Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Thirty Nine – Condition

Aneesha’s pov:

I was shocked to see Zaiba at the door.

I said,“What are you doing here?”

She smiled and said,“This is my husband’s house. I can come here anytime.”

She pushed me and came inside.

I don’t have an answer to give her She is right. I don’t want reveal about the baby to her. Allah knows what she will do.No one is at home. I have to keep my calm.

She said,“Now I am here so need of yours. I can take care of my husband needs so get out.”

I said,“you can’t disrespect me like that.”

She said,“you are trying to snatch my husband and you think I will just sit and look back then you are wrong. I am not like you who easily let go of what is hers.”

I said,“He is my husband as well. We are not divorced.”

Zaeem where are you? Please come back soon. I can’t deal with her.

She said,“You can’t get back with Zaeem ever. I know how much you love him. You can give the world in return of him but sadly you can never have him. you will suffer your whole life to receive love just like my brother. I will make sure of it. I can go to any extent to break you both apart.”

I said,“Why so much hate Zaiba? Why you hate me so much? What did I do to you? What is my fault? Why are you after me?”

She said,“You don’t know. you killed my brother. you took away my only family for me.”

I was shocked..What the hell is she’s not true..

She said,“I told you..I told you Aneesha that don’t give him false hope. Don’t break his heart but you left him at the altar. To face all the humiliation from the society. He killed himself as he can’t take it. You killed him because of you my brother is not in this world and you will pay for this. You broke my brother’s heart for Zaeem. I will make sure you will never get your happy ending. you will suffer just like my brother and your Zaeem will suffer too. I will never forgive both of you. You and him can’t be together atleast not in this life. I will go to any extent to make it happen so stay away from him for his own good who knows he might get into in accident and die.”

What she is referring to? She will kill Zaeem if he gets back with me. Afnaan is no more. He died because of me. I never wanted him to die. I know he is not bad. I never lead him on. I told him many times that I love Zaeem but he was not ready to listen. I am Sorry Afnaan. I am really Sorry..Tears are following from my eyes it was a shock to me.

Zaiba left the house and I fell on ground on my knees. crying my heart. I didn’t intend to but somewhere I was the reason Why he committed suicide. Why Afnaan? I am not worth it. Why he took his life for me?

I heard door bell ring and I opened it to see Zaeem and Zohaan standing infront of me.

Zaeem looked at me and his smile dropped in an instant.

He cupped my face and said,“What happened? Why are you crying?”

I hugged him and he hugged my back. Rubbing my back and consoling me. After sometime he took me inside and made me sit on sofa and told Zohaan to bring water. Zohaan sat on my other side.

Zaeem said,“What happened Aneesha? Don’t cry it’s not good for the baby.”

Zohaan held my hand and said,“Ammi Why are you crying? ” I saw tears in his eyes.

I looked at Zaeem and he said,“I have not told anything to him. I want you to tell him about this.”

I hugged Zohaan from side and said,“I am not going anywhere Zohaan. Mom is going to stay with you always. My baby I will not leave you ever again.”

He moved back. His face lit up and he said,“Really mom. you are going to with us. Promise.”

He extended his hand and I placed mine on his and nodded. I said,“Promise.”

He smiled and hugged me. He said,“Thank you mom.I love you.”

I said,“I love you too my son.”

Zaeem said,“This calls for celebration. Let’s go out for dinner.”

I said,“NO.”

Both of them looked at me and I said,“I mean I am not feeling well so let’s have food here.”

Zaeem said,“Why? What happened? Should I call doctor? ”

I shook my head in no and said,“I am just feeling tired. ”

Zaeem said,“You rest in room. I will just make dinner. Zohaan help papa.”

Zohaan stood up excitedly and said,“Okay”

I said,“I want to stay here. please..”

He sighed and said,“okay. you stubborn girl. Do as you wish.”

Zaeem is cooking food and Zohaan is sitting on counter. He was just passing Zaeem whatever he want.

it made me reminisce the time When me and Zohaan cooked the cake. It brought smile on my face.

Zaeem said,“Why are you smiling? Thinking about me”

I looked at him and said,“No about my son.”

He smiled and said,“okay. Dinner is ready. come let’s have it.”

I nodded and he took me to the dining table. We had dinner and then Zohaan said that he want to sleep with both of us.

I was hesitant but Zaeem agreed to it. He said,“He will be in the middle so Don’t worry.”

We went to the bedroom and I lied on the left and Zaeem on the right. Zohaan in the middle. I saw genuine smile on Zohaan’s smile. He is happy and I want this smile to stay on his face always.

I looked at my side Zaeem and Zohaan are in deep sleep but I can’t sleep. I am confused, worried and stressed. What my life has become ? I feel like I am standing at cross roads and have no idea what I should do? What to choose? If I go back to Zaeem then I will place his life in danger. If not then my baby will not have a proper family.

I can’t leave in peace thinking I spoiled Zaiba’s life Whatever might be the reason she is married to Zaeem and I am pregnant with his child even though he is my husband as well but he don’t love me. He want me because of baby. My situation is just like Zaiba. He was with her for baby and now with me. How could I let this happen? He cheated on me then how can I let him touch me? upon that I am pregnant. I don’t want to be reason for their divorce but When I look at Zohaan my heart becomes greedy and want to be with Zaeem just so that I can stay with Zohaan.

I don’t know what to say about Zaeem. I can’t forgive him so easily. He hurt me alot. Today I am in this situation just because of him. He cheated on me then he married Zaiba not even waiting for a month. Now as well he wants to be with me because of this baby. I can’t forgive him nor i can forget what he did to me but for Zohaan and this baby I need him in my life. I can’t deprive them from having their father’s love, Please Allah Miyan please show me a way What should I do?

I was sitting in balcony looking at the moon and feeling the fresh air n my skin. it felt good but not peaceful. I felt a presence beside me. I know who it is Zaeem.

He said,“What are you doing here at this time? Are you not feeling well?”

I said,“I am not sleepy. I was just thinking what my life has come to”
I sat beside me on chair and got hold my hand. He said,“okay. What are you thinking?”

I said,“I am thinking what is right to do at this time”

He said,“Don’t think too much and take stress. I think we are married so if we get together every problem will be solved.”

I said,“May be but morally it’s not correct. I can’t spoil Zaiba’s life.”

He said,“you care for her who spoiled our life”

I said,” Don’t blame all the fault on her Zaeem. We gave her chance to create differences between us. We didn’t trust each other. We failed as husband and wife. you choose her above me and Zohaan. I chose myself over Zohaan. We both are at fault as well. I don’t know if we should commit the same mistake again. we don’t have understanding and trust between us which are important factors to make a marraige work. I think we will regret giving another chance to each other.”

He said,“We have learnt from our mistakes. I promise you I will trust you. Even if I have insecurities I will come to you. I will tell you everything. I will not repeat my mistakes. This will be a new start. Don’t take decision based on our past. We both have changed in time.”

I said,” What about Zaiba? She is your wife”

He said,“I will divorce her”

I said,“It’s not so easy Zaeem.”

He said,“Why not?”

I said,“I want you to divorce her with her consent.”

He said,“She will never agree”

I said,“I know”

Zaeem went silent for a moment and then said,“Then what you want me to do? you don’t want to share me. you don’t want me to divorce Zaiba. How we will stay together? Are you planning to leave this house? I will not allow that”

I said,“I am not planning on leaving you. This baby needs you and Zohaan needs me. I promised him that I will stay with him”

He said,” Do you regret having this baby?

I said,“I regret the way this baby is conceived. Don’t you?”

He said,“This baby is a blessing to me and I love this baby no matter how it got conceived. I don’t regret a single thing”

He will not understand What I am going through.

He said,” Zaiba will never leave me.”

I said,“let’s first talk with her”

He said,“As you wish but let me tell you one thing she will never agree on any of our suggestion she will do what is favourable to her which will keep us in a tight spot. She is very smart Aneesha”

before I can say he interuppted me saying,” let’s sleep. it’s not good for the baby to be awake till late night. I will arrange meeting with her as soon as possible”

I said,“Why she is not staying with you?”

He said,“because the reason why we got married is no more so there is no reason for us to stay together. My baby didn’t make into this world”
I never knew about this. I thought he has a child with Zaiba. What happened to the baby?

before I can ask anything he left the room. I went to bed to sleep.

We moved to Zaeem’s parents house on weekend. Mom and Dad are very happy while they got the news of the baby. I am staying with Zohaan in his room and Zaeem stays in his room but stays with Zohaan until Zohaan fell asleep.

Tomorrow We are talking with Zaiba. I am little worried what she will say? I am not angry with her anymore now that I know the reason but I don’t want her to spoil her life because of this revenge.

We all are sitting in hall. Mom,dad are sitting on sofa. I sat beside mom. Zaeem on the chair near to me and Zaiba opposite to him.We told her about everything , I am being pregnant. Zaeem told her that he wants divorce.

She said,” I will not divorce you. I am okay with being her sister wife.”

Zaeem said,“I knew it. You will agree to give me divorce. I told you she will never agree.”

I said.“what do you want in return of divorcing him?”

She said,” let me think..I want Zaeem to treat me as his wife and give me complete rights on him. I will give him divorce when I feel like I have enough love from him to live my rest of life.”

Zaeem stood up from his place and said.“never”

Zaiba said,“My second condition is that I am going to stay with him after you both get together and he should treat us equally.”

Zaeem said,“No no no never. I will never agree to this conditions. Let’s get divorced. I will give what ever amount of money you want but let’s end our marraige.”

She said,“I don’t want money Zaeem. Those are my conditions if you agree with me give me a call. For now I am leaving”

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