Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Seven – Argument

Zaeem’s pov:

I slowly opened my eyes and saw that Aneesha is still sleeping. Her body is warm now. My head is aching due to hangover. I came out of blankets and wore my clothes. I made her wear clothes then I had aspirin and prepared breakfast.

Aneesha is still sleeping but once She woke up what should I tell her? it will be awkward if she get to know I think I will skip the part where I gave her my body heat. Anyway nothing happened between us so why to complicate the situation. Anyway what is she doing here?

I was playing game on my phone to pass the time as there is no network in living room. When I heard someone clear their throat. I turned to see Aneesha. She came sat opposite to me.

She said,“Thanks for saving me.”

I said,“What are you doing here?”

She said,“Mom called me and-”

Mom..seriously why she has to tell everything to Aneesha.

I said,“How do you know I was here?”

She said,“That’s not important. Zaeem I want to talk with you regarding Zohaan.”

I said,” If you are here to talk about Zohaan’s custody then forget it. My son is not going anywhere.”

She said,“He is my son as well. I gave him birth.”

I laughed sarcastically and said,“That is why you left him amd didn’t bother to know how he is. You got what you want so leave us alone.”

She got angry and came to me. She held me by collar and said,“I got what I want. you are saying that. Don’t you know what I wanted? you took everything from me. I hate you”

How dare she to blame me again after what she did.. this got me very angry. She can’t fool me.

I got hold of her hands to remove them from my collar and said,“Stop your acting. This won’t work on me anymore. your crocodile tears have no effect on me now. By the way the feeling is mutual.”

I pushed her away and said,“Don’t ever try to guilt me for your sins.”

She said,“you are not the Zaeem I know. you are not the one I love. you are so heartless Zaeem. you are not even thinking about Zohaan. How would he feel seeing his parents fight. Don’t act like you were their for him. I know he was staying with mom and dad.”

I shouted,“You made me like this. You have your family go focus on them. Leave my son out of it. He will be happy with me because my full focus is on him. I have no one else to take care of. He is my whole world but for you he is just part of it. ”

She said,” He is not your whole world. you forgot you have your precious wife at home. Atleast Samar loves him but Zaiba She hates him because he is my son. I don’t trust her. He is not safe with her.”

I said,“She doesn’t stay with me so he is safe.”

I didn’t realize what I said but once I noticed I tried to cover it up but damage is done.

Her eyes widened and she said,“What? Why do you mean by she didn’t stay with you?”

I said,“That’s none of your business. My son will be safe and happy with me.”

She said,“Fine he can with you but I want to be part of his life.”

I was shocked and said,“yeah ofcourse you can unless you don’t try to snatch him from me. Zohaan needs you in his life so you can meet him.”

She nodded and about to go. When I said,“What does he have which I don’t?”

He turned towards me and said,“Ask yourself?”

I walked towards her and said,“Don’t act smart. Anyway it’s no use talking about it. I shouldn’t have asked it.”

I was about to go when she said,“If you ask the same question. What does Zaiba has which I don’t?”

I said,“Nothing.”

I was about to go again when she said,“Then Why you cheated on me?”

I cheated on her..

I turned around and said,“Why you everytime try to blame me for our seperation. I was not the who asked for divorce. I was not the one who said I don’t love you anymore. you left me. you choose Samar over me and Zohaan”

She said,“you left me with no choice.”

I said,“you didn’t trust me. I told you to just wait till the baby is born. I will make everything,right? I just asked for nine months Aneesha but you were not able wait for me. you left me. I doubt sometimes that did you ever love me?”

She said,“you were with her all the time. kissing her, hugging her, feeding her and taking her to places. you are my husband have you once thought how I felt seeing you with her? ”

I said,“you were with Samar all the time. Have I said anything to you? Do you think I loved to see my wife spending night with a guy. you were taking Zohaan with you. Going on outings. Did you think once How I felt?”

she said,“you didn’t have time for us. you were busy with Zaiba and her baby. You didn’t even gave a month for marrying her after I left. Like you were waiting to get rid of me”

I said,“Think whatever you want. I don’t want explain you anything. you want me to feel guilty. Fine I agree because of me we got separated. you are too innocent and I am very bad person. I cheated on you. I hurt you. I broke your heart. I have tortured you to death. Happy?”

She said,“Don’t keep words in my mouth. I never said that.”

I said,“I don’t want to talk on this topic with you anymore. go amd rest. you are not well.”

She said,“How we will go back?”

I said,“Tomorrow morning my jet will come to pick me. you can come with me.”

She left..

I slumped on couch...All her words ringing in my head. Since she returned there is not a second in my life when I was peaceful. This girl is trouble. I want to stay away from her but She is Zohaan’s mother and she wants to be part of his life then how can I avoid her? still I will try my best. I want to get out of this place. I slowly drifted to sleep.

When I woke up it was evening. I saw Aneesha is cooking. She looked at me and said,“you woke up. Good. you didn’t have lunch. I made rice and dal. I will heat it. Have them.okay?”

I said,“I am not hungry. you don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.”

She said,“Zaeem..It’s been two years and we both have moved on. Can’t we forget our past and become friends? Atleast for Zohaan.”

Friends?? with her I can never be friends. My love for her will always come in the middle. This rude exterior will help me to stay away from her.

I said,“Let me know once you are done with food. I will cook for myself.”

She sighed and said,“okay”

Honestly I want to eat food made by her. it’s been too long but I can’t show her that. She should never know that I have not moved on from her. I waited for her to finish. Once she was done and she went inside. I looked in the fridge for food made by her but I didn’t find any. I searched whole kitchen where the hell did she keep it? I lost my appetite so I went to living room only to see the food on the dining table and note placed beside it.

Eat the food prepared by me for today. I know you don’t like wasting food. Once we go back you can to whatever you want

I know it’s no use to act now. so I silently ate food made by her. It felt like heaven..I missed her food a lot. Her cooking improved a lot. Samar is lucky. My eyes got moist..

I heard her say,“Is it too spicy?”

I shook my head in no because I doubt my voice will shake if I speak now. She came and sat on opposite chair. She passed me water and said,“Sorry Samar like spice so I am used to making spicy food. It skipped my mind that you don’t eat spicy food”

I can’t tell you how much her words hurts me..

I stood up and said,“No need to be sorry. Anyway we proved long time back that we don’t know each other at all when we got separated.Thanks for the food. it was tasty. My taste changed with time.”

She said,“That’s not the only thing changed in you.”

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