Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Eight - Trap

Zaeem's pov:

Next day when I woke up I didn't find Aneesha anywhere. I saw Zohaan was having breakfast.

I said,"Where is your mom?"

He said,"She went out in the early morning. "

I said,"Where?"

He said,"I don't know."

I remembered her late night confession. Is that a good bye? Did she leave me again?

I quickly opened my phone to track her location. It showed that she is at Samar's house. Why she went there so early in the morning? Is she saying bye to them before leaving us?

I messaged Samar that hold Aneesha there till I reach his house. He agreed.

Aneesha was surprised to see me.

She said,"What are you doing here?"

I said,"I can ask you the same. What are you doing here so early in the morning?"

She said,"I wanted to discuss something with Samar."

I said,"What you want to discuss?"

She said,"It's between us friends. You no need to know."

Samar said,"Guys..Take your husband wife to home. You both are spoiling my morning."

We both said,"I am sorry."

We both left from his house after saying bye.

We are on the way to home.

I said,"Aneesha, Are you planning to leave me again?"

She said,"What? Why would I do that?"

I said,"Because I felt so yesterday like you are saying your good bye. "

She got silent.

I said,"Are you going away from me? Aneesha, Please don't go. I love you. I can't live without you."

A tear slip my eyes.

She said,"Stop the car."

I said,"Aneesha Please.."

She said,"Stop the car Zaeem."

I stopped the car. She wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me.

She said,"I am not going anywhere. I will not lie. I thought of going away but yesterday when you asked to trust me. I realized my mistake. I was doing same mistake like before. By not trusting you. By not being honest with you. I am really scared Zaeem. Scared that something will happy to you and Zohaan because of me. Zaiba will harm my family like she did to my parents. I can't let that happen."

I came out of her embrace..

I cupped her face and said,"Nothing will happen. Thank you for trusting me. I will not disappoint you, okay?"

She nodded her head. I kissed her. I got lost in the kiss when we heard horn.

I quickly started my car. She makes me forget everything. My sweet heart.

We got home. Zohaan already went to school. I have to go to office but I am scared that Aneesha will change her mind. She might leave me when I am gone but I forced myself to trust her.

I went to office. Today evening Zaiba is meeting her lover. I was not able to concentrate on work. My mind was occupied with who might that person who is helping Zaiba.

In the evening Samar called me saying he is followed Zaiba. He send me the location.

I quickly reached the place as soon as possible. It's been one hour but no one arrived then Zaiba got a call from someone and she took off from the restaurant.

She went to a hotel and booked the room. What to do now?

Samar talked with the manager as it's branch of their hotel. He arranged for duplicate key.

First Samar disguised himself and went to the room as room service to check the position inside the room.

He placed camera in water jug to record everything and to see what's happening inside.

We took the next room. We noticed that she went into washroom for bath so with the help of duplicate key I went inside the room.

I placed camera at few more places so that it covers the room completely. I was about to come out when Zaiba came out of washroom. I quickly hid below the bed.

It's been more than a hour but no one entered the room.

After few minutes I can see someone entered the room. I can only see his legs. It's a guy and he is wearing suit.

They both hugged each other and starting kissing.

I panicked a little. Don't tell me They are going to have sex now.

I got call from Samar. My phone was on mute so they didn't notice.

I said,"Who is he?"

He said," He has not turned towards camera. He is also wearing hat."

I said,"I feel like they are about have sex. What do you want me to do?"

He said,"Wait..they are-"

Before he can finish Zaiba spotted me.

She said,"Well well well..see whom we got here.come out."

I came out from my hiding place.

She said,"What are you doing here hubby? Are you spying on me?"

I said,"No..I- I just-"

She said,"Anyway thanks for coming. You have reduced our work. "

Before I can say anything. I felt someone place hand kerchief on my face. I lost conscious.

When I woke up I was in a dark room. Only single bulb glowing above me. My hands are tied to chair.

I saw Samar also in same position beside me.

I said,"What happened to us? What are we doing here?"

He said,"We are kidnapped"

I said,"How? You didn't call police"

He said,"Before I can take any action. They got me."

I said,"What do we do now?"

He said,"We have to get out of here."

I said,"I know that but how?"

Just then we heard someone say,"Let me tell you how"

It was Zaiba.

She said,"You can be free by signing these papers."

I said,"What papers?"

She said,"Divorce papers and property papers."

I said,"I am not signing any papers."

She said,"You are..Otherwise your beautiful wife Aneesha will leave this world."

I said,"What do you mean?"

She showed me picture of Aneesha lying unconscious on ground. Her hands and legs are tied.

I got scared and said,"What you did to her?"

She said,"For now nothing but if you don't know what I say. I can do many times to her. For example killing her baby or let my men have fun with her or end her life. If you don't any of this to happen then sign these papers."

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