Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Seven – My Love

Zaeem’s pov:

Aneesha this one name has become so important in my life that I feel like there is no meaning to my name if it is not associated with me.

I feel like I am the king of the world whenever she says she love me. She has always been so expressive of her feelings for me. She loves me and always fought for me. She have gone through a lot to be with me. I feel like I have not done anything for her but now Her happiness will be my first priority. I will do anything for her happiness.

Next day We went on sight seeing. She was enjoying a lot looking at the beautiful scenery infront of us but my eyes are fixed on her. She is looking so beautiful. Anyone will not think twice before falling in love with her but she chose me.

I heard someone calling my name. I was surprised to see Maan, my friend standing infront of me.

I met him during a business meeting snd clicked right away. We both were heart broken. The girl we loved have left us and married someone else.

He said,“Assalamwalikum Zaeem. Hiw are you?”

I hugged him and said,“Walaikumassalam.Alhumdulillah I am good. How are you?”

He said,“I am fine.” Just then a lady came beside him.

He said,“Meet my wife, Jiya. Jiya, This is my friend, Zaeem Hasan”

I said,“You got married again?”

He said,“No, She is my one and only wife.”

I called Aneesha and introduced her to Maan and Jiya.

Aneesha and Jiya clicked right away. They went for shopping together.

Me and Maan were left together. We discussed what happened in the one year after our previous meeting. We both are lucky that we got second chance at love. When I told him about Zohaan he told me he has three children. We both are missing our wives so we went in search of them. They were so busy that they didn’t acknowledge us. I felt so left out. Aneesha never behaved like this with me. She always made me feel so special. This is the first time she is ignoring me even though she is not angry with me.

After shopping we had lunch together then we went to aquarium and games. After dinner we went to our respective hotels. Now Aneesha attention was back on me. I felt so relived.

She said,“Jiya is very sweet girl. I felt like she is my elder sister.”

I said,“You forget about me.”

She said,“Don’t tell me you are Jealous.”

I said,“I don’t like when you ignore me.”

She laughed and pinched my cheeks.

She said,“You are looking so cute when you complain. I am sorry. It’s been so long since I had been with a friend. After we got separated I was very lonely. I had no one to talk with. I have not left house much as mom never allowed me. I just wanted to enjoy the feeling of going out with friends.”

I wrapped my arms around her and said,“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

She said,“It’s okay. Now I am all yours. I love you.”

I said,“I love you too.”

We spend the night together in each other arms. After that everyday I spent with her was a bliss. The time passed so fast that I felt like in blink of an eye one week has passed and the day we have to return home has come. I felt sad that I will not have Aneesha with me for 24/7 now but I was happy that we are going to meet Zohaan. We really missed him.

Once we reached Zohaan was very happy. He loved the gifts we bought for him. Mom and Dad looked very happy. This is my family. I want them to be happy and I will do anything for it.

Next day Aneesha went back to college and I have to go office. We didn’t get much time together as we got busy with catching up our responsibilities.I thought now everything is alright in our lives. Me, Aneesha ,Zohaan and my parents can live happily together. Our honeymoon was the best part of our marriage. We got to know each other. We spent lot of time together. It’s was almost like dating. I enjoyed it very much. The way Aneesha express her love for me. I really love that. It makes me feel so special. I am glad she is in my life as my wife. She filled my life with happiness and removed all my tensions and sorrows. I got closer to my parents. I was on cloud 9 but in one second my world shattered into pieces.

Next day when I went to office after our honeymoon. I received a package.

I was shocked and sweat formed on my forehead when I saw the content inside the envelope.

There were pics of me with Zaiba. We were so close. Covered with blanket. She was lying on my chest. My hands wrapped around her. I was kissing her. I don’t remember when? I can’t recall how it happened?My hands started shaking with fear of what about to come.

I found the note and in that it was written..

Hi Sweet heart. How are you? Missed me? I am missing you a lot and our baby too. Come meet me at the National park at 5:00 pm otherwise copy of the envelope you received will be sent to your wife..

I have seen her in Aneesha’s marraige functions. I don’t know who she is. I was shocked to see the pictures. We were so intimate in those pictures.

I decided to meet whoever it is.

I went to the sunset point at 5. That girl came to meet me.

She said,“Thanks for coming otherwise I would have sent that pictures to Aneesha.”

I said,“What do you want from me?”

She said,“I am pregnant. I want you to give my baby his father’s name which is you”

I felt like someone snatched ground under my legs.

I said,“How can I believe you that this child is mine?”

She said,“I can do paternity test.”

We went to hospital for the test then she left from there.

I was so worried. I was praying that the child is not mine.

After two days I got the report which clearly stated that the baby is mine.

She said,“So Now you believe me.”

I said,“But how? I never spend night with you. There is no way that you are pregnant with my child.”

She said,“Don’t you remember? I met you at bar. You were telling that your wife cheated on you. It was your one month anniversary. You were drinking a lot.”

Yeah I remember, I was very hurt when I saw Samar and Aneesha together. It’s true that I drank a lot that day but I don’t remember meeting her or having sex with her.

I said,“What do you want from me?”

She said,” Give my child his father’s name.”

I said,“See..I am already married and I love my life a lot. We have a child. I can’t break her trust. I can’t marry you but I will take full responsibility of this child.”

She said,“I don’t want money. I want you. If you don’t give right to my child then I will go to media.I will tell them you sexually assaulted me and now when I am pregnant. You are refusing to take the responsiblity. I can go to police as well. You know what will happen if I do that, right? The respect which your father earned from years, The hardwork which he put in the company will all go in vain. You have to decide now. Will you agree with me or not?”

I said,“Do whatever you want. Anyway I will be out in minutes. I have influence here.”

She said,“I know but media will make your life hell,your family name and your company also will get affected. You can’t deny this baby is yours. I have proof. Think carefully before taking any decision.”

I was so confused. What to do? Which is right thing to do? I can’t spoil my parent’s reputation I also can’t break Aneesha’s trust.

She said,“Fine, I will send this report and pictures to media.”

She was about to press send when I said,“No..Don’t do this. I will give you whatever amount you want. Leave me alone.”

She ignored my request and said,“I will give you two months..Decide”

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