Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Four – Cheated

Zaeem’s pov:

I want to ask her about the baby but I think now is not the correct time to ask her about anything. She is angry with me it can make situation worse. First I have to think about Zohaan. He is missing his mother so I think I should invite Aneesha to our house for lunch tomorrow.

I am very scared to face her. Till now we have interacted regarding professional stuff but talking on personal level I don’t have courage. I have to do this for Zohaan.

After lots of struggle..I knocked on her cabin. Once she said come in I went inside.

I said,“An- Kaira”

She said,“yes Mr.Hasan. How can I help you?”

I said,” no..I mean you are doing very well and I am very happy with your performance so I wanted to treat you.”

She glared at me and said,” Zaeem I already told you that I want you to behave professionally. If you are trying to come closer-”

I said,” you misunderstood me. I mean you can come with your family and My fam-My son will be very happy to meet you. You can bring your WHOLE family even kids or babies. I mean everyone. ”

She immediately said,“Yes I will be there Mr. Hasan.”

I said,“okay Thank you”

I was about to leave but I don’t know from where Zaiba came there and wrapped her hands around my neck and said,“baby..where were you? I was waiting from 10 mins in your cabin. Did you forget that we have date today?”

Oh god..What is this new trouble?

I removed her arms and said,“Zaiba What are you doing here?”

She said,“This is not the way to talk to your wife baby.”

Then she looked at Aneesha and said,“Oh my my who is this? Is not this Aneesha? What a pleasant surprise. How are you and what are you doing here in my husband’s office? Are you two having affair?”

I got hold of Zaiba’s arm and said,“Let’s go from here.”

Before I can leave the cabin. Aneesha said,“I work here Zaiba and I am not like you to have affair. I don’t like Cheaters and can’t even tolerate them. I am happy and have a family. I love them and can’t even think of hurting them but someone like you can never understand it. If you are forgetting Mrs.Hasan then let me tell you I was the who left him because I don’t want him anymore so you can have him. I care least about it. You know I don’t run after spoiled or used goods. ”

Her each word was like a stab but I can’t say that she is wrong. I deserve this.

Aneesha has changed a lot and have become strong. I love her new self as well.

Zaiba got very angry with her and was about to say something when Aneesha said,“Mr.Hasan please take your wife from here. I have lots of work and I don’t have time for all this drama.”

Then I literally dragged Zaiba with me. Once we are in my cabin I left her hand and said,“What the hell are you doing here? Zaiba now you are crossing the limit. Till now I have not said a word and tolerated all your nonsense because it doesn’t matter to me but if you harm Aneesha or anyone related to her then prepare for your end. I will not spare you. Don’t take my silence as weakness. You have no idea what I can do. She suffered a lot because of you and me now let her live in peace. You got what you wanted. We are seperated. .you have all the power of being my wife as leave her alone.”

She laughed at me and said,“You are a fool Zaeem. We have not spoiled her life. She chose Samar over you even before my entry in your life. ”

I rolled my eyes at her and said,“okay now leave..”

She said,“What? You don’t trust me?? How can you be so ignorant? You are seriously fool Zaeem. Aneesha is not what you think. She is very smart girl. You are just her conquest which she won once she married you and she lost interest in you. She found another toy Samar. She is like that jumping from one guy to another..”

Her words made me lose my mind and I raised my hand to slap her but I controlled myself. I should not raise hand on women.

I said,“Get out Zaiba otherwise I will call security.”

She said,“I am not going from here before I finish my talk. You can call for security and be ready for headlines that Mr.Zaeem Hasan throwed his wife out of his office after she caught him having affair with an employee. What do you think? Doesn’t it be very sensational news?”

I said,“What do you want Zaiba? When will you leave me alone?”

She said,“Zaeem. I want your happiness ”

I said,“What a joke”

She said,“I am not joking. Aneesha is not right for you. Zaeem she was having affair with Samar. She cheated on you but very smartly turned the tables on us and acted like victim. You don’t trust me. Fine I will give you proof. You know your darling Aneesha have a daughter. She is two years old. You might be thinking she is yours but let me tell you She is Samar’s daughter. You will know once you see her. I will send you the pics of her. She was pregnant when she was married to you with someone else child. Do you know what that means? She betrayed you. Zaeem..I am the only who loves you and has been with you even though you mistreated me. I hope you understand who truly loves you. ”

With this she left but I was very confused. I trust Aneesha she will never cheat on me. She is not a player. I was the one who wronged her first not the other way around. Zaiba is playing with my brain and emotions. Don’t let her words effect you Zaeem.

As usual I had great time with Zohaan. I hope he likes the surprise I planned for him. He filled my lifeless world with life. He is the only one that matters to me now and I can do anything for his happiness.

Next I made all the arrangements for the lunch and was waiting for Aneesha. Zohaan is asking too many questions like who is coming. Why are they coming but I avoided answering his questions.

Once the door bell rang I told him to open the door. The look on his face when he saw Aneesha and happiness he felt. I can give anything to see him like this.

Aneesha hugged him and kissed him all over his face. Tears are flowing from both of their eyes. I felt moisture in my eyes as well.

Aneesha said,“Thank you.”

I said,“please come inside.”

Once he sat on sofa. I said,“Mr.Malik didn’t come with you.”

Zohaan was still in her arms. She said,“He is parking the car.”

I said,“I will just made arrangements to serve lunch. Till then spend time with my son I will be back soon.”

She nodded. I told My cook to arrange the table and went to my room. It takes lot of effort to act normal infront of her when all I want is to cry and run away. It hurts like hell when I call her as someone else wife. When Maid told me the food is set. I came down and Samar was already there sitting beside Aneesha what caught my attention was the small baby girl in Samar’s arms. She is exact replica of Samar. There is no doubt in it that she is his daughter.

When Aneesha introduced her like her and Samar’s daughter my doubts are confirmed. Zaiba was right Aneesha betrayed me. She had affair with Samar. Then it clicked me the photographs which I received of them may be they were real. How smartly you played me Aneesha. Now everything makes sense..the way she spent all the time with Samar. Why she wanted divorce. Why she said she don’t love me anymore. Why she didn’t bother about Zohaan. Why she left country. Why she is with Samar now everything is clear. . Now atleast I am free from my guilt that I broke my happy family.

Woah I can never imagine behind such innocent face their is so cunning brain. I can make a new start now and there is no place for you in it Aneesha. I don’t even want to see your face. I hate you.

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