Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Four – Doubt

Aneesha’s pov:

Zaeem was not happy to see the decorations I did to his room. He asked me to give him sometime. I thought that I give him the time he needed. I should let him be for awhile.

From that day I tried my best to lay low and doesn’t let him feel my presence and it was very hard for me to do that. I love him and I can do anything for him.

Zohaan and me have gotten very close now. I can’t imagine my life without Zaeem and Zohaan. Everyday making break fast for him and getting Zohaan ready feels so good and the non stop talking he does I am so getting used to it. My son..My and Zaeem’s son. He is so talented. I am so proud of him. Once he leaves for school I feel bored. Whole day I have nothing to do. When he comes back from school.
My life becomes interesting because of his banters, his stories and his smart answers. Everyday we have dinner without Zaeem and go to sleep as he always comes late after past Zohaan sleep time.

I miss Zaeem. I am scared that he will get used to my absence but if I force him then he will run away more from me. I hope he can leave everything behind soon.

It’s been one week and I can’t take this loneliness anymore so I wrote letter to Zaeem asking if I can resume my college. I was so happy when he gave me card and told me to use it as I have right on it so he is accepting me as his wife. I just have to wait for a while and he will accept me. Now I feel like everything will be all right.

Next day after Zaeem and Zohaan left for office and school. I went to college. Today we have given group assignment in which I was paired with Samar. He is nice guy and he is very friendly and easy to talk.

When he tried to hit on me. I told him that I am married. He was shocked and from then he always try to make me understand that Zaeem is not right for me. Only if he knew what Zaeem meant to me. I don’t bother about what he says because I know what my Zaeem is and I love him. I really don’t like when he says bad about Zaeem and we had many arguments on this. I hated him a lot but we have to work together to finish this project. No matter what we have become friends because I got to know that he is brutally honest and blunt. He is good person. He speaks his mind. He cares for me and worried for me.

Today I told him everything that happened between me and Zaeem. He told me that now he understand Zaeem point of view and he can understand what he went through.

Samar is in love but the girl left him 2 weeks back without any explanation. He looked for her but he was not able to find her. He joined this course because his girlfriend use to like this profession. He still loves her. He keeps thinking about her. He talks about her all the times. He truly loves her. I wish he can find her.

Tomorrow is Zaeem and mine one month anniversary. I want to do something special for him. I think I have given him enough time to cope up. With the help of Samar I have planned a dinner for us in hotel. He will take care of Zohaan.

Samar and Zohaan have become buddies because of the project we have to work even after college hours but I have to take care of Zohaan so I have invited him to home. Zohaan loves Samar company so I think that won’t be a problem. Tomorrow it is just me and Zaeem. I can’t wait to be with him.

I think Zaeem and Samar will get along well. Samar likes Zaeem a lot. He always says that one day he and Zaeem will be best buddies.

Samar said,“Where are you lost Aneesha?”

I said,“Thinking about tomorrow’s plans”

He said,“You have fallen head over heels girl. I guess anyone can fall. Your husband has amazing character as per your talks. He is very good looking and rich as well. He is a full package. You are one lucky girl.”

I smiled and said,“you sound so gay. ”

He raised his hands and said,“I am straight dear. My girlfriend can assure you that. Only if she would have been here.”

He looked sad. I said,” Do you think Zaeem will agree to go with me for dinner?”

He said,“He will. Don’t worry.”

I said,“hope so.”

I was in my own thoughts I didn’t notice the stone and stepped on it. My leg slipped and Samar tired to hold me in the process my lips touched his cheek. He got hold of my waist and I was so shocked and froze at my place.

Once I got hold of myself. I moved away from him.

He said,” I am sorry. ”

I said,“No it’s my fault.”

I said,“I will go now. It’s time to pick Zohaan”

He said,“I will come with you. I want to meet Zohaan and I have to give him this. I promised him that I will help him with his school project”

He showed me the packet of model clay and few more things which he bought.

I said,“Okay come on.Let’s go.”

We picked Zohaan up and went home. I was preparing snacks. Zohaan and Samar were busy with the project.

I miss Zaeem at this time. He should be here with us but he is very busy these days as uncle is not here. His parents are in India to attend funeral of Zaeem’s aunt. They are staying there for few weeks more so everything at office have to be taken care by Zaeem.

Zaeem’s pov:

I can’t believe my eyes what I am seeing. This is what she is doing behind my back.

When I saw her in arms of that man I was shocked I was about to approach them but Both of them went towards Aneesha’s car. I followed and I saw that they picked Zohaan from school.

They are behaving like couple and I never know Zohaan has got so close to that guy. What Aneesha is planning to do? I saw Zohaan and Samar working together on project. I should be there not him. He is my son.

I felt a pang in my heart. Looking at their smiling faces. I felt like an intruder. Does Aneesha is having affair with him? No no what the hell I am thinking. I saw Aneesha saying something in Samar ear and both of them went to my room and locked it.

What the hell?

I got closer to the door and I heard them giggling.

She said,“Is it nice?”

He said,“This is so beautiful. I can’t believe. You are amazing. Zaeem is so lucky.”

She said,“Come closer.”

He said,“Wait a minute. ”

She said,“Quickly. I can’t wait anymore”

He said,” you are very impatient.” and he laughed.

What are they doing?

Wild images of both of them crossed my mind. Before I do something in my anger I went away from there.

Aneesha’s pov:

I took Samar to our room. I mean to Zaeem’s room to show him the decorations I made. He is very good at this kind of things. I don’t want to make any mistake. I want everything to be perfect for my and Zaeem’s special night.

I asked him,“Is it nice?”

He said,“This is so beautiful. I can’t believe. You are amazing...Zaeem is so lucky.”

I want to show him the gift I prepared for Zaeem.

I said,“Come closer.”

He said,“Wait a minute. ”

He is so busy looking around the room. We have to go back. Zohaan is alone.

I said,“Quickly. I can’t wait anymore”

He said,” you are very impatient.” and he laughed.

I said,” Zohaan is alone.”

He said,” Okay I think you should add few more flowers here.” He pointed towards the bed.

I said,“okay but how about this gift? Will he like it?”

He said,“Everything is perfect Aneesha. Don’t worry. Everything will be fine. He will like it because you have done it for him with love. He is very lucky to have you who loves him a lot. I wish my girl loved me this much.”

I said,“She will come back.”

He said,“Hope so. Now let’s go. Zohaan will be waiting.”

After dinner Samar took Zohaan with him.

I was waiting for Zaeem.

I heard the door bell ring and ran to open the door.

I was shocked to see Zaeem. He is fully drunk not able to stand on his leg and his driver Raghu was holding him. I took him with me and thanked Raghu.

Zaeem looked at me and said,“My wife..My beautiful wife Aneesha. I love you..I love you..I love you..don’t go..don’t leave me.”

With this he hugged me.

What happened? Why is he drunk?

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