Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Four – Pregnant

Aneesha’s pov:

Next day when I woke up Zaeem was still asleep. I kissed his forehead. He is so cute while sleeping. I love him. My husband. Yesterday night was the best night of my life. He must be tired he was awake till late as he was not comfortable in this place and there was no electricity. He has not seen me yet and I don’t want him to see me like this so I quickly had bath and got ready.

I will get breakfast for us. I went down to ask about it but they said they don’t have arrangement for food. We have to get it from outside. I looked outside the entrance and I found a small dhaba kind of place. I think that will do for today. I quickly walked towards it but for my bad luck I found the same guys who tried to molest me. They were coming towards me so I quickly tried to run back to the hotel but They were faster than me. I had no choice but to take the opposite direction. I ran and ran but still they are following me. I don’t know from where but suddenly a car came infront of me and everything went black. The only person that came to my mind is Zaeem.

When I woke up I was in hospital surrounded by Mom, dad, Afnaan and Zaiba but there was not the person my eyes are looking for.

Dad called for doctor and he checked me and said,“She is fine now. you can take her”

I don’t have any major injuries but due to shock I passed out. that is what doctor said.

I have to find husband. Where is he? My parents are not allowing me to go out. What should I do? I had no choice but to slowly sneak out. I went to the hotel we stayed but he already left from there. I gave them my address incase Zaeem comes there looking for me.

I don’t know where to look for him.I don’t know his address. I don’t have his phone number. I just know that his name is Zaeem. Time passed and it’s been more than two weeks but still no sign of Zaeem or any clue where to find him.

My health is also not good. I feel nauseous all the time and dizzy spells. I don’t feel like eating anything and I fainted after breakfast today. My mom called doctor and after checking me she said,“There is nothing to worry. it’s common in such condition. I will give her vitamin tablets. She will feel better.” I was confused what condition?

Before I can voice out my concern. My mom beat me to it. She said,“What condition? What happened to my daughter?”

Doctor said,“She is pregnant. You are not aware of it then we need to do few more checks to get to know how long she is”

My mom didn’t say anything just nodded her head and went outside to drop the doctor till door. No one is at home. Zaiba and Afnaan went to college. Dad is in office.

I am pregnant. I have baby inside me. My and Zaeem’s baby. I am so happy. Ya Allah Thank you so much. I can’t believe I am having a baby. I wish Zaeem was here to share this happiness. Where are you Zaeem? I miss you and I love you. You don’t worry I will take good care of our baby until I find you then we both will take care of him.

I was in my thoughts when mom came inside my room and she is very angry.

She said,“You guys should have been careful. What is this Aneesha? you are just 18 and you are pregnant. This is the height of being careless. I will talk to Afnaan. We have to get both of you married as soon as possible before this news goes out.”

I said,“Marraige with Afnaan? why?”

She said,“because he is the father of the baby and the baby needs both of his parents in his life but this is not the time or age for the baby but What to do? it’s already done. I don’t know how your father will take this news. I hope he don’t kill Afnaan for making you pregnant.”

I said,“Afnaan is not the father”

My mom was shocked and said,“What the hell are you saying? Ya Allah What is wrong with this girl? Who is it? How? When? ”

I told her everything and I received a tight slap in return.

She said,“Have you lost your mind? Marrying a stranger and getting pregnant with his child.”

just then My father entered and said,“Why you called me home urgently? What happened? Are you fine beta?”

He walked towards me and Mom said,“Your daughter have gone crazy. She got pregnant with a stranger”

My father was shocked and said,“What the hell are you saying? My daughter will never do that.” then he looked at me and said,“What is the truth? Who is the father?”

I told him everything and tears started flowing from my eyes but surprisingly he hugged me and said,“Don’t worry I will find him.”

I said,“Thank you papa. I love him please find him.”

My mom said,“Aaqib you too lost your mind. She is stupid but please you think practically. That guy used our daughter and left. He is never coming back. I think we should abort this baby.”

I said,“No..Never..I will not abort my baby” wrapping my arms around my stomach.

Dad said,“Let’s wait for sometime.”

One month later...

There is still no news of Zaeem and I am getting scared of Mom. She is hell bent on aborting my child. she locked me in my room. No one is allowed to see me except her. I am going crazy and I miss Zaeem a lot but My baby is my strength. It gives me hope for the better future. It gives me peace and happiness. My Zaeem’s precious gift..Our baby.

I was sleeping when mom stormed inside my room and dragged me with her to the garage then she took me to the hospital. I was panicking now. Why she brought me here? My baby.

She took me to the doctor and asked her to do the abortion. I was crying and begging her not to do it. I tried my best to fight them but they gave me injection and I lost consicious.

When I woke up I quickly looked around. I touched my stomach and tears started flowing from my eyes. My baby is no more. can’t happen.

Just then Doctor came inside and I glared at her. I said,“I will not leave you easily for kiling my child. I will make sure your licence is cancelled. No matter how many years it take me. I will get my revenge on you for killing my child..”

She smiled and said,“Your baby is safe. you are still carrying the baby.”

I looked at her and said,“But..How..I.
Thank you.”

She said,“You have complications and it dangerous to abort the baby. it’s risky and can cause serious damage to your health so your mom dropped the idea.”

Thank you Allah..Thanks a lot.

I kissed my hand and placed it on my stomach..I love you and your dad..

Mom stopped talking to me and now I am not locked in my room anymore. Afnaan is avoiding me. Dad and Zaiba are the only ones who talk to me. Zaiba is staying with me in my room incase if I need anything.

We both are laying on the bed when she said,“Who is the father of the baby? Do I know him?”

I turned to her and said,“yes you know him. Do you remember the guy we met in the club? He is the one. Zaeem.”

She was shocked and I also saw a bit of jealousy on her face but may be I have mistaken.

She said,“But how? He was so rude.”

I told her everything and she was shocked is an understatement.

She said,“You married him. Did Uncle and Aunty know about this?”

I said,“yes..but they are not ready to accept this marraige. Mom told me that we can’t think of it as marriage as it is not done as per the rituals and there is no proof.”

She said,“Aunty is right just forget about him. May be He is not meant for you. you should marry someone who can treasure you not someone who leaves you..”

I said,“He didn’t leave me. It is just the situation. It’s not his fault. He will find me one day. We will meet again. I am sure about it.”

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