Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Five – Zaeem’s Thoughts

Zaeem’s pov:

From the day Zaeem got to know about the baby:

I have always loved only one person..Aneesha. I was angry with her for choosing Samar over me and Zohaan but I never stopped loving her. When I got to know she is not with him and she is pregnant with my baby. It gave me hope that I can get back with her but first Zaiba should be out of our life.

I thought of divorcing her no matter what. It was hard to convince Aneesha to stay with me because she is too hurt that I married Zaiba. She agreed for the children and kept me at a arm distance. I know it’s not going to be easy to get my old Aneesha back but I can feel that her love for me has not faded away completely. I can still see love for me in her eyes but she don’t trust me at all now. I have to gain ot back.

When I told Aneesha about divorcing Zaiba her reaction was unexpected. I never thought that she will ask me to divorce Zaiba with her consent. I felt like she lost her mind. In rare case people can seperate with mutual understanding but in most cases it’s always an fight. Divorce and Marriage are different. Who divorces with other partner’s consent? I thought she seriously lost her mind.

Zaiba’s conditions doesn’t even make sense. I want to get seperate from her and she is asking me to accept her as my wife. Ridiculous and Aneesha supporting her is most stupid decision she have ever taken. She is not ready to listen. Thretening to divorce me. She is really stupid. How can she think that I don’t love her? She wanted to prove my love for her in most dumbest way. In anger I agreed but when I thought about this with calm mind. I felt like it’s a trap by Zaiba. She will never let me and Aneesha to unite. I might have fell in her trap last time but this time I am not giving her chance to win.

For now to make Aneesha understand that her decision is stupid I called Zaiba to stay with us but the way she behaved Aneesha I didn’t like. I wanted her to say something but she was silently standing there like Robot then left from the room. I was shocked was understatement. How can she? Thinking of it she always have been like this. She says yes but in her heart she wishes for me to say No and fight like last time when I told her about Zaiba’s condition she was like okay do it. Then she left me giving that as reason. She says something but something else will be going on in her mind. She is more complicated than she appears so I will go with my instincts. Which says This is wrong to spend night with Zaiba even though she is my wife?

Once Aneesha left Zaiba said,“So from where we are going to start”

I said,“Sorry to disappoint you but we are not going to start anything. I have to go out”

She looked pissed and said,“You are backing out on your words. You accepted my conditions. If you do like this then I will not divorce you.”

I said,“Then don’t who is begging you to divorce me. Stay as my name wife forever. I don’t care. It just matter of time until Aneesha comes to her senses.”

She said,“You are doing wrong Zaeem. You don’t know what I can do. You are playing with fire. I will tell Aneesha that you refused to sleep with me.”

I laughed at this and said,“Yes, Go and say that to her. May be then she will believe me that I am not interested in you. You can’t blackmail me now Zaiba. Last time my hands were tied. I didn’t want to punish a innocent life when was not even came into this world. I bent infront of you for that baby otherwise no one has power to blackmail me. This time you are standing between me and My baby who is growing in Aneesha’s stomach. Due to think that I will let you be. I can sacrifice my love for a baby who is not outcome of love then You can’t imagine what I can do for the child who is symbol of my true love, my hope for the future with my Aneesha. This time you will not win. I will make sure of it. ”

I left after saying this. I stayed whole night in my bachelor pad. Next day when I came home Aneesha and Zohaan were not at time. She went to drop him at school.

Once Aneesha was back from school. I tried to talk with her but she was in different tangent. I don’t understand why she is fickle minded. Does pregnancy make you like that? She forced me to go to Zaiba then she didn’t do anything to stop us and now she is blaming me like I was dying to be with Zaiba. I seriously can’t handle her taunts anymore. She is not understanding anything. She is so confused as to what she wants who can help me to sort her thoughts. Only person that came to my mind is Samar.

I went to meet him and he told me something which shook me to the core. Zaiba was never pregnant with my child. It’s like cold bucket of water splashed repeatedly on me. I lost almost three years of my life with Aneesha over nothing.

Me and Samar both started investigating the facts what actually happened on that day but still we are not sure who helped Zaiba in all her plans. What they want from us? There is lot to find out. I told Samar not to tell anything to Aneesha until we find out everything. I don’t want her to stress. As far as I know her she will insist to help us. I don’t want to risk her safety. We don’t know who is helping her. Is it one person or many. How dangerous they are..we know nothing. Involving Aneesha in all this when she is pregnant wil be stupidity. I can’t let anything happen to her or baby.

I am missing her a lot. I want to go home but there I have to face Zaiba. I am keeping tracks on Aneesha with help of Mom and I am keeping tracks on Zaiba with the help of Dad.

I will find out truth soon then everything will be fine between me and Aneesha. I was sleeping in my private secret chamber when I heard some sound. When I opened my eyes I saw Aneesha’s face like I mostly imagine every time I wake up from sleep.

I said,“Another hallucinations. When will I stop imagining you everywhere? I love you sweet heart. Come back to me.”

She immediately hugged me and said,“I love you Zaeem. I love you”

Is she real? How she got here?

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