Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty One – New Start-2

Zaeem’s pov:

Today is our anniversary. We have a party. I usually don’t like all these kind of stuff but Zaiba wanted to have a big party.

I just came back from office. I have to get ready but first I have to call Zohaan. He is not my old Zohaan who is so happy and cheerful. Now he is always sad and quiet. He don’t even speak much Just when needed. He told me that he don’t want to attend the party. He don’t even stay with me. He stays with mom and dad.

When I married Zaiba they broke all ties with me. They never talk to me or call me. They asked Zohaan to come with them and he gladly accepted because he don’t want to be near me or Aneesha. He refused to see her as well. After that she never tried to meet him. I got to know that she left the country obviously with Samar.

Anyway she was so desperate to be with him. She herself confessed that she doesn’t love me and wanted divorce. I was counting days to be with her and get back our lives but she just left me in my tough times. All her promises that she love me and never leave me no matter what are all lies.

She can’t even wait for me for 7 months. I know it must be hard for her to see me with Zaiba but whatever I was doing was for us. It’s not like She didn’t knew why I was doing it? I told her and asked for her permission. I even said that if she don’t like it then she can tell me and I will not go to her room but she agreed.

I was not happy to be with Zaiba. Every second my heart yearned for Aneesha. I was dying to spend time with her and Zohaan but Zaiba she will not leave me for a second. She keeps telling me that if I don’t obey her then she will kill the baby.

I endured everything thinking that just till the baby was born I have to tolerate her then everything will go back to before but with time I saw changes in Aneesha’s attitude. She was never home. She is always out and most of the time with Samar. I felt like She replaced me with Samar. I wanted to talk to her but Zaiba was 24/7 on my back. She even tapped my and Aneesha’s phone. She was very stubborn and told me that she don’t want me to be in touch with Aneesha until the baby is in her stomach. I have to dedicate these months of my life to just her and the baby. I was so stressed. Every time she is like don’t do this ,don’t do that. Let’s eat this. Let’s not eat that. She was controlling my life fully. I was dying to see just one look of Aneesha. She never comes out of her room when she is at home. Mostly she stays out. As time passed her time of staying out of house increased. She is always with Samar..on call or in college or coffee shop. Slowly she started involving Zohaan in her plans.

I felt like She is slowly replacing me with Samar in both their lives. I was scared and worried. I just wanted assurance from her that she still loves me and everything will be alright .

But this time she crossed all limits.. She went on vacation with Samar along with Zohaan without informing me.

I was so insecure and worried that time I committed one big mistake. I was at my weak point and in my thoughts when Zaiba kissed me I was so into Aneesha’s thoughts that I thought I was kissing Aneesha but when I opened my eyes I saw Aneesha looking at us. I was shocked but she acted so indifferent like it doesn’t matter to her.

I wanted to apologize to her and explain to her so I went to her room. Only to see her busy on phone chatting with Samar. All rational thoughts left my mind and I scolded her for leaving house for days without
informing me but I was shocked and my heart broke into pieces when she asked for divorce. I waited for her to say she is joking. She is just taking revenge on me for kissing Zaiba but when she agreed that she doesn’t love me. My worst nightmare came true she loves Samar now. I don’t want to divorce her so I left from there to give her time to think but she left the house next day with Zohaan breaking my heart.

I got to know that she went to Samar. She didn’t call me or message me. I was angry very angry so I went to meet her but she refused to me.

I was in pain, hurt, Angry that she chose Samar over me and Zohaan. After that I didn’t call her or went to bring her back. I was broken. I had nothing in my life. I felt like my whole life shattered infront of my eyes. my one mistake costed me my whole life.

I don’t know how but the news of Zaiba was leaked and it was all over the internet. They are calling my child illegitimate and so many bad names. They also called Zaiba bad names. They named her as home wreaker and reason for my and Aneesha’s seperation.

I don’t care what they say about Zaiba but I want to protect my baby at any cost so I married her. Other reason was I was very angry at Aneesha for leaving me. I wished..I desperately wished that at least for Zohaan she will drop the idea of leaving me but She left Zohaan as well. Not once did she came to talk to me. After she left country. I was angry with her but somewhere in my heart I knew I am the reason for our separation.

Does she love Samar so much that she don’t care for me or Zohaan?

Zohaan was not happy with our separation. He refused to meet Aneesha because she left him without taking him. He was angry with me for not stopping her.

I felt like I lost both of them at once. Zohaan was never like before. He avoids me completely. I got my punishment to live my life without my loved ones. My only hope was the baby.

Unfortunately my baby was born dead. It was a girl. I lost my last hope as well. I died that day completely only shell of my body is remaining. I have no feelings now.

I was just a shell.I had nothing in my life. Everything finished. Aneesha left with Samar.Atleast one of us got what they wanted. Zohaan hated me for marrying Zaiba and giving her his mother’s place.

I immersed myself with work and with time I became stone hearted. Now I feel nothing. I don’t care for anyone. I just do what I feel like. I don’t have any feeling left in me

I have no one and I need no one. I am fine alone. Zaiba and me stayed married but I am never with her. I avoid her completely. I mostly stay in my pent house. I was with her just for baby now she has no importance in my life.

I wanted to divorce her but she refused to give it to me. I can fight her in court but seriously I don’t care. I have no energy left to fight in court and see her face till the results are out so I moved to penthouse.

Zaiba always show to the world that we are happily married. I help her only to help my business. I have left nothing but my business which is my only priority.

I called Zohaan but he didn’t pick my phone. Ofcourse he is avoiding my calls because he knows why I am calling him.

I got ready and went to the party venue. As soon as she saw me she came to me and wrapped her hand on my arm.

I have strong urge to jerk her hand away. Just control yourself Zaeem don’t create a scene.

After sometime I moved away from her and started talking to my clients.

I have a big event coming in my life. It’s very important for my company growth. I am opening a branch and I need a interior designer for that we are partnering with Malik house. They are sending their designer today. She is coming to this party.

I heard a lot about her but have not seen her. Hope we get along well. She is very important person to me.

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