Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Six- Togetherness

Zaeem's pov:

I said,"What are you doing here?"

She kept saying 'I am sorry'.

I embraced her closer to me. I can't tell you how happy and peaceful I am feeling right now having her in my arms with her consent.

I said,"No need to say Sorry Aneesha. I am also at Fault. I didn't trust you either."

She said,"We lost two years..Zaeem. We might not have got together if not for this baby. "

I said,"But we are together now and we love each other. We should learn from our mistakes Aneesha. We can't change our past or what happened in it but we can change our present and future. We should be honest with each other and trust ourselves and each other."

She nodded.

I lied her beside me and placed hand on her stomach.

I said,"You have no idea how excited I am for this baby. I was not there with you when Zohaan was born but this time I will be with you in every step. What do you think is it a girl or boy?"

She smiled and said,"I don't know. I will be happy with any. What do you want?"

I said,"I want a girl who looks just like you. Zohaan is replica of me and he usually acts like me as well. Short tempered and introvert. I want our princess to be like you. Friendly, forgiving and innocent."

She smirked and said,"Like mean she should get married in secret like me."

He sighed and said,"Do you regret marrying me?"

She said,"You wanted me to be honest. So I will tell you honestly. I know this us gonna hurt you but I don't want to lie to you. When I was taking care of Pari. Many times I thought of my parents. What I will feel if Pari behave like how I behaved with my parents. Marrying stranger and getting pregnant with him at early age of eighteen. Refusing move on and not able to find him. I can't imagine how much pain I inflected on them. "

I said,"I am Sorry."

She shook her head and said,"Don't say sorry Zaeem. Please don't. It's not your fault. You were vulnerable emotionally. You were about to get married that day and your bride ran away. You were hurt and were low on your self esteem. I feel like I took advantage of your state. I was so naive. I always dreamt of prince charming and I read do many romantic novels and watched romantic movies. I became hopless romantic. I wished to have a unique and exceptional love story like the one in the movies and stories. What I did was so stupid. I put both our lives in jeopardy. I was very lucky you were decent and nice person and took our relationship seriously. I wondered what if you were some Pyschopath or sadist. What if you were a bad person what would have become of my life? I think whatever happened between us somewhere I was the reason for it. We didn't knew anything about each other but we were bound together. That's why we were insecure about each other feelings and suffered because of that. I spoiled both our lives and of Zohaan as well. I am sorry Zaeem. Please forgive me."

I cupped her face and wiped her tears. I said,"Don't say like that. I don't regret anything that happened between us except for not trusting you. Whatever might be the reason Aneesha I am happy thar you chose me. We are husband and wife. We have a child and one is on the way. My family. I don't want to change anything. I want to grow old with you raising our children. I love you Aneesha with my whole heart and soul. You are my life."

She said,"I love you too. My world starts and ends with you."

I said," I am sorry about your parents. I didn't knew Zaiba will go to that extent."

She looked shocked. Oh shut she didn't know about this.

She looked panicked and said,"My parents what happened to him? I tried to contact them but there numbers were switched off. I went to visit them but I got to know they shifted. Samar was helping me to look for them."

I said,"They are in coma Aneesha. They got into an accident one month ago when you came back. As per police records it was intentional. Someone tried to kill them. "

She said,"Which hospital? Why I don't know about this? How do you know all this? I want to meet them now."

I said,"Calm down. We will go and meet them. I know about this because Doctors called me when your parents got into accident. You know right how much your dad loved me. He always treated me like his son. We were partners as well in business. Your mom didn't like me but your dad was always there for me when my parents abandoned me. We will talk about you for hours. He always told me that you will come back. You just need time to calm down. He wanted to help you but your mom bound him with promise that if he ever contacted you then she will kill herself. Your mom is one of a kind. She had so much anger inside but when she was brought to the hospital she wanted to see you. She was asking for you but then she slip into coma. They both are in coma and no one knows when they will be wake up."

She said,"I am such a bad daughter. I want to see them Zaeem. Please take me to them."

I said,"I will take you but stop crying first. It's not good for our baby. Please sweet heart your parents will not like if you cry like this."

She tried to control her tears. I took her to the hospital. I was shocked to see Zaiba there.

We quickly hid behind the door.

She was saying,"How are you Aunty? I know you are angry with me. I hurt you. If children can get punished fir parents mistake then why can't parents get punished for children mistake. Your daughter took life of my only family. My brother who was my life, my only support. I took all the things she love who are her support. Her parents, her husband, her son. I wished to take away her friend as well. Samar..but he is strong. Don't worry I will do it soon. I will make her so alone that she will not have anyone to lean on. She will wish to die. I will give her so much pain that she will suffer 10 times more than my brother. She will never be happy I will make sure of it. I so want to kill you but You took care of me and my brother so I am not able to kill you. I thought after Afnaan death you will support but when she returned you want to get back with her. How could you do this to me and Afnaan? She will not feel her parents love, affection and care ever again. I will not allow this. I can't let you wake up. Sorry, but to achieve my goal you have to be in coma only. She injected something in both of their saline bottle and left from there."

Once she left we quickly removed their bottles. Then with the help of My people I made arrangements for them to be shifted from hospital.

With high security I took them to my farm house. No one can harm them. I never thought that Zaiba will harm Aneesha's parents.

She is gone crazy in her revenge. I have find out soon who is helping her..before she harm anyone.

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