Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Three – Restless

Aneesha’s pov:

When I woke up I was confused looking at my surroundings then it struck me like lighting what actually happened..Zaeem is upset with me. He thinks I don’t love him. He don’t trust me. He dragged me out of his room.I was crying sitting outside of his room and fell asleep but who brought me here? Ofcourse it will be Zaeem who else is there..? it means he still cares for me. He still loves me and I love him as well. I have to prove it to him and make him understand that I love him then everything will sort out. I am very thankful to god that he allowed me to go back to Zaeem and Zohaan. Yesterday I lost hope. I died from inside thinking I will marry Afnaan and lose Zaeem and Zohaan but I can’t let my mother die. She is not of just words. I know her she is very stubborn. I was too scared. I know whatever might be the reason what I did was wrong and Zaeem’s anger is justified. I am just happy that me and Zaeem are married in the eyes of all. I will give my best to do all my wifey duties and make everything right.

I looked at time it 8:00 Am shut I slept late. Zohaan has school at 9:00 am.

I quickly got freshen up and came down. Zaeem and Zohaan are having breakfast.

I said,“Assalamwalikum.”

Both of them said,“Walaikumassalam.”

I said,“sorry I am late. So you guys already had breakfast..”

Zaeem ignored me completely but Zohaan said,“Yes Mom.”

Zaeem said standing up,“Let’s go Zohaan. You will be late for school.”

Zohaan nodded and took his bag and sat in car.

Zohaan said,“bye mumma. See you in the evening.”

I said,“bye son. Bye Zaeem.”

Zaeem didn’t reply and started car. He is still angry.

Let’s do something to rise up his mood. I ordered few things and decorated his room and placed sorry card.

I hope he forgives me.

Once Zohaan came back I helped him to get freshen up and then I gave him snacks.I helped him to do homework and then I prepared dinner and Zohaan was playing games. Everything was done and I set the table but Zaeem has not come yet.

Zohaan said,“Mom I am hungry”

I said,“I will just call your dad to know when he will come then we will have dinner”

I called Zaeem but he is not lifting my call.

I said,“he is not picking up”

Zohaan said,“papa told me that he will late as grand pa is not here.”

He didn’t tell me seems he is very angry with me.

Zohaan had his dinner and went to sleep but there is no sign of Zaeem where is he?

I fell asleep waiting for him.

Zaeem’s pov:

Today was the worst day of my life. My mind keep drifting to Aneesha’s sad face. I don’t want to hurt her but I can’t forget that she was about to marry Afnaan.

This thought that she was okay to be called someone else even if we had son together kills me. She always says she loves me but her actions force me to doubt her statement. I am so confused and guarded. I don’t want to go through same pain again.

I need time to think, to trust , to forget everything start a New.

I hope she fell asleep by the time I go home because I don’t want to fight with her. I have no energy left to argue I hope she gives me the space I need.

When I went home I saw her sleeping by placing her head on dining table. I walked closer to her. She looked so beautiful. My wife is very beautiful. I feel so good to think about her as my wife...My wife Aneesha..Aneesha Zaeem Hasan. A smile crept on my face but it was not longer because again the thought of her about to become Afnaan’s wife flashed in my mind.

When will this thought leave my mind and I will get free from this torment.

I took her in my arms and started walking towards her room but she opened her eyes and they widened then she smiled and said,“finally you are back” I got startled and dropped her on floor.

A screamed left her mouth and she glared at me.

I extended my hand towards her and said,“’Are you Okay?”

She placed her hand in mine and slowly stood up and I literally lost in her eyes. She said,“How can I when my husband is not talking to me?”

Then it struck me that I was angry with her so I tried to retrieve my hand but she held it tightly.

I said,“Leave my hand”

She said,“you are stuck with me for life time so you can never get away from me my dear husband”

She kissed my cheek and winked at me.

Lies. I am not going to fall in her trap again.she doesn’t mean her words. I am not going to forgive her so easily. She should know that her actions hurt me a lot. I almost lost her.

I jerked my hand forcefully from hers.

I said,“you are just my son’s mother. I don’t accept you as my wife.”

I walked towards my room and was surprised to see it fully decorated.

She said from behind,“Do you like it?”

Now my anger flared to no limit. What she think about me? Am I kid? I will forget everything if my room decorated beautifully. Does she even realize her mistake or the impact it would have taken in my and Zohaan’s life. I feel like she doesn’t even care about what she did nor she feels guilty for her actions.

I turned around and shouted,“Which language do you understand? You are not allowed to enter my room and I am not going to forgive you”

I removed every thing she decorated and tore her sorry Card. I saw tears flowing from her eyes and my anger just evaporated.

I walked towards her and wiped her tears.

I said,“Aneesha I can’t forget what you did so easily. Please I need space. Stop pestering me to forgive you. ”

She said,“I can’t see you like this. Just tell me what should I do so that you can forget everything and we can start afresh.”

I said,“Give me some time. That’s all I need. ”

She said,“Okay I don’t bother you now. I will wait for you to come to me patiently.”

I nodded and turned around to go inside my room.

She said,“Can I get a hug please?”

I turned around and extended my arms and she wrapped her arms around my waist and hugged me and I hugged her back. I felt complete. No matter how angry I am at her but I know that she is the only one for me. No one else can do.

After few minutes I loosened my hands around her waist and she moved away from me and without looking back went inside her room.

From that day she never tried to talk to me or get close to me or try to get my attention. She did all her works as my wife but she never asked anything from me.

It’s been a week and now I started feeling neglected. I am carving for her to show some attention to me but no. I am afraid that she might get used to my absence..

When I woke up today I found a letter at my bed side.

It was from Aneesha . Finally.

I opened the letter and I got disappointed

Dear Husband,

I am feeling bored at home alone so I thought of joining my college again. If you have any problem then please let me know.

Your wife.

I turned the paper and wrote.

Dear wife..nonono

I have no problem. Have my credit card. use it don’t hesitate. It’s your right..

I placed my card under the letter and as usual got ready and went to office.

When I came back I found a thank you card at the place of letter. A smile crept on my lips.

I am feeling happy that she took my card with out any drama. I slept well but all the happiness lost next day when I got a courier which had pics of Aneesha and an unknown guy in uncomfortable position. very close.

No..No..Aneesha she will not cheat on me these pics are fake. I trust her. She will never stoop so low.

Form that to till today It’s been three weeks and everyday I receive different pics of Aneesha and that guy. I tried to find who sent it but no clue till today.

The silence between me and Aneesha is becoming unbearable now.

I think It’s time to forget and move on.

Tomorrow is our one month anniversary so I better plan something for her.

I made a booking in a restaurant for both of us for tomorrow . I bought new dress and accessories for her and matching suit for me. As she love it when we wear couple clothes. I bought a necklace and a pendent for her. I decorated our room but she was late so I thought going to her college to pick her.

I bought flowers in the way. She love pink orkuts.

I reached the parking lot. Parked my car. Took the bouquet and turned around but bouquet fell from my hands on the scene which unfolded in front of my eyes.

Aneesha in arms of same guy and he had lipstick mark on his cheek.

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