Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty – Accepted

Aneesha’s pov:

I was shocked by her conditions. What does she mean by give her right on Zaeem. They are married for two years. I don’t understand anything. What is happening in my life?

I was in balcony when Zaeem came and stood beside me.

He said,“What are you doing standing her? You should take care of yourself. It’s not good for the baby.”

I said,“I am fine. Please I want to be alone for a while.”

He said,“Aneesha, please sit with me. I want to talk to you”

I said,“Please I am not interested. I want to be alone.”

He said,“Aneesha Please..”

I sighed and went with him inside. He is calling me Stubborn but he is the one who is stubborn.

We came to his room. He made me sit on bed and then sat beside me.

He said,“Aneesha..I-I was thinking to divorce Zaiba without her consent. The condition she placed I can’t fulfill them.”

I said,“What is wrong with her conditions? She is your wife. It’s her right. I don’t understand why she needs to do this. You should have given her rights before she asked.”

He stared at me in shock.

He said,“What are you saying Aneesha? How can I give her your place?”

I laughed and said,“You already gave her my place when you married her.”

He said,“It’s only in name. I married to her for the baby. Only for the baby. I don’t love her. You are the only one in my heart.”

I said,“lies..Marraige is a joke for you. Married just for the baby. How that baby came in her womb? by miracle? You cheated on me, you gave her my right then you gave her my place in your home. Finally in your life by marrying her. I can’t forgive you Zaeem. I loved you more than anything in this world. You were my dream, my goal was your happiness. My every thought was about you. I love you crazily..I fell so deep in your love I forgot the difference between right and wrong. The way I started was wrong. When the base of relation is wrong how will it stay. That’s why we broke apart. This time I don’t want to repeat my mistake. I don’t want to build my marraige on someone else heart break like last time.”

He rubbed his forehead and said,“What are you saying? I am not understanding a single thing. We started our relation with marraige what is so wrong in it? What ever might have happened in past. Allah has given us second chance in the form of this baby. Don’t you think about Zohaan and this baby? They need both of us. For your Stubborness, you will let our children live away from his father.”

I said,“I know you can’t understand me. We never did. I am not only blaming you. It’s my fault as well. In two years I changed a lot Zaeem. I am not the same Aneesha whose world only revolved around you. After losing you I understand that you are my partner in life not owner. I should live for myself as well not only for you. I will stay with you in this house for my children but I will not let you divorce Zaiba without her consent. It is so unfair. When you got married both of you gave your consent then while divorcing how can you take the decision alone?”

He said,“We married for the baby. Now it’s no more. We don’t love each other. She hates us that’s why she is not divorcing me. Her intentions are wrong.”

I said,“Fulfill her conditions. She is ready to give you divorce. Whatever might be the reason for marriage you should never break it without giving a try.”

He glared at me and said,“Have you lost your mind? You were saying right. You have changed a lot. My Aneesha will never force me to accept other women as my wife.”

I said,“I told you. I am not same Aneesha. I can never be like that again. That naive Aneesha is gone who forgave you for cheating. Who believed your every word. Who lived for your happiness. This Aneesha is selfish, stubborn and don’t trust anyone not even you. Now you are saying you married Zaiba for baby. You might say that for me in future that you got together with me for baby. You should learn that whatever might be the you take a decision you should stick to it till last no matter what.”

He said,“Aneesha, you being stupid now. You know we didn’t marry for child. We got married because we loved each other. How can you doubt that I will leave you? I want to get together with you not only for the baby but also because I love you. Even though You left me and Zohaan for Samar, even though you spent two years with him. My love didn’t lessen for you. I am ready to accept you. What more do you need to trust me.”

I said,“You last few words opened my eyes. You don’t know me at all Zaeem. Even after what I went through for you you still think I left you for Samar. From start I was only one who was holding on to this relation. You never did anything for our relation. You always misunderstood me. When I let go our marriage hit the rock bottom.”

He said,“You can’t say that I didn’t do anything. I tried as hard as you to save our relation.”

I said,“How? By portraying to world as Player? For accusing me and misunderstanding my intention to marry Afnaan? By doubting me for having affair with Samar? By sleeping with Zaiba? By bringing her to our home and neglecting me? By marrying her instead of trying to persue me to come back? By doing what you tried to save our relation. Anyway there is no use of pondering over past. I am with you for my children not because I love you. If you want to divorce Zaiba then agree to her conditions. If you divorce her without her consent then I will also divorce you..”

He said,“Why wait till then? If you have so many issues with me then why not divorce me now? The things you said above that I did. I did them because I love you. I love so much that I am scared to lose you..I only pretended to be player but never was a player because I loved you. I lost my mind when I was brink of losing you when you agreed to marry Afnaan because I love you madly and don’t want to lose you. I might have thought that you like Samar because I was insecure and afraid to lose you. I told you it was a mistake sleeping with Zaiba. I don’t remember anything. I agree I made a mistake but it was nit intentional. I was not in my senses she taken advantage of me. I was staying with her taking care of the baby to be with you. I did everything she said to come back to you. When you refused to come back I was hurt..I know it was my mistake that I didn’t come for you again but you didn’t come to me as well. I married her for baby I had no choice. I might not be perfect but you can’t deny my love. I have loved you with my whole heart.If I can prove my love only by accepting Zaiba’s condition then fine I will accept it. I can do anything for you. You want me to accept Zaiba. Fine I will do it”

This is what I wanted. This is the right thing to do but why my heart feels like it crushed into pieces.

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