Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Eight – Pregnant Again

Aneesha’s pov:

After our argument we didn’t talk with each other. Next day once our plane arrived We came back and went our own ways. Zohaan still staying with Mom and Dad. We have decided that me and Zaeem will stay with him in turns. one week with him and one week with me.

Samar is still not in talking terms with me and I always took Pari with me to mom and dad place. I am not feeling well from few days. I was working when I felt slightly feeling dizzy. I should not have skipped the dinner. When I felt a presence beside me I turned around. It was Zaeem. What is he doing here?

I said,“Zaeem.”

He said,“Dad will not coming today and we have meeting with board of directors in afternoon so can you give me brief summary on the current situation of project? ”

I am trying to not faint and focus on what he is saying but I lost consicious.

When I woke up I was in hospital. Zaeem standing beside me. His face showed pain and hurt. Why? What happened?

When he looked at me and saw that I am awake he went to doctor not even giving me a chance to speak.

Once doctor came there She said,“How are you feeling now Mrs.Malik?”

I said,“Good.What happened to me?”

She said,“you should not skip meals in your condition Mrs.Malik.”

I said,“What condition?”

She said,“you are two weeks pregnant. ”

What? Did I heard her, right? I am pregnant. How can I? I never had such relationship with Samar.

I said,“It’s possible. You must have mistaken.I can’t be pregnant.”

She said,“Mrs.Malik. Stress is not good for your health.”

Zaeem came to me and said,“It’s okay. Why are you panicking? you are married and it’s a good news.”

I looked at him and shook my head. I said,“Zaeem you are not understanding. it’s not possible. We never..Me and Samar..There is no way. Zaeem ask them to recheck. She have mistaken.”

He said,“ lay down.I will talk to them.”

He went and discussed something with them. He came to me and said,“There is no mistake Aneesha. you both stay together and accidents happen. you are pregnant. Why are you denying it?”


He was shocked and said,“but pari..She looks like him.”

I said,“because she is his daughter not mine.”

He was in thoughts and said,“give me a minute” and he left from there.

After 30 minutes he is back. He looked guilty but Why?

I said,“What happened? The report is wrong,right?”

He said,“Aneesha The report is correct”

I was about to say that no true but he interuppted me saying,“but the father is not Samar it’s me. It’s my baby”

I got very angry and said,“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU SAYING?”

He immediately came to me and got hold my hand. with other he rubbed my stomach.

He said,“I will tell you everything. just calm down. Anger is not good for the baby. please drink water” He gave me glass.

He said,“Do you remember the day when you fell in water on the island?”

I nodded my head. He said,“That day you were body was too cold. I tried everything but your body was too cold so I had no choice but to give my b-body heat.”

I gasped at his words and glared at him. I said,“So you took advantage of my situation. How dare you?”

He said,“Believe me Aneesha. I have no intentions of doing thar but eith you I always lose control. ”

I thought it was it happened in real. Aneesha How foolish you can be.

I glared at him but do I have right to get angry on him. He said,” I am Sorry”

I said,“How many women will you knock up with your drinking habit? that time Zaiba and now me. When you loved me you made Zaiba pregnant. Now when you love her you made me pregnant. What should I do with this baby? ”

He looked down and said,“it’s not mistake for me Aneesha. If you want to abort the child I will give my consent. you can do whatever you wish. I am really sorry. I was not drunk I had stopped drinking after Zaiba’s incident. I am really Sorry. I don’t how to apologize.”

I said,“I am not aborting the baby. it’s innocent. I can’t punish him for our mistakes.”

He raised his head and said,“Thank you. Thanks a lot. ” I saw tears in his eyes. He kissed my hands and said,“You really have a good heart Aneesha.”

I said,“Take me home.”

He nodded.

He dropped me at home and I got down. He said,“Do you mind if I come with you inside? I want to be with you when you talk with Samar so that he didn’t harm both of you.”

I said,“He is not like that and Why will he harm the baby?”

He said,“For my peace of heart. please let me come with you.”

I nodded and both came inside.

Once I entered the hall. I saw my bags were placed in hall and Samar sitting on sofa. Once he saw me ge stood up and said,“You can take your luggage and get out of my house Aneesha.”

I was shocked.

I said,“Samar Why?”

He said,“I can’t live like this anymore. I want a true wife. I have married Sabah. She is willing to give me which you can’t give me. A true family and she is pregnant with my baby so I can’t abandon her.”

He walked to me and said,” Now please get out of my house.”

Everything happened so fast. I staggered back and My head started spinning. Atlast I fainted before completely losing consicious I felt two hands wrap around me.

When I opened my eyes I was in Zaeem’s pent house. I know this room we had many memories in this. What am I doing here? Then everything came rushing to me. Samar asked me to leave. He married Sabah. What should I do now? How I am raise this baby alone? Zaeem has Zaiba. How can I break his house? I am not her. I can’t do it. I have to leave from here. I stood up to go but Zaeem came there.

He said,“Where are you going?”

I said,“Home”

He said,“Aneesha listen to me. please sit down first.”

I sat on bed and he sat beside me. He said,“I know it’s hard for you but I am there for you. I have placed you in this situation and I am going to get you out of it.”

He got hold of my hands and said,“I think we should stay together.”

I moved away from him and said,“Zaeem Have you lost your mind? you are already married and I don’t want to be your second wife. I know pratically I am your first wife. What I meant is I don’t want to share my husband.”

He said,” I will divorce her. You don’t have to share me.”

I said,“No. I am not home wreaker like Zaiba. I can’t break your house. What difference will it have between me and her? No..I can’t”

He said,“Please Aneesha think about the baby you are carrying and Zohaan. How happy he will be if he see us living together again. We can live our life just like before Zaiba came into it.”

I said,“Nothing will be like before. I can’t forgive you for what you did to me Zaeem. I hate you for that and I always will.”

He looked hurt from my words and he said,“Fine..not for me for our kids. Don’t you think this baby needs his father in his life. Please Aneesha stay with me for them.”

I said,“I need time to think. I don’t know what to do..?”

He said,“yeah take your time. I will bring Zohaan. He must be missing his mother. you will feel relaxed to spend time with him.”

I nodded and he left. After sometime I heard the door bell ring and I was surprised that he came back early.

I opened the door and was shocked to see Zaiba.

Samar’s pov:

I was sitting on sofa once Aneesha left. I have to do this for her own good. I am Sorry Aneesha. Sabah said,“Why you lied to her about us?”

I said,“She will never agree to leave me otherwise. you don’t know her like me. She is very stubborn. I have make sure that she thinks I am happy without her. I am sorry I used your name but I had no choice.”

She said,“Can’t we make it true? I love you Samar.”

I was startled by her confession. She is my friend from school but we were not in touch after I left to Italy. We were 15 at that time then we met again when She was at my house to take care of Pari when Aneesha left to see Zaeem.

I said,“I can’t Sabah. you don’t know what I have done? I am not good for you. I have a daughter. you deserve better.”

She said,“But I want only you. please think about it. ”

I said,“Please don’t make it hard for me. ”

She said,“Do you still love Pari’s mother?”

I said,“No after what I saw I can never think of her like that.”

She said,“What do you mean?”

I said,“She is Zaeem’s wife. She lied to me. She lied to them. She lied to Zaeem that she is pregnant with his child. She broke their house. She used me. She threw away my daughter after giving birth and lied to Zaeem saying she died. Do you think I can ever love a women who killed my daughter when she is alive? Never.”

She placed her hand on my shoulder and said,“You are brave Samar. Why didn’t tell all this to Aneesha? it might help them to get together.”

I said,“Their baby will help them to get together. A baby broke them apart and a baby only will bring them together. They will know the true face of Zaiba and I will show them but now is not the time. When you called me that she fainted.I was worried. When I came there. Iheard doctor saying she is pregnant and After hearing their whole conversation.
I got to know Zaeem still has feelings for her. Aneesha too loves him but both are stubborn. I decided to help them.”

She said,“You too deserve happiness. Please marry me atleast for Pari. She needs mother. I can wait for your love my whole life. I will never leave you. Please think about us. I really love both of you. Pari is alone. I will go to her but please give it a thought”

with this she left.

Should I give it a try? Is it okay to marry her for pari..?”

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