“okay. I believe you are really married but I can’t let her go with you. Divorce her. Divorce her now infront of everyone so she can marry Afnaan ”

Zaeem raised his eyebrow and said,“Why do you think I should do it?”

I can argue with her but I am letting Zaeem to have the front seat as I want to prove my dad that he is worthy of me and he will fight for me.

Ammi said,“Because I don’t approve you as my son-in-law.”

Zaeem said,“I also don’t approve you as my mother-in-law but that just a trivial thing as you are already my mother-in-law and she is my wife and I don’t break relations easily.”

She was about to argue when dad said,“Enough Nafeesa.” the he looked at Zaeem and said,” I don’t like you Zaeem but my daughter loves you a lot and I love her. She asked me a chance to prove that you are worthy of her so I will let you take your wife. ” then he turned to me and said,“but remember that I am always there for you. If he hurts the you can always come to us.”

Ammi said,“No she can’t Aaqib. If she leaves now then she is not welcomed in our house”

Dad was about to argue with her but I don’t want them to fight because of me so I said,“That day will never come because Zaeem will never give a reason for it. ”

I got hold of my dad hand and said,“Thank you dad for trusting me. Zaeem is really good person. I will be happy with him. Don’t worry about me. I will call you everyday.”

He kissed my forehead and said,“may you get all the happiness in the world.”

I was about to go when Afnaan caught my hand and said,“Please don’t go. I love you”

Zaeem pushed his hand away and dragged me with him. I saw hurt in Afnaan’s eyes. I felt bad for him but I can’t give what he is asking from me.

Me and Zaeem came out. No one said anything and Zaeem took me with him when I went to our car. I saw my Zohaan sitting in it. When he saw me he tried to open the door but it’s locked.Zaeem unlocked the door and he sprang to me. I hugged him and kissed on his forehead.

I kissed his cheeks and said,“My baby I missed you so much”

She hugged me and said,“I missed you too a lot”

I sat on front seat with Zohaan in my arms.

Zaeem didn’t say anything sat on driving seat and started the car. I kept glancing at him but he never looked at me.

When we reached home it was already 8 pm. No one was at home.

I asked,“Where is aunty and uncle?”

Zaeem was again silent but Zohaan said,“Grand ma and Grand pa went out and will come back in a week. Grand ma told me before leaving when I asked her”

I nodded . I want to get freshen up. Zohaan took me to his room where as Zaeem went to his. May be he is planning some surprise for me. I feel excited.

I got freshen up and listened to Zohaan’s non stop chattering. He is very happy you can see this in his eyes.

Maids served food and we all are together like a happy family but something was off. Zaeem is only talking with Zohaan and not with me. Is he angry?

Once dinner finished Zaeem took Zohaan to his room and made him sleep.

Then he went to his room and then to the wash room and banged the door while closing. I was tired so I laid on bed waiting for him.

When he got out ,he looked at me and gritting his teeth. He said,“What are you doing here in my room?”

I said,“What? This is my room as well now. We are married and I am your wife”

He walked towards me and got hold of my jaw and said,“You are not my wife. You are just mother of my child.”

I said,“Why are you saying like that?”

He said,“Because I can’t be with someone like you. You are a liar. You are not trust worthy. I hate you. I don’t even want to see your face but my son needs you. I can’t break his heart so I have to tolerate you around him but I will not stand you a second without him so get out.”

I said,“But Zaeem I am sorry I should have told you that I am Aneesha you met before 4 years ago but I was scared as you hated me.but I truly love you. I love you al-”

He shouted,“Shut up. No more lies. I don’t believe you. ”

I said,“but why?”

He got hold of my arms and anger was flaming in his eyes. He said,” because you told me that you will not marry Afnaan even if I have not come in your life but you were about to say ‘I accept’ to him. Your promises are lies if I have not come in time then you would have married him. You didn’t think about me. You didn’t think about our son before agreeing to marry him.”

I said,” You were not at home. I came here as well but-”

He said,“I know because I was there in wedding hall. I know what happened there. I wanted to see if it’s really truth that you would not have married even if I was not there with you. I truly wished till last second that you wouldn’t marry him but you shatered my broken heart completely when you were ready to marry him. I lost the trust in you and you can never gain it back because whatever you say I never gonna believe you. I don’t care if you have got married to him but I stopped marriage only for my son because he loves you and he need you. i don’t want to break his heart so we have no relation other than being parents. You are just mother of my son nothing else. We will interact only Infront of him and stay out of my life. I will stay out of yours. Do what ever you want I don’t care until it concerns my son so now you got all your answers get out from my room”

I just stayed glued to my place. I can’t believe my ears. My Zaeem hates me.

He said,“you are not going to go on your own .Okay fine.”

He got hold of my hand and dragged me out of his room and banged the door on my face.

I fallen on my knees and tears started following from my eyes. He hates me. He don’t think of me as his wife. His each word is like a stab. It hurts so much. Why? Why this always happen? Why can’t I have the one whom I love with my whole heart?

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