Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Three – Wedding Night

Aneesha’s pov:

He said,“Aneesha I think we should get to know each other. Marraige is big step.”

I said,“I want halal love. You will tell me Zaeem you are supposed to get married today. Did you love that girl ?”

He shook his head in no.

I said,“you were ready to get married to her but Why not me? I think we will be perfect together.”

He said,“You are not even showing your face. How am I supposed to marry you? I will think about it if you show me your face.”

I don’t want to show him my face. I like the custom where the girl and boy see each other after marraige.

I said,“I am not ugly don’t worry about that. I will show you my face after marraige. Are you only after outer beauty?”

He sighed and said,“you make me speechless and I am not after looks but still How can you marry someone without looking at her face? I might be crazy for doing this. I will marry you but remember that I will divorce you if we are not compatible.”

I nodded.

Zaeem took ring out of his pocket and sat on his knees and said,“Will you marry me?”

it was best moment of my life.

I said,“yes”

He took my hand and placed the ring. it was perfect fit on my finger as if it was made for me.

he tired to kiss me but I placed finger on his lips and said,“We are not yet married”

He said,“you have not been kissed before?”

I glared at him and said,“no ..have you ?”

He said,“might be”′

I holded him by his collar and said,“What do you mean by might be? Have you?”

He got hold of my hands and said,“fiesty..possessive..I like this side of you”

I said,“answer my quest-”

He pecked my lips and I was beyond shocked and was lost in the sensation of his lips on mine.

He said,“yes I have. just now”

I started beating him on chest with my fist and said,“you can’t kiss me before marriage”

He laughed and caught hold of my hands and said,” I just kissed you now.let’s get married first and then I will show you what else we can do after marriage”

I blushed and hugged him.

We went to the masjid but it was locked so we went to the house beside the Masjid. it was of Imam. We asked him to do our marriage but he refused then I have to made a fake story as if it’s our life and death matter to get married .Finally he agreed. His wife gave me one red dress and I got changed into it and took veil over my head and Zaeem was already in sherwani.

Zaeem’s pov:

This girl is driving me crazy. I don’t know Why I agreed to marry her but she is something. I know she is not ugly. Actually she has perfect body and she looks very hot. Her lips are so cute and very tempting. In short I don’t think she lack anything in that department. She is sweet girl as far as I got to know her but I didn’t understand her obsession to get married to me.

I am feeling strange standing here in wedding suit waiting for her.

Once she came we both said,“I accept” three times and signed the papers.

Imam told us to come in a week to take the original certificate.

I am married to a stranger. What to do now? I don’t have much money with me. I can’t take her home now. What to do?

Once we came out of the masjid.

She said,“Where will we go now?”

I said,“I am not sure either. We can’t go to my house. I just ran away from there. ”

She said,” it’s not safe to stay here on streets at night.”

She is right. I think we can stay in hotel but what if she misunderstands me that I want to do something to her. I know we are married but I think it’s too early to take that step.

before I can say anything. She said,“We can go to hotel. ”

I checked my pockets and I don’t have much money on me. I forgot my wallet as well. How to tell her?

I said,“I don’t have money for hotel.”

She said,“I have few bucks.”

She counted the money and said,“For now we can manage a normal hotel. Tomorrow we can think of how to arrange the money, okay?”

I said,“okay.”

I want to see her face. How she looks?
but she told me I can see her face once we reach hotel room.

Once we entered I freaked out looking at the room.

I said,“What the hell I am not going to stay in this room. look at the curtains , look at the bed it’s not white. It’s so dusty I can’t sit on chair. There is no sofa. floor is also not cleaned properly. no carpet, walls have cracks and Paint is also old. Let’s go back please. I can’t stay here”

No never I can’t stay at such place. I am can’t stand dirt.

She said,“Just for tonight. Let’s stay here. I don’t have much money right now.”

I didn’t say anything. I too don’t have it. I should have taken some money when I left the hall what I was thinking running away empty handed. I was very upset to think logically at that time. I was in my thoughts When she said,“Come sit” She patted place beside her. She is sitting in the middle of bed.

but I refused and kept on standing. I am can’t sit on that bed. Nope.

It’s been more than 30 minutes but still I am standing now my legs started aching.

She said,“Are you going to stand whole night? Come here and remove my ghunghat. I can’t lift it until you do”

I sighed and sat beside her. I have no choice I can’t stand here whole night and when she told me to remove her veil. I forgot everything. Only thing on my mind was that I have to see her. I sat beside her and I slowly tried to remove her veil but at the same time..power went off..It was dark and the hotel had no generator. Why my time is so bad?

I said,“When I am going to see your face? this stupid electricity”

She giggled at my words.

I said,“ are enjoying this na. you have seen my face but didn’t allow me to look at you,it’s so unfair”

She said,“Then why got married to me?”

He sai,“Because I like your honesty.Looks doesn’t matter to me. you know I was supposed to marry someone whom my dad selected for me but god blessed me with you. it’s all Allah’s wish. she ran away and then I met you..”

She tangled her hand with mine and said,“me too. I am so happy that you are mine. I can’t even imagine you with someone else” She leaned her head on my shoulder.

it was raining heavily with thunder and lightening oh this is the reason why power is off.

She hugged me tightly and said,“I am scared of this sounds”

I said,“I am here. Don’t worry”

She looked up at me. I can’t figure out her face as it was dark but I can see the outline. She slowly moved closer to me and now our lips are inches apart. I completed the distance between us and kissed her on lips and she reciprocated the kiss. It gave push to our desires but This is wrong. This is not how I want to have our wedding night.

After kiss She hugged me and said,“I love you. ”

I said,“Let’s sleep now. I am tired.”

We both lied down and she came closer to me and placed her head on my chest. Wrapped her arm around my torso.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged her closer.

She said,“Don’t you want me?”

I said,“Sleep.”

I only know how much I am controlling myself from taking her right here.

She said,“Today is our wedding night.”

I said,“I know”

Stop Aneesha before I lose my control.

She said,” Don’t you want to consummate our marraige?”

I said,“I want to but not today. ”

She said,“Okay but can we kiss again?”

I kissed her again and that did it. I was not able to stop myself. before I could understand what’s happening we consummated our marriage. In darkness of night, with sounds of Thunder and lights of lightening. We became one and I have no words to describe how I felt? This is the best night of my life. This second I can accept that I love my wife and how she put her trust on me to take this step.

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