Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Six – Deserted Island

Aneesha’s pov:

I am very disappointed today. Our lunch didn’t go well with Zaeem and Zaiba. Zaeem was not ready to let go of Zohaan. I clearly remembered his words and his warning.

He said,“I am warning you Aneesha. if you try to take him away from me. I will file for his custody once I win you will never see him. I will give my best even if I have to sell all my property. My son is going to stay with me. I promise you no matter what you do He will be with me.”

I can’t stop my tears I don’t know what to do? I want my son. I was in my thoughts when Samar came to me and said,“Mrs.Hasan called me and requested me to tell you to call her”

I said,“okay. I will call her.” with this he left without second glance.

He is lost since we came from lunch. He looks upset and bothered. what is it that is troubling him?

I should talk to him but first let me talk to mom.

I called mom. she told me that Zaeem has left england for some business purpose and Zohaan is staying with them. if I want then I can spend time with him.

I was elated. I brought Zohaan to my house and we tried to make up for missed time. Zohaan liked Pari a lot. Samar still not talking properly to me. He had not even spent time with Pari. When I try to talk to him he avoids me. why boys are so complicated?

Time passed so fast and the time has come for Zohaan to leave but When Zaeem got to know about this. He was mad. He accused me of trying to poison Zohaan mind against him. His voice was cold and I can see hate for me in his eyes. Why he hates me so much? He is the one who broke my heart and He behaves like I am the one who did it. I am very angry with him. I hate for the words he told me in his office. His precious Wife..My blood boils when I think about it but I am acting civil for my son. Zaeem is throwing tantrums like kids.

I was busy in office When I got call from mom saying Zaeem is sending Zohaan away from them until I am here in London. They had huge argument over this and Zaeem has left the house angry. Zohaan is with her now and he is crying. Zaeem you are dead now. enough is enough..I will kill him.

I wanted to call him but it’s no use. He will just avoid it so I thought of going to him directly. I got to know the address of him from Sabah his secretary. We become friends in this few days so I requested her not to tell anything to Zaeem. As Samar was not at home and I can’t leave Pari alone. mom health is not good. She is having heart issues due to all this stress. she is already looking after Zohaan. I don’t want to trouble her more so I asked Sabah to look after Pari.

I was shocked when I saw the address. it’s a small island. What the hell is doing there in winter? He completely lost his mind.

I took Dad’s private jet to the island. it’s four hours flight. Once I reached there.. jet left as dad needed it. Chill ran down my spine. it’s so cold here. The water is almost freezing. I can see a layer of ice formed on top of water.. I can’t see anyone. it feels deserted. I saw the mansion and walked towards it but I stopped on my steps when I saw a figure sitting on dock staring into space having covered in warm clothes. Sipping something hot as I can see vapours coming out of cup.

I think it’s Zaeem. I took few steps in hurry and by mistake I stepped on ice and it broke down and I fell in water. The water was ice cold. I was trying to swim out of it but due to the coldness of water my hands and legs are becoming numb. I am trying to shout out Zaeem’s name but I am shivering due to cold and my teeth chattering not allowing me to say a word. I am fighting to come out. I am losing consicious now. Before darkness consume I looked one last time at Zaeem who stood up from his place and walking towards me.

Zaeem’s pov:

I am really tired of this everyday drama. Why can’t she leave my son alone? She have her daughter then Why is she after my son? I know she just want to hurt me. In this two years not once she tired to see him or know about his whereabouts then why now? I am scared that she will snatch Zohaan from me. I have nothing left except him. He is my world. I love him. My own mother supports her. She is fighting with me for her. She took everything from me. I regret the moment I met her. Why she came into my life? What destiny has in store for me?

I need break. I seriously need break. Away from her. Away from everyone. I want to go to a place where no one will be there. I came to my private Island. no one is here. I gave leave to workers as well. I want to be alone. Once I reached I sent back the jet. phone doesn’t work here but I told my pilot to come in two days. I can’t stay away from my son for too long. I wanted to take him with me but mom didn’t allow me. She was too angry. She literally throwed me out of her house. I will deal with her once I go back. This place is too cold. I felt peaceful looking at the freezing water infront of me. Cool breezes touching my face. I was drinking coffee to keep myself warm. I lost the track of time but Now I started to feel numb slightly so I took it as my queue to go inside.

When I stood up and turned around I saw a figure struggling to come out of water. What the hell? Who is it? I quickly ran towards it and got hold of the person before the person drowned in water. I can’t see her face as her hair is all over her face but from her long hair I assume it’s a girl.How to pull her up? This surface is not hard If I try to pull her up then I will also fall in water due to pressure on Ice but she will die if she stays any longer in water. She already lost consicious as she is not responding to my voice. What to do? I have to take the risk otherwise she will die. I tried to pull her body up but the Ice under me started cracking. I moved to other side still holding her. After lot of effort I was able to pull her out. I took her inside the mansion to my room. I kept my heater to max. I started the fire at fire place. I have to change her clother but how can I? I don’t even know her but no one is here. Who is she? What is she doing here? This place is private. I thought of drying her hair first and I took the towel and moved her hair from her face to dry them. I was shocked it was Aneesha. Panic raised inside me. My heart started to beat at abnormal rate. No no no..Aneesha. What is she doing here? I quickly took my clothes and changed her. I don’t care even if it’s wrong there is nothing I have not seen. Anyway I am still her husband so nothing is wrong. I have to save her. I wrapped her in warm blankets and whatever stuff I felt that can give her warmth but still she is shivering. I was rubbing her hands and legs. After sometime she came into consicuous and slowly opened her eyes.

She said,“I-I..a-am f-feel-lin-ng C-Coldd. H-Hel-lp m-me Z-Zaeem”

I don’t know what more to do.

She kept shivering. I hate her but I can’t lose her. I don’t want to do the last resort. please Allah miyan save her. Her body is ice cold and it’s not warming up. I am scared now. I have no choice I have to do this.

I removed her clothes. She is not in complete consicious to object. She will kill me when she will get to know about this. I removed mine and hugged her and wrapped all the blankets around both of us. She snuggled closer to me and I hugged her more tightly to myself giving my body heat to her. Our skin touched mine My mind stopped working. I have strong desire to make her mine but I am controlling myself but after sometime when she kissed me. I lost the control. We made love. She responded eagerly to touch..I felt the same love in her touch. After that we fell Asleep.

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