Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Twenty Nine – Seperated

Zaeem’s pov:

My heart stopped for a second. My baby..oh my god

I said,“What? Where is she now?”

She pointed upstairs. I ran like a mad person. I was scared.

When I opened the door. I saw Zaiba lying on bed. Her eyes are closed and she is in deep slumber. A bandage was wrapped around her wrist.

I slowly walked towards her bed and doctor looked at me.

He said,“Thank God. You are here Mr.Hasan.”

I said,“How is she? Is the baby alright?”

He said,“She lost lot of blood. She is very weak at the moment. Your maid told me she had not ate anything from morning. Mr.Hasan if this continue then she might lose the baby. You have to take care of her. Make sure she is eat three times. Stays stress free. I have given tablets please make sure she eats them on time. ”

I nodded and doctor left with the nurse. I sat on chair placing close to her bed.

I was relaxed that baby is fine. I never knew when I got attached to it so much. It’s not baby’s fault. It deserve a good life. I will make sure of it.

After two hours Zaiba opened her eyes. She looked at me and I slowly helped her to sit. I gave her water. She took few sips of it then I took it from her hand and placed on the nearby table.

She said,“What are you doing here?”

I said,“Why did you committed suicide?”

She said,“Why do you care?”

I said,“because you are carrying my child”

She sarcastically smiled and said,“Now you remember that. If you know you are the father then act like one. Take responisibility.”

I said,“I am doing whatever I can do. I placed caretaker to give you whatever you want. She takes you for regular checkups. You are taken care by one of the best doctor. Whatever you desire to eat is infront of you. whatever you want is infront of you. Whereever you want to go they take you. What else do you want? Don’t dare to say that I Don’t care for the baby.”

She said,“Love..affection..”

I glared at her and said,“I am married. I have a wife whom I love more than my life. You should have thought about this before you trapped me in this.”

She said,“I was helpless. I had no choice Zaeem. What is the fault of our child? Why are you depriving him of father’s love? I have lived my whole life without parents. It’s very bad feeling Zaeem. I don’t want that life for my baby. If you can’t love this baby then It’s better to abort it. Once the abortion is done. I will leave your life.”

I was shocked. I don’t want to kill the baby. I thought for few minutes and said,“No you can’t abort the baby. It will not be deprived of his parent’s love. It doesn’t deserve to die for our mistakes. Give it to me and Aneesha after you give birth. We will take care of the baby then you can leave where ever you want.”

She said,“okay anyway I am staying you to give my baby her right. I don’t want to raise a baby alone so After it’s birn you can keep it but till the delivery I want you to take care of the child. ”

I said,“Okay”

She said,“Then shift yourselves to my room today itself”

I was like What?

I said,“but why?”

She said,“I want you around me all the time till the baby is born. Doctor told me It’s good for the baby. If you want the baby to be alive then move in my room.”

I said,“you promise to leave the baby to us after delivery and leave me. ”

She said,“I promise.”

I said,“fine I will get the papers ready. I don’t trust your words.”

She said,“Okay”

It just matter of five months then everything will go back to as it was.

Aneesha’s pov:

I can’t believe Zaeem didn’t even look back at me after he went back to Zaiba’s room. It’s 12 at night still he is in her room. What the hell are they doing for so long?

I want to go to her room but maid told me that Zaeem asked her not to let me near Zaiba’s room. I was not able to sleep.

Around 2 I heard a knock at the door and I opened the door to see Zaeem. I was very angry at him so I turned away from him leaving the door open.

He hugged me from back and said,“I have a good news Aneesha .”

I quickly turned around and said,“What?”

He said,“Zaiba will leave me after the baby is born. She just want to give the baby it’s father name.”

I said,“really? What about the baby?”

He said,“Baby will stay with us. You are okay with it, right?”

I don’t know what to feel. I have mixed feelings about this.

I said,“I am happy that she will leave us alone.”

He kissed me and said,“me too.”

I said,“let’s sleep. I am very tired and I was waiting for you.”

His expression changed and he moved away from me and started rubbing his nape.

I am worried now. What is it?

He said,“I have to stay with her till the baby is born that’s her condition to keep the baby otherwise she wants to abort the baby. I don’t want to kill an innocent baby so I agreed but if you
don’t want it then I will not move in.”

Me too don’t want to kill an innocent child so I said,’“Do as you wish but don’t you dare give my right to her. If you make love to her then I will leave you.”

He hugged me and said,“I will never do that to you again.Trust me. I will be in my limits. ”

Then he left the room by giving me a kiss on forehead.

After that I have not seen Zaeem much. He was so busy with work and Zaiba that he has no time for Zohaan or me. I feel very hurt but I comfort myself thinking that it just matter of three months now.

I was never allowed to meet Zaiba or go near her room as it was Zaiba’s order. Her care taker always comes in kitchen when I am cooking because Zaiba madam wants to eat. I feel like It’s not my home but her. I can’t watch t.v. I can’t sit in hall. I was always trapped in my room or at college. I am feeling suffocating now. Zaeem is always with her they have breakfast, lunch and dinner together while I sulk eating in my room with Zohaan. Atleast I have Zohaan. My baby. My support. I feel like Zaeem has forgotten he has a wife and son. He is only concerned about Zaiba and her baby. They watch movies together sitting in couch in each other arms. Today I saw her kissing Zaeem on cheek and he didn’t look like he disliked it. I am slowly feeling like he is slipping from my hands. I can’t take this anymore. He is my husband. In all this chaos the one person who was with me and who makes me smile and forget everything is Samar. I started staying out as late as I can to avoid going home and see them together. I pick Zohaan from school and then we hang out with Samar.

Only one month is left and if you ask me then I think now nothing bothers me. I think I got use to it or my heart feels nothing. I don’t know but I don’t care any more.

I was walking down the stairs and I saw both of them kissing passionately but I felt nothing. Not caring I walked towards kitchen and took bottle from fridge and left to my room.

I sat on bed and was drinking water when my room door got open and Zaeem came in.

He said,“Where have you gone? I have not you seen you for three days.”

I said,“Oh you noticed. I went out with Samar as I was feeling suffocated in this house.”

He said,“you should have told me I was worried even Zohaan was not there. Aneesha what are you planning? You are coming late every night. You go missing for days. You are always on phone when you are at home. Are you cheating on me? Are you having an affair? ”

Affair? I wanted to laugh out loud. A tear slipped my eyes..Affair? Did he know the meaning of it? How it feels?

I said,“think whatever you want. I don’t care”

He said,“so you already fed up with me? Now it doesn’t matter what I think? You are not the Aneesha I loved.”

Loved??? Past tense...

I said,“yes. I am not. You changed me. I can’t take this anymore. Zaeem I want out. I want divorce.”

He was shocked and said,“so you don’t love me now.”

I shook my head in no because I was angry. I was hurt so much for so long that my heart want to punish him.

He said,“we will talk later now I think you are not in right mind”

with this he left.

I thought about it and then decided against it. I can’t let Zaiba win no matter what.

I went to Zaiba’s room to talk Zaeem to sort out our differences but what I saw broke my heart. They both were in intimate position. Zaeem on top of her shirtless. Their lower body covered with blanket. That is the last straw. My mind clouded with anger, hurt and pain. I went to Zohaan’s room and woke him up. I didn’t think anything and left from there with Zohaan. I don’t know where to go. I called Samar at last.

He took me to his house.

Next day Zaeem came to see me. He asked me to come back but I refused. I told him that I will step in that house only after Zaiba leave that house. He got angry that I am staying with Samar.

He said,“Don’t lie Aneesha. I know you want to stay with him. That’s why you left my house. Don’t place the whole blame on me. I am taking my son with me. If you stop me then I will not think twice before going to court.”

I let him take Zaeem because I knew that I can’t give Zohaan the life he deserve. I have no job or source of income.

After that Zaeem never contacted me. After two weeks, he got married to Zaiba breaking my heart.

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