Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty – New Start -1

Two years later :

Aneesha’s pov:

Two years..lot of things changed. I am changed. Country I live in changed. My name changed My personality changed. My priorities changed. inshort my whole life changed.

I am happily married with a child to the world. I completed my studies six months back and I have made nice name for myself. I am a rising interior designer in industry. I am enjoying my life. I am always busy that I don’t have much time to ponder on my past. I kind of learnt from my mistakes.

Sometimes very rarely I go back into my past. how I was devasted after Zaeem’s marraige and I never looked back. I miss Zohaan a lot and want to see him but I don’t have enough courage to do that. He must be hating me for leaving him. After Zaeem’s betrayal, I don’t want to stay in that country but I can’t take Zohaan with me. He is just a kid. I was not financially stable. I was in dilemma what to do..? Finally I left him with Zaeem. It was hard decision but I know he can give Zohaan the life which I can’t. Zohaan was angry. He didn’t want me to leave. He said he wants both his parents but That’s not possible after what Zaeem did there is no way that I can share roof with him. I know I hurt him but I thought It just matter of few months. Once I am settled I will take him with me but Zohaan refused to see me after that. I am Sorry Zohaan. I am not a good mother. I was not there for you.

I had no where to go. No money no support. I got the punishment for crazily loving the wrong person who don’t reciprocate my feelings. I regret going against my parents. I regret not listening to them. I want to regret meeting him as well but I can’t because of that I have a son Zohaan but I regret going back to him may be if I have not gone to him then Zohaan would have been with me.

If you ask me honestly then I didn’t care about Zaeem anymore but I was worried for Zohaan. I was scared how will she treat him when her child will born but I trust my in laws. I was in touch with them to get updates on Zohaan. I never asked about Zaeem and they never spoke about him or Zaiba.

Zohaan was angry with me. He refused to talk to me or meet me. I have not seen him for two years in person. I have seen his pics. My baby have so much and he is very smart.

Two years ago, When Zaeem took Zohaan with him I lost everything. I use to lock myself in room. I use to starve myself. I wanted to die.

Samar tried a lot to get me out of depression but I lost hope after I lost Zohaan.

He forced me to go to doctor. After the therapies. I started eating and slightly talking but I was not coming out of it.

Doctor suggested to take me to new place. Samar decided to go back to Italy. His uncle was there who is a famous psychiatrist. I got to know that Samar belongs to rich family. He has business to run. He came to London on vacation and fell in love but that girl left him for another man which he got to know recently. He wanted to win her back so He stayed here. He never talks about her but I know he still loves her. I don’t know why people love knowing it will only cause them pain. I don’t believe in love anymore.

Once upon a time my life goal was to fall in love and live happily ever after with my prince charming who would have taught I will meet a devil in disguise of angel. I don’t know to what extent I loved him but now I hate him to infinity.

We moved to Italy. It’s a nice place. One day before we leave for Italy we saw a basket placed infront of Samar’s house. There was a baby girl in it. In note..It was written ‘She is your daughter Samar..I don’t want her. If you want her then keep her or give her up for adoption. It’s your choice. ’

We were shocked. There was no doubt that she was his daughter. She looks just like him. He took her to hospital and did DNA test and it came out positive. I thought he will be upset but nope he was so happy. He whole heartedly accepted her and we brought her with us. We named her ‘Pari’. Angel...She look like an angel..

She changed my life. She brought me out of depression. She gave me hope. I started taking care of her and she became my life.

As people started thinking that we are couple and Pari is our daughter.. We thought making it official so we pretended to be husband and wife.. I changed my name to Aneesha Malik. Mrs.Samar Malik as I don’t want any reminder of Past.

I resumed my designer course and now I am a interior designer in Malik house. Samar’s brother Shikar runs it. He is sweet and married to Soha. They have a son Sohail. He is 4 years old. Shikar treats me like employee because he don’t mix personal and professional life. Samar decided to change his course. He joined in our college just to impress her girl friend. He was whipped. Now He wanted to learn business management. He is still studying.

He is nice, caring and understanding fake husband. We have made small world here. I hope nothing shatters it.

I felt someone hug me from back and I was shocked at first but then I know who it was? Samar.

He said,“Where are you lost Aneesha? Don’t tell me you are thinking about past?”

I turned around and said,“Why are you so late?”

I holded his ears and said,“I am sorry wifey. I will never repeat it again..”

I sighed said,“you say that every time. Whatever go freshen up. Don’t call me wifey. I am not your wife.”

He smiled and said,“okay wifey” and hit him with cushion when he was climbing stairs.

I set the table and woke pari. I came to dining table and sat beside Samar and placed pari in baby chair.

I said,“How was your day?”

He said,“very bad..I had back to back classes. My head is hurting.”

I said,“Don’t worry I massage your head after dinner”

He smiled and said,“wow. I can’t wait for it. Your hands have magic.”

"Your hands have magic Aneesha. I am feeling lot better now.”

He took my hands in his and kissed them.

He said,“I can never get tired of your massage. I love you..I am feeling better now”

I said,“I love you too.”

He said,“Can I get a kiss?”

I wrapped my hands around him and kissed him.

He said,“I think I want more..”

He winked at me and lifted me in his arms.

I said,“What are you doing Zaeem?”

He said,“Showing you how much I love you..My beautiful wife..I can’t live a day without you.”

I came out of my thoughts when Samar snapped his fingers infront of me..

He said,“Again you are lost in your world. Stop thinking about him. He doesn’t worth it.”

I said,“you are is food?”

He said,“As usual..Awesome.”

I smiled and said,“Thank you..”

He said,“you are always welcome beautiful.”

I started feeding pari.

Samar said,“I want to tell you something. I hope you won’t get angry.”

I said,“What is it?”

He said,“Bhai wants you to go to London to design his client’s new office. I know you don’t want to go. I tried to tell him but you know him. He never listens to anyone.”

I said,” I don’t want my past to be an obstacle in the path of my career. For how many days I have to go?”

He said,“for a month. ”

I said,“For a month..Samar what about Pari.? How she will stay without me?”

He said,“We both will move to bhai’s house. Soha bhabhi will take care of her. You don’t worry. She will be fine. but will you be okay what if you meet him?”

I said,“London is big city Samar. I wish I don’t meet him but if I came across him then he will be a stranger to me just like others. I just want to see Zohaan once even though from afar. Can’t you come with me?”

He said,“I want to but I can’t get one month leave. I have exams coming. I will be there as soon as my exams are completed.”

I said,“okay..can’t help it.”

He said,” you go and set the bed. I will clean here”

I said,“okay.”

I lied Pari in baby cot. I lied on bed waiting for Samar.

He came back..Samar has a habit of bathing before sleep. He came after bath and slept beside me. We have seperate beds placed in one room along with Pari’s baby cot. There is small space between all three cots. Pari cot is in the middle.

He said,“Good night.”

I said,“Good night” and closed my eyes.

Samar and I we respect each other a lot and he is my best friend and I am his. but we don’t love each other. The one whom we loved broke us to the extent that we don’t believe in love anymore but we care for each other. We understand each other .We help each other. We try to make each other happy and ofcourse our angel..our pari who binds us together.

I don’t know what storm will this trip bring in our lives. I don’t have a good feeling about it.

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