Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Two – Met Again

Zaeem’s pov:

I was waiting for Mrs. Malik to come but there is no sign of her. Where is she?

Then I got call from Mr.Shikar Malik informing me that she is not coming to the party as she is not feeling well after the journey. She will directly come to office.

Anyway..I am getting bored. Keeping your fake smile and thanking everyone for congratulating you on your marriage anniversary. The marriage which you think is biggest mistake of your life which took away my son and my parents from me. I am feeling suffocated here. I just want to go from here.

I excused myself and went to the balcony to get some fresh air when I saw Zohaan and dad standing near the entrance. What are they doing Here?

I quickly walked towards the entrance in about time before they leave.

I said,“Assalamwalikum dad and Zohaan. I am happy that you came here please come inside.”

Dad said,“I am here because Zohaan wants to come. I am not interested in attending your circus of party. I am leaving.” Then he looked at Zohaan and said,“You can stay here as long as you want but call me when you are ready to come home. I will come to pick you.”

Zohaan said,“Okay Grandpa.”

Dad kissed his cheek and then looked at me and said,“Take care of him.”

I nodded and he left.

This is strange because Zohaan never comes to my parties or to meet me. Today why?

He said,“Papa I want to talk to you. Can we go somewhere and talk? I don’t want to see her.”

I know he meant Zaiba.

I said,“Okay. How about we go to my penthouse?”

Anyway I was planning to leave. Zaiba can handle them.

I took the car out of parking and then we both are heading towards my home.

It was awkward..I mean it’s been too long since I have been with Zohaan alone.

I said,“How is your school?”

He said,“good”

I said,” I didn’t get any invitation of parents meeting. Are they not having it this month?”

That’s the only occasion when I get to see him. Once in a month.

He said,“No we have it. I think they will send the invitation soon.”

I didn’t say anything after that and he was silent. He looked nervous. I don’t know what he wants to talk about?

Once we reached home. Zohaan sat on sofa.

I said,“Want to eat something?”

He said,“No..I had my dinner.”

I said,“I will get water for you.”

He said,“Okay”

I gave him water and he took few sips and placed it on the table.

I said,“you are going to stay the night Here,right?”

He looked hesitant and said,“No..I think I will go-”

I said,“please just stay for tonight. I will drop you tomorrow. It’s late night and it will hard for dad to drive. You know he sleeps early.”

He seems to be in thoughts and then he nodded

I said,“Thank you” and sat beside him.

I messaged dad that Zohaan going to stay with me. He just told me okay.

I said,“What is it that you want to talk?”

He said,“I saw mom in school today.”

I said,“Who? Zaiba?”

He glared at me and shouted,“She is not my mom.”

Does he mean Aneesha? No no.. it can’t be true..she left the country with Samar why she will come back?

I said,“you must have mistaken. She is not in London.”

He said,“No.. I really saw her with my eyes. I am not mistaken. She is here papa. please bring her back.”

I said,“Even if what you are saying is true. I can’t bring her back. Sorry Zohaan but your mom and me can’t be together.”

He stood up from sofa and said,“it’s all because of you. She left me because of you and her. I hate you.”

I walked towards him and said,“Zohaan listen to me..I know-”

He said,“Don’t come near me. I want to go home. I should have not come here. I should have known you will not bring my mom back. You drove her away.”

I said,“Zohaan..calm down. I am sorry. You have no idea how much I regret losing her but she will not be happy with me Zohaan. I will look for her. You can meet her but sorry I can’t bring her back in our lives. I am sorry please forgive me.”

he shook his head in no.. and said,“Never” then ran out. I followed him and got hold of him

I said,“Where are you going? It’s dark outside. Just stay the night here.”

He said,“I don’t want to stay with you..”

I hugged him and said,“I am sorry.. I am causing you so much pain. I am sorry my son. I miss you. I miss your mom but we can’t be together. I am sorry. I love you.”

He struggled to come out of my hold but slowly he calmed down and wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I lifted him up.

He said,“I miss her papa. A lot.”

I carried him to my room. This house has only one bedroom so I lied him on bed and lied beside him and took him in my embrace.

He didn’t say anything and slowly drifted to sleep. I kissed his forehead. It’s been more than two years since he talked to me on this topic. He always avoided me. I was also so engrossed in my guilt and pain that I didn’t made much effort to reconcile with him. I let him stay with my parents.

But today I felt like I got my missing part of heart. I know I gave him so much pain but now I have to relieve the pain as well. I can’t give him his mother but I will become his mom and dad both. I am not sending him again to my parents . He is going to stay with me.

It’s been enough of blaming and sulking. I might never forget it but I will start a new life with my son. I need him. He needs me. We need each other.

Aneesha’s pov:

My flight landed in London and first thing that crossed my mind is to see Zohaan. I hope he didn’t change his school.

I hired cab to go to hotel. I placed my luggage and then got freshenup.

I went to his school and I don’t know how to get inside and what to say?

But Allah helped me as I saw Zohaan in the play ground. He was playing football. Tears well in my eyes. I am seeing him after 2 years.

I hid behind the tree and looked at him. He has grown a lot. My baby.
He looks a lot like Zaeem. I wish I can go and talk to him but I don’t want to spoil his mood so I was just looking at him from afar but suddenly he looked at me and stilled at his place.

After few seconds. He looked away and continued playing his game like he didn’t see me. He really is angry with me. Still even after two years.

I left from there and went to my hotel. I took some rest as I have to go to party tonight.

Shikar bhai has not yet given me the details of the person or the company. He told me that he will send the details soon.

I got ready and was waiting for bhai’s mail. He sent me the mail and I was shocked to see the name of the person.

Zaeem Hasan. Today is his marriage anniversary. Why him? No no no.. I am not ready to face him. I just can’t.

I called Samar..He said,“Assalamwalikum.”

I can’t hold back my tears ..his name brought so many memories..a sob left my mouth..

He said,“Heyy..Aneesha what happened?”

I said,“I want to come back. I can’t face him.”

He said,“Why? Who?”

I said,“Zaeem. Samar he is the client. I can’t face him. Please I want to come back.”

He said,“Aneesha relax...fine can come back but first listen to me.”

I calmed down and said,“Okay.”

He said,“till when are you going to avoid him? I think it’s best opportunity to leave your past behind so that you can finally come out of the shackles of your past with him. Till when will you suffer with his memories. You need to face him Aneesha. You have to get over him for yourself. You told me right he is just a stranger to you. You have to face him. Please Aneesha for you.”

I said,“I will think about it.”

He said,“Okay..take care..whatever decision you take I am with you.”

For now I called Shikar bhai and informed him that I can’t attend the party.

I think Samar is right..I should not run away this time. He is my past. He means nothing to me. He should not affect me or my career. This project is very important for my career. I can’t let him spoil that. I will go meet him in office tomorrow.

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