Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Eight – Betrayal

Aneesha’s pov:

We went on honeymoon three weeks ago, Those are the best days of my life. Every second spent with him was a memory. He left no chance to show his love to me. We did shopping and we visited places. The things which are common we do when we go on tours but what made it special was his hand in mine. His presence beside me all the time. I must say I had best nights as well. It’s been so long since I got intimate with him but now that I have got the taste I am totally addicted to him. I can’t stay away from him for even a second. I just hope no one can spoil our happiness.

Once we are back from honey moon. We got busy with our responsibilities. Zaeem went on business trip last week. Something changed in behaviour of Zaeem once he came back from trip. He looked tense all the time. He used to express his love but now a days I saw fear of losing me in his eyes. He is scared. He is scared of something. Whenever I ask him he avoids or changes the topic. He became so protective of us. He doesn’t allows me to go out. I have not been to college since a week. Samar brings the notes for me. What is bothering him? This week after lot of pursuance he allowed me go to college but I shouldn’t go anywhre except college. He drops me in college and also pick me up.

This kept on going for two months.

I was sleeping in the arms of my love as usual and I heard the door bell ring.

I was about to leave bed but Zaeem wrapped his arms around me and said,“Don’t go”

I heard the door bell again.

I said,“Zaeem let me go Otherwise the ring will wake everyone. I will be right back.”

I walked down and opened the door and was shocked to see her standing infront of me.

I said,“Hi..what are you doing here so early?”

Zaeem came running and said,“Aneesha go inside.”

I said,“Why? What happened?”

Zaeem angrily said,“I said go inside”

I was confused and said,“But Zaeem-”

He said,“go NOW.”

I was about to go when she said,“I came here to see the father of my child”

My heart stopped beating for a second .

I said,“Sorry. What you just said?”

Zaiba smirked and got hold of Zaeem’s hand and said,“You heard me right. I am pregnant with Zaeem’s child.”

I was shocked. I shook my head in no. Zaeem will never do this to me. He loves me. Only me. He is mine.

I said,“you are lying. My husband will never do that.”

Zaiba said,“Ask your husband then?”

I looked at him and said,“Is she saying truth?”

He said,“Aneesha listen to me ..please once..”

I said,’Yes or no. Just answer me now”

He closed his eyes and said,“Yes”

Breaking my heart. I felt like my world shattered infront of me.

He got hold of my hand and said,“you first sit. I will tell you everything.”

I removed my hand from his. I can never in dream think that Zaeem will do this to me. I fought with everyone for his love and he did this to me.

Zaiba said,“Now you know the truth so Show me my room.”

I said,“What do you mean by show me my room?”

She said,” I am going to stay here in this house. My baby needs to be close to his father. Where will I go?”

I said,“How can you do this to me? You are my best friend at least I thought you are.You know how much I love him? ”

Zaiba started rubbing her head and then said,“Stop your emotional drama. My head hurts. I need rest. please any one show me my room”

I looked at Zaeem who was silently watching everything without saying a word.

I said,“I can’t believe you did this to me Zaeem. How can you do this to me. I love you so much. I went against my parents for you.”

He said,“Aneesha I had no choice. Please listen to me once.”

I said,“If she comes in this house then I am leaving with my child. Choice is yours.”

He said,“Aneesha, Please understand. She is pregnant. Where will she go?”

Zaiba smirked at me and linked her hand with Zaeem. She said,“Show me our room”

I felt to my room. I can’t live without him but can I share him with someone else. I can’t do this. I was looking for Zaeem.

I saw them in each other arms.

I said,“Oh sorry to disturb”

Zaiba smiled and said,“It’s okay. We don’t mind. Are we Zaeem?”

I left from there.

I can’t do this. I started packing my bags.

Zaeem came to me and said,“Aneesha please don’t leave me..”

I didn’t say anything and started packing her bags. He said,” baby please. I need you.” I was not listening to me and was acting like he don’t exist.

He quickly turned me around and hugged me. He said,“baby please. we think of something together .Don’t leave me. I love you. I can’t live without you. ”

I said,“Zaeem, I can’t ignore the fact that you are with someone else and she is pregnant with your child. She is going to stay infront of my eyes. I can never accept that. If you want me to stay then leave her. Send her away.”

We heard a knock on our door and he slowly moved me aside, stood up and opened the door to see Zaiba standing there.

She said,“I am not feeling well. Please take me to doctor ”

He said,“What happened?”

Suddenly she fainted and was about to fall down. He got hold of her and took her to room and called our family doctor.

She checked Zaiba and said,“She is too weak. She is not eating properly. You have to take care of her. If this goes on then she might lose the baby. I am giving tablets for now but you have to take care of her. ”

He nodded and walked her to the door. What should I do? I hate her but I can’t punish the baby.

I went back to my room. Zaeem didn’t come to our room whole night. I have not slept a wink. I went to look for him and I was shocked to see him lying on bed with Zaiba sleeping peacefully in his arms. I quickly woke up and ran to my room. I can’t do this. I just can’t. He came to our room in the morning

I said,“Where were you last night?”

He said,“I was in Zaiba’s room. She was not feeling well so I called doctor and then I was waiting to give her medicine and fell asleep there ”

I said,“,What you have decided are you leaving her?”

He said,“Aneesha,I can’t do it now. Until the baby is born. Please.”

I said,“,How can you do this to me, Zaeem? I loved you with my whole heart? What was I lacking? Why yoi did this to me?”

He said,“Aneesha, I had no choice. I don’t remember when we spent the night together. After we came from homeymoon I received pictures in which we were both in bed in intimate position. She said she is pregnant with my child. I have no choive otherwise she will go to media. It will create too much rukcus and issue. My family name will be ruined. I don’t remember anything. I didn’t tell you anything because I can’t live without you. I don’t want to lose you. I only love you Aneesha. Trust me.”

I said,“I can’t share you Zaeem, I don’t know what to do.”

He said,“Give me sometime I will sort this out. Please..”

I nodded. He hugged me and said,” Get ready I want to take you out”

Zaeem’s pov:

I took her to the beach near to London because I proposed her on beach. I want to relieve our old moments to relish our love.

She was silent whole ride. Once I stopped the car she was shocked to see the beach.

I said,” know how much you love beaches. Do you remember you agreed to marry me on a beach?”

She smiled..a real smile. May be she is cherishing those memories.

She said,“How can I forget? Those were the best moments.”

I said,“For me as well because they brought you in my life.” I cupped her face and said,” I love you Aneesha. I am sorry I am hurting you a lot. Please forgive me. I have no control on things now. I don’t know what to do..I need you to be with me. I need your help. What should I do? Please Aneesha don’t be distant with me. It’s killing me inside. I know you are going through tough time. I can’t even imagine the pain you are going through. I want to be there for you.”

She didn’t reply and moved away from me. I sighed and voiced the thing which is scaring me and eating me alive.

I said,“Do you want to divorce me Aneesha?”

She didn’t reply.

I said,“If you want to leave me and being with me is hurting you a lot then I-I will l-leave you..”

A tear slipped my eye with the thought of her being away from me.

She said,“you will leave me” and then turned around and slapped me.

She said,“How dare you to even say that to me? I will kill you if you talk about leaving me again. Have you got tired of me?”

She started beating me with her fists on my chest saying,“I hate you...I hate you for making me go through this but I love you as well. I can’t live without you.”

She hugged me and started crying,“Don’t you dare to leave me.”

I hugged her back and said,“Never..I love you too”

I don’t know for how long we stayed liked that then we had dinner at the sea shore.

It was wonderful feeling...

Then we both sat on sand and Aneesha placed her head on my shoulder and I wrapped my arms around her..It was so peaceful..

She said,“I think we should go. Zohaan is alone. ”

I said,“Okay..Let’s go back.”

Once we are back. Amy, maid came to me and said,“Sir where were you ? I called you many times.”

I said,“Why? What happened?”

She said,“Sir..Zaiba Mam tried to commit suicide. She cut her wrist”

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