Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Seven - Plan

Aneesha's pov:

I can't believe the girl who grow up with me will hate me so much that she can go to the extent of harming my parents. She is hell bent on hurting me and the one around me. I don't know to what extent she can go for her revenge. I will go away. May be then she will stop hurting the people I love. I can't believe what she did to my parents. What if she harm Zaeem or Zohaan? I can't let that happen. I touched my stomach. She might try to harm our baby as well. She is lost her senses completely. She can do anything.

I looked at Zaeem who is sleeping so peacefully. I moved closer to him. I don't want to go. We got together after so long. I want to stay with him like this. I want sleep in his arms and wake up to his smiling face. I want to see Zohaan grow up. I want to learn a lot about household from Mom. I want to tease Zaeem with the help of Dad. I want to live my life with them. Is it possible? I don't know what to do? I promised Zohaan that I will never leave him but can I keep my promise? Zohaan is with Mom and dad. I can't live him alone. He is safe. I wanted him to sleep between us but Zaeem told me that it will be congested and he might harm the baby in sleep. I wanted to argue but the finality in his voice stopped me. He is safe with Mom and dad. I tired to assure myself to ease my heart.

I tired to sleep with difficulty but the dream I saw woke me up in an instant. I saw all my family members in pool of blood. Zohaan, Zaeem, Mom , Dad and Zaiba smirking at me. She had gun in her hand. I jolted up from sleep. Zaeem woke up with me.

He said,"What happened, Aneesha? Why are you so panicked?"

I quickly hugged him and I can't stop my tears. I was shaking like leaf.

He said,"Did you see a bad dream?"

I nodded my head.

He said,"Nothing will happen to you. I am here with you."

He did let me go until I feel asleep.

Zaeem's pov:

I can't see Aneesha like this. Once she fell asleep I called Samar.

I said,"Samar..Sorry to call you late night. Have you found something about the one who is helping Zaiba?"

He said,"I am onto it Zaeem. I got to know from my sources that she is meeting him in two days in restaurant LAmore. I am keeping eye on her. We will know soon."

I said,"We have to end it soon. I can't see Aneesha like this. She is having nightmares. She is too stressed. I am worried her health will be affected by this. She is pregnant as well."

He said,"Don't worry. We are close to truth."

I said,"Sorry once again. I just don't know whom to call. Good night."

He said,"You can call me anytime. Aneesha has done a lot for me. She was there when I needed someone. She was my shoulder to lean on in my tough times. I respect her a lot. I can do anything for her."

I said,"Thank you Samar. Good night."

He said,"Good night."

I can't believe I misunderstood him. He is really nice guy.

I joined Aneesha in bed. I wish I can be with everyday till death do us apart.

Next day when I woke up Aneesha was not with me. I got panicked snd quickly got down. I was surprised to see both Aneesha and Zohaan dressed like they are going out.

Aneesha said,"Zaeem, Get ready quickly. We are going on picnic. "

I said,"Picnic? When did this plan is made?"

She said,"Today morning. Come soon we will leave early so we don't encounter much traffic."

I quickly ready and joined them.

We are in car. I am driving and Aneesha sat with Zohaan in the back. They are having there own little mother son time.

I said,"You guys have forgotten me. I am also here."

Zohaan smiled and said,"Papa but you are driving. Mumma told me not to disturb you while driving."

Aneesha said,"Concentrate on driving Zaeem. We don't want to get into accident."

I said,"As you say Madam."

She just shook her head and continued playing with Zohaan

Why I feel like her smile didn't reach her eyes? She is upset about something.

We reached the picnic spot. It's beautiful place surrounded with trees and mountains.

We placed the blanket on the grass. We took picnic stuff from the car and placed it on blanket.

Zohaan said,"I am not hungry. We are going to play first"

Aneesha said,"As you say Zohaan. Today we will do what ever you like."

We played badminton for a while, throw ball, catches whatever Zohaan requested. We were having fun like family after long time.

Zohaan wanted to do cycling but he don't how to ride the bicycle. We rented the car. Me and Aneesha tried to help him but when he fell down Aneesha got injured her wrist and leg while saving him. So careless of her.

We have decided that rest of the day we will do fun only at one place. We started telling stories to Zohaan one by one. He fell asleep listening to them.

We came back home. I did first aid to Aneesha's hand and leg. She insisted that Zohaan will stay with us tonight.

I saw determination in her eyes so I let her be. I will just watch her carefully. She is really accident prone.

I was on brink of falling asleep when she said,"Zaeem, you know, right? How much I love you?"

I said,"yes."

She said,"You are the only one for me Zaeem. I have not thought of someone else even for a second after I met you. You were, are, will be the only person who will have place in my heart forever. Whether together or not always remember that Aneesha loved you madly, crazily, completely from bottom of her heart. You are my world. Without you and Zohaan I am nothing. I can do anything for both of you."

I found it strange that why she is saying all this.

I said,"Why are you talking like this?

She said,"Nothing. Just felt like confessing. I love you Zaeem. I love you."

I saw tears in her eyes. I quickly went to her side and took her in my arms.

I said,"I love you too sweet heart. I don't want to live a second without you. Everything will be fine. Don't worry. Just trust your Zaeem. I will make everything all right. I will not let anything happen to you or our family. You trust me, right?"

She kept looking in my eyes .

I said,"Do you trust me?"

She said,"I do."

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