Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Two – Liar

Aneesha’s pov:

I was in my thoughts when Zaeem came inside my room.

He said,“I hope your mood lifted up now so Please eat properly. I saw that you didn’t eat breakfast much.”

I said,“I am not hungry.”

He said,“I have made your favourite Pasta. Please..have it. It’s not good for your health if you don’t eat properly.”

He extended the spoon towards me and I had the first bite. It was so tasty that I took plate from his hands abd start eating quickly. He smiled looking at me.

He said,“Eat slowly otherwise you will suffer from indigestion.”

I didn’t pay much heed to his advice because I was very hungry and this Pasta is too delicious.

After I finished food he took the plate and said,“Now rest for a while before Zohaan comes back from school.”

I lied on bed and he covered me with duvet then kissed my forehead. I felt a strange tingle in my stomach. It’s been more than two years since we got intimate. We might have got intimate on the Island but I don’t remember anything. Everything is blurr..I was not in my senses.

I heard him say,“I think I told you to sleep without thinking.”

I stop thinking and after few minutes I fell asleep.

I woke up with the help of Alarm by the time Zohaan comes home. I got freshened up and came down. In few minutes Zohaan came back from school. I made him snacks which he was telling me his school stories. After that we had snacks with Zaeem, mom and Dad.

I helped Zohaan in homework then he watched Tv for a while while I helped mom in cooking dinner. I love cooking with Mom. She is expert in cooking. I get to learn lot of things from her. Anyway I am not a bad cook but not as good as her.

After we had dinner everyone left to their rooms. Me and Zohaan were preparing for bed when Zaeem entered our room.

He said,“Aneesha, I- I ”

Just then the door bell rang. I was about to go to check but he stopped me and said,“Maid will open the door. You don’t bother about all this things. I want to talk to you in private. Please come with me.”

We went to his room. It really brought so many good and bad memories. All the time I spent with Zaeem. All the time I spent waiting for him.

He said,“Sit on the bed..”

I sat on the bed. He sat beside me and got hold of my hand.

He said,“Aneesha..I know that we can’t gain trust of each other in few days. It will take time and it need effort from both of us. I know and I understand that you are very hurt by whatever happened on past. I will wait for your love and trust how long it may take. I just want from you that please give our relation a try. I know it will be hard for you to believe me but Aneesha for our better future we have give our best to save this relation. I am not asking you accept me immediately as your husband but please start taking slow steps like spending time with me, sharing your thoughts with me..small steps one at a time. will you try this with me?”

He looked at me with hopeful eyes and I nodded my head.

He smiled and his eyes got little moist..

He kissed my hand and said,“Thank you..Thank you..You have no idea how happy I am with your reply.”

He hugged me and said,“I love you Aneesha..I love you so much.”

Just then we heard someone clear their throat. We both turned towards the voice. I was surprised to see Zaiba standing there glaring at me.

She ignored me and walked towards Zaeem.

He hugged him and said,“I am so happy to see you. Did you miss me baby?”

Zaeem was constantly looking at me but he didn’t move or stop her.

She kissed his cheek and said,“I knew that you will accept my conditions.”

Then she looked at me and said,“I know we are all open minded people but I don’t think we are yet at the stage to make love infront of third person so will you excuse us. We have things to do.”

My heart dropped in my heart when I understood what she meant. Why I am feeling like this? This is what I wanted, right? Now Why am I feeling like someone is killing me slowly second by second.

I walked out of the room. She closed the door on my face. I heard the door getting locked and my heart broke and tears started flowing my eyes.

So many old memories came to my mind. The time when Zaeem was staying with Zaiba. I felt the same feeling like feeling right now..worried, nervous, restless. What might be going on behind the doors? I was not able to sleep a wink at night. I used to keep coming to the closed door and waited till morning to open..but this didn’t go on for long because Zaina prohibited me from coming close to her room.

In this two years..every day..every night I use to think what he must be doing right now..It was hard to imagine him kissing, hugging, praising, loving her. It was hell and I went through it everyday. Nothing changed with time. Now as well I am feeling the same thing..I asked for this but I am the one who is suffering because of this. Everyone is telling me that I made wrong decision. If you ask me then I am not happy with decision.

I did this because I wanted Zaeem to stop this. For him to make me believe that he don’t want Zaiba in any circumstances no matters what. I am going to test him again and again and again until my heart finds peace or he is completely proven guilty. Guilty of lying to me and being with me only for baby even though he want to be with Zaiba. Only time will tell who will win. It’s not going to be easy. If Zaeem spends night with her then it’s the end of our relation. I will divorce him. This time we will have joint custody of kids.

I was in my thoughts when I heard Zohaan’s voice.

He said,“Mumma what are you doing here? Why are you crying? Did papa say something to you?”

I said,“No Sweety. I am fine. I was just getting water. I was thirsty. I am not crying. It just something fell in my eyes. Now I am fine. Let’s go and sleep. I am very tired.”

He looked suspiciously at me but didn’t say anything. We went inside our room.

I took him in my arms. My baby..

He must be tired because in seconds he was asleep but sleep was too far away from my eyes..

I just can’t stop my self from thinking about past..the one time I got to know about Zaiba and Zaeem..slowly how he ignored me for her. Their affections..staying all the time together..That fateful night..when I saw him with Zaiba in the act..

Each second was like a hour..Finally it’s morning.

I woke Zohaan up and got him ready for school. I served him breakfast and then took morning coffee for both of them to Zaeem’s room.

I slowly knocked on the door and Zaiba opened the door. She was dressed in only Zaeem’s shirt. Her hair are wet like she just took a bath. The bed was in havoc like some had crazy love making there. Zaeem’s and her clothes are scattered everywhere..

It would not take a genius to understand what happened here..

I controlled my tears and said,“I brought coffee for both of you. Where should I place it?”

She pointed towards the bedside table..I placed the tray there. I hear shower running in the washroom. Zaeem must be having a bath.

I immediately left from there..

Lies...His every word is a lie..what he said..he only loves me..Is this his love? Jumping into bed with her at the first opportunity he got. I knew it he is with me just for the baby. I will leave him. I will divorce him and end this pain forever.

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