Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Four – Trust

\Aneesha’s pov:

I was shocked by what Samar said.

I said,“What do you mean by he never betrayed me?”

He said,“Aneesha, I really want you to be open minded. Listen till last then react.”

She said,“You are scaring me now. What is it? I promise I will listen till last. Please tell me what you mean by he didn’t betray me ever.”

He said,“Zaiba was not pregnant with Zaeem’s child. She was pregnant with mine.”

I was shocked was under statement.

I said,“But how? Zaiba and you..”

He said,“She is Pari’s mother. She was the girlfriend who betrayed me and left me for another man .”

I almost cried at his statement. All we went through because of her was all based on lie.

I said,“Why didn’t you tell me this before?”

He said,“I never met Zaiba..I mean the girl with whom Zaeem cheated on you. I saw her on the day when Zaeem invited us to his home for lunch. ”

I said,“How are you so sure that she is Pari’s mother?”

He sighed and said,“I have not been with anyone except her. She is the only one. There is no way that someone else can be Pari’s mother.”

We heard a gasp from Sabah. We looked at her. She immediately took Pari with her and said,“We will go to the room. It’s Pari’s nap time.”

Shut she got hurt. I looked at Samar.

He said,“Don’t look at me look that. I will talk with her later. Right now this is important. We broke apart because she needed my help to take down someone but I refused to help her. After sometime she told me she found her soulmate who will be with her in thick and thin and we never met again.”

I said,“So it means she found someone to help her.”

He nodded.

I said,“How it proves that Zaeem doesn’t cheat on me. He believed that she can be pregnant with his child so they must have been intimate even though she is not pregnant with Zaeem’s child.”

He said,“Aneesha..You are really got blinded by your hurt and pain. You only told me that Zaeem don’t remember anything. He agreed to have been to that hotel and he got drunk but he can’t recall being with Zaiba at all. He told you that he saw intimate pictures of him with her and DNA Report. DNA report is fake because Pari is my child. May be the pictures are also fake. I got this doubt so I checked hotel CCTV footage. She met him that’s for sure but I didn’t see Zaeem going out with her or going to the hotel room in the same hotel. Je was in the bar all the time then he came out and entered his car. I tslked with your driver. He told me that he dropped Zaeem directly at home from the hotel no other stops. It clearly shows that he didn’t cheat on you. ”

I was shocked..Ya Allah what I did? I spoiled my house with my own hands but what I saw during those six months when Zaiba was pregnant. One the day when I left him I saw him being intimate with Her. No..I didn’t see his face. I just saw his back and for sure they were having sex. I assumed him to be Zaeem. May be he was not Zaeem then who?

Only one person can answer all my questions. Zaeem..I have to talk with him.

I said,“Thank you Samar. Thanks a lot. You have no idea what you have done for me. Thank you so much..I have to go somewhere now. I will see you soon.”

I quickly went to Sabah. She is Zaeem’s secretary. She must be knowing where is Zaeem right now.

She said,“Zaeem sir don’t have any business trip aligned. He didn’t come to office since a week. ”

I said,“Are you sure?”

She said,“I always go with him on business trips.”

Where can he be? Did he go to Zaiba as I thought? No No No Aneesha don’t go there. Don’t let Jealousy overtake your mind. Think clearly.. Where he can be?

After few minutes I knew where he can be.. I quickly took cab to his place.

It’s Zaeem’s house..the one bed room flat where he use to stay when we were separated. It has so many memories of us. We both spent a night together there after we met for the second time. I confess my feelings to him there. He always went there when he wants to be alone. I am sure he will be there. I know the lock so it easily entered the house.

But he was nowhere. Where is he? I can say that he was here by the state of the kitchen. His room washroom also wet. May be he has gone out. I will wait for him here. I laid on bed waiting for him. Slowly drifed to sleep. Due to my pregnancy I am always sleepy.

When I woke up. It was night but still no sign of him anywhere. Where the hell is he?

I called him but his phone is switched off. I will go home. May be he went back home.

I was about to go when I saw that His slippers are placed near the wall. It was strange. Why will anyone leave slipper at wall like do at door.

I walked closer to the wall. There is rack filled with books on the side of wall. I walked towards the rack. There are so many books here but one book got my attention.

It had no name on it. Just plain book with black color. I thought it might be a dairy or Journal. I tried to take the book from rag when something strange happened. The rack moved aside and I can see there was a door. I opened the door and went inside.

I was shocked and overwhelmed by what I saw inside. There is a big room with walls full of my pictures, Zaeem’s and mine, some along with Zohaan. Even the celing had a big picture of me, Zaeem and Zohaan. There is a bed in the middle of the room.

Zaeem was lying on it. I walked closer to him and I saw he is sleeping holding my picture. Tears well in my eyes. I just can’t Stop myself. He loves me so much. He doubted his love. I didn’t trust him. I didn’t trust on my love. I am Sorry Zaeem. I am really sorry for hurting you. Please forgive me. I am sorry. A sob left from my mouth.

Zaeem slowly opened his eyes. He smiled looking at me.

He said,“Another hallucinations. When will I stop imagining you everywhere? I love you sweet heart. Come back to me.”

I immediately hugged him and said,“I love you Zaeem. I love you”

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