Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Five – Acceptance

Aneesha’s pov:

Zaeem looked at me and said,“My wife..My beautiful wife Aneesha.. I love you..I love you..I love you..don’t go..don’t leave me.”

He hugged me.

I said,“Where will I go? You are my husband. This is my house.”

He looked into my eyes and said,“really?”

I nodded and said,“I love you too my dear husband. I am not leaving you. You are stuck with me forever.”

Tears started forming in his eyes and he said,“I want to be stuck with you forever.”

I smiled and kissed his cheeks and said,“Now let’s go to your room.”

I took him to his room and lied him on bed and removed his coat and shoes.

He said,“Come here..” He patted bed beside him. I removed the robe revealing my sexy nightie but it’s no use now. Why he is drunk. He spoiled all my plans..

I lied beside him and he took me in his arms. I missed him. I missed being this close to him. This is my place in his arms. I love you Zaeem.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He is behaving so weird today. His hold is so tight as if I will be lost if he leave me.

What happened Zaeem?

He said,“Don’t leave me.” He tightened his hold more on me.

I will never leave you Zaeem. I can’t even if I want to.

I felt his slow breathing. He slept already. I also closed my eyes and fell into deep sleep.

I woke up in the morning to find myself in the arms of Zaeem and a smile crept on my lips. I took in his features. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. There is something in him that attracts me and pulls me towards him. I have felt it from the first time I saw him. My heart just yearns for him no one else can do.

I slowly placed my hand on his cheek. My Zaeem..My husband..only mine.

He opened his eyes and I got scared. Scared that he will go back to his cold self. I immediately tried to retrieve my hand but he got hold of it and kissed it and placed back on his cheek.

He said,“You don’t have to be afraid. You have right to touch me. You are my wife.”

Tears started flowing in my eyes hearing him say that. Finally he accepted me as his wife.

He wiped my tears and hugged me and said,“I am sorry. I am really sorry for hurting you.”

I shook my head in no and said,“I am sorry. It’s all my fault.”

He cupped my face and said,“No more tears. Let the bygones be bygones. Now we are together.”

I nodded and then I heard the door bell ring.

I said,“Zohaan might have come.” I was about to go when Zaeem got hold of my hand and said,“Don’t go out like this.”

I looked at myself and realised that I was wearing the very sexy nightie. How can I forget that? Thank God Zaeem stopped me otherwise it would have been so embarrassing going infront of Samar like this.

I said,“please open the door. Samar might have brought Zohaan.”

He said,“Who is Samar?”

I said,“He is my college friend. Yesterday I wanted to surprise you so I asked him to take Zohaan with him. I am sorry I didn’t ask you. Actually Samar-”

I heard the door bell again

I said,“I will just fresh up and come in 5 mins. Open the door.”

Zaeem said,“Okay”

I quickly got freshen up and went down to see Samar, Zaeem and Zohaan are sitting on sofa.

Zohaan came to me and said,“Mom I am hungry.”

I said,“I will make something just give me few minutes ”

I walked towards Zaeem and said,“Zaeem you also go and freshen up . I will make breakfast and Samar please stay for breakfast.”

He said,“ofcourse. I am hungry as well”

Zaeem left reluctantly. What’s wrong with him?

I quickly prepared pasta and once Zaeem came I served the breakfast.

It was so awkward at first but slowly Zaeem and Samar started talking about business and current affair. Me and Zohaan got bored so after break fast we left them both to themselves and we both started playing snake and ladder.

After sometime Zaeem said,“my wife and kid left me alone.”

I said,“you men are boring us to death . What else should we do? That’s why I left you alone.”

He said,“If I get boring then will you leave me?”

I said,“Never.. I can never get bored of you so I will never leave you.”

He smiled and kissed my forehead.

Samar cleared his throat and said,“I think I should go. ”

I nodded and he said bye and left.

Zaeem said,“As today is Sunday. Let’s have a family day. ”

I hugged him and said,“Really?”

He laughed at my excitement and said ,“you are a kid. I can’t believe we have child together.”

Zohaan giggled listening to this. I glared at both of them and said,“I am not going anywhere with you two”

I saw from corner of my eyes Zaeem said something to Zohaan in his ear. I moved little closer to hear but I didn’t get to hear what they are talking.

Zaeem took Zohaan in his arms and said,“I am going out then we will see you at night.”

My opened wide in shock..What??

I said,“You will leave me and go..?”

He said,“you don’t want to come so what should we do?”

This irritated me and I said,“Fine..go wherever you want to go. I will also go out with Samar.I don’t need you too.”

I left the room in anger.

I reached the living room when Zaeem grabbed my hand and pinned to the wall.

He was so close but he is glaring at me. He said,“What? you don’t need us. Fine come I will drop you..”

He started dragging me towards door. I tried to remove my hand from his hold but I failed.

I said,“Zaeem..Where are you taking me? Leave my hand.”

My words fell on deaf ears.

I shouted,“Zaeem you are hurting me..”

He immediately left my hand and I started rubbing my hand. He tried to check my hand but glared at him and said,“What is wrong with you?”

He clenched his teeth and his hands curled into fist.

He said,“My wife says that she don’t need me and my son then she wants to go out with her boyfriend. What do you expect me to feel?”

This is serious situation but a skile crept on my lips.

I moved closer to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. He looked at me and I pecked his lips.

I said,“Zaeem..Are you jealous?”

He removed my hands and turned away.

I hugged him from back and said,” I love you Zaeem. I was kidding. I am sorry I will never joke again on this topic..I promise..Samar is just my friend but you are my love, my husband, my child’s father, my world and my everything. I am all yours. I love you so so so so much. No words can express my love for you. I am crazy about you. I will go mad without you. you are my life Zaeem.”

I felt his muscles relax under me.

He turned around me and hugged me.

He said,“Even in fun never say that you go to someone else. I love you Aneesha. I can’t live without you and Zohaan. you are my family.”

I nodded.

He said,“Now let’s go back to room. Zohaan is alone. ”

We went inside the room to see him sitting on bed and watching Cartoon.

Even in anger Zaeem managed to care for him. He is so caring.

He picked Zohaan and said,“Let’s go out now.”

We went to Amusement park and then for shopping. At last Dinner. This was best day of my life.

Zohaan was so happy that he got to spend time with Zaeem.

From that day my life changed completely. I got to live my dream. A happy family with my Zaeem.

Zaeem is a caring and loving husband.
He is the best that I can wish for. He always tries his best to give us time. He takes us on outing on every weekend. The best part is he helps me in kitchen. I must say he is way better cook than me. I love his cooking skills.

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