Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Three – Daughter

Zaeem’s pov:

When I woke up I saw Zohaan was still sleeping..he looked so cute with that small pout on his lips..My baby..How I missed 6 years of his life..? I just got spend few months with him around four to five. Even though he is my blood my son. He has not received the love he deserves. He was away from us for five years. We were not aware of his existence but when we got to know what we did? Instead of making up for the lost time we made decisions which made him leave us. He lost so much in his life without any mistake. I am Sorry Zohaan. It will not happen again. I will make everything right.

I looked at time it was already 7. He has school at 9. I called our driver and told him to bring Zohaan’s clothes from Dad’s house. I got freshen up then I slowly walked towards bed shook Zohaan and said,“Zohaan get up otherwise you will be late for school.”

He moved slightly and His nose crunched while he rubbed it from back of his hand. He looked so cute. A smile crept on my lips.

I kissed his forehead and brought him closer and made him sit up.

He said,“Dad just 5 mins..”

I said,“you will be late..get up.”

He slowly rubbed his eyes and opened them. He yawned and got down from bed.

I said,“I placed all necessary things and your clothes in washroom. You get ready. I will prepare breakfast. What you want to eat?”

He was just looking at me with wide eyes.

I said,“What happened? ”

He shook his head and said, “Nothing..”

I said,“Tell me what you want to eat?”

He said,“pancakes with nutella.”

I said,“okay..I will make them. You get ready and let me know if you need anything.”

He nodded and went inside washroom.

I prepared pancakes and I set the table. We had orange juice in fridge..
I served that as well. We don’t have any grocery at home as I mostly eat outside. I should bring some of it. It’s not healthy to eat outside food for Zohaan.

When he got down the stairs. He didn’t say a word and sat on dining table. He slowly started eating.

I was little afraid how pancakes are in taste as it been long since I cooked. His blank expression is not helping at all so finally I asked,“How are they?”

He said,“Nice Papa.”

Once he was done. I said,“get your bag. I will drop you at school.”

He took his bag and followed me.

Whole ride both of us were silent.

Once we reached school. He was about to get down when I said,“I will come to pick you in the evening.”

He said,“It’s okay papa. Usually grandpa picks me. You don’t have to bother.”

I said,“Zohaan I will come to pick you then we will go to my house.”

He said,“Why?”

I said,“I want to stay with you.”

He was silent for few minutes. My heart was beating fast waiting for his reply.

He said,“I don’t want to stay with her.”

I said,“only you and me. I will get new game for you. We will play tonight once you are done with homework.”

He said,“Are you sure she will not be there?”

I said,“I promise. She will never come between us.”

He said,“okay.”

I said,“Thank you” and kissed his cheek.

I felt so happy I just can’t wait to get home.

I was in good mood after so long. My son is coming to stay with me but I have to talk with dad. Hope he agrees to it. Anyway I am not going to listen to anyone. He is my son.

I was in cabin when my PA informed me that Mrs. Malik is here. I told her to send her in.

After sometime I heard the door open and then few clicks of sandal.

When I raised my eyes from desk my heart stuck in my mouth..Aneesha.

What is she doing here? She changed a lot in two years. Everything from top to bottom is changed. Her dressing sense, her hairstyle, she wore too much make up and high heels..too different than my Aneesha. I will choose my old Aneesha over this new Aneesha anytime. There is no smile on her face or that bubbly glint. She looked so serious and mature unlike her usual self.

She said in monotone,“Hello Mr.Hassan. I am Aneesha Samar Malik.”

Mr.Hassan..? Aneesha Samar Malik. She changed her name. I loved her name A lot. Aneesha Zaeem Hasan. I told her many times that I love her name. She love Samar to the extent to change her name but she never filed divorce? Without our divorce she married him.

Anyway somewhere I am the reason for our relationship to break apart. I just want her happiness. She want to be professional with me. Acting like strangers..then be it. Anyway we have nothing left between us it’s better to start a new.

I said,“Hello Aneesha. Please sit.”

She said,“I have few sample designs ready as per you request and I want you to go through them and let me know in case of any issues or any changes or suggestions.”

I said,“okay.I will review them and get back to you soon. ”

I called my PA Sabah and told her to show Aneesha her work place.

She left my cabin with Sabah without second glance.

It was so hard to act professional when all I want nothing was to hug her. I was hurt that she left me but one glance at her I forgot everything. This two years you have no idea how much I missed her. Her presence, Her cute face..Her smile..everything about her.

I miss her so much but she is not mine anymore. I lost her long time back.I should not interfere and spoil her new life. It’s better to maintain only the professional relationship but I can’t stop myself from sneaking upon her. I kept going towards her place to just have a look at her. I love you forever Aneesha.

I have not done any work since morning. What the hell I am doing?

I tired my best and focused on my work hardly for one hour then it was time to pick Zohaan.

I quickly left the office. I can’t wait to spend time with Zohaan.

I picked him from school and in the way I tired to engage him in talks about how was his day? Like I use to do before Zaiba entered our lives.

Their was no excitement in his eyes like before..I will get back our moments and I will get back your smile son just give me sometime.

Once we reached home. We had snacks then he did his homework and I helped him. Well he don’t need much of help as he is very smart.

Then we played his new game. I saw him laugh heartily when he won. I smiled looking at his laugh.

Then I prepared dinner while he was watching movie on television. After that we had dinner and went to sleep.

This has been our routine since a week. Now Zohaan has become little comfortable with me. He talks about his day before I ask him. Also today first time he expressed his opinion and told me to take him to park and then we had ice cream. He played for a while then we returned home.

In office Me and Aneesha have interacted only related to work but I was thinking of asking her to come to lunch at our house on weekend so that Zohaan can spend time with her.

I have not yet told him that his mother is working in my office but he deserves to know. I have to talk with her tomorrow.

When I reached office next day. I parked my car and was about to go in the elevator when I saw Aneesha getting down from the car but what shocked me was the guy who was sitting at driving place and baby she was holding. She kissed the girl. The baby looked of around two years so it makes it hard to be the baby of Samar unless she cheated on me when we are married which I highly doubt. It means there is a possibility that she is mine. I have to find out

Who is that baby? Is she mine?

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