Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fourty Nine - Rescue

Zaeem's pov:

She said,"For now nothing but if you don't do what I say. I can do many things to her. For example killing her baby or let my men have fun with her or end her life. If you don't want any of this to happen then sign these papers."

I said,"I need time to think."

She said,"Don't act smart Zaeem. Anyway it will be your loss if you delay. Your precious love will suffer more but it's your choice. If you do something stupid then I will end her life without a second thought. I will back in an hour."

Once she left I looked at Samar and said,"You said it's your hotel and you will take care of everything then why are we in this situation?"

He said,"I don't understand why my hotel manager helped Zaiba"

I sighed and said,"What to do now? I don't care about property but I can't divorce Aneesha. You know, right? I can't get back with her once I divorce her."

He said,"I know and you are right. I am just thinking how do we get out of this mess and I think you should do the same. We don't have much time."

I said,"I don't know what to do? I was never in this situation before"

He said,"Do you think I got kidnapped many times. I also- wait I got kidnapped once. I know what should I do."

I said," Then tell me what should we should I do?"

He turned towards me and kicked my chair so hard that I fell down and hit my head on floor.

I said,"What the hell are you doing? It hurts awww"

He said,"I am sorry for that. I am sorry for this as well."

He kicked me in the stomach.

I said,"Ahhh what the hell are you doing?"

He said,"I am sorry" kicked me again.

I shouted,"Have you lost your mind? It hurts."

He said,"This much is enough. Now Act as you are fainted."

I said,"What?"

He said,"Do as I say now."

The door opened and I immediately acted like I am unconscious.

I heard her gasp. She said,"What the hell happened here? Samar Are you mad? Oh god, call doctor."

With the help of her men she tied me. I was about to beat them but Samar signed me to keep quiet. I did as he said. They took me to the room. Doctor came to check me. He did my first aid. While he was doing it I slowly took Anastasia bottle from his kit.

Once he left I was still for few minutes until I heard no sound. I slowly peaked through my eyes. I saw a guard sitting on chair keeping tab at me. Oh shut..

I at once attacked him taking by surprise. I hit his head on edge of cot and he lost conscious. I exchanged clothes with him and went outside taking gun from him.

I made the guys unconscious who was guarding Samar's room. I quickly went inside and untied him. We came out of room and went in search of Aneesha. We were sure she was somewhere in this go down.

We both went in different direction so it will be easy to find her. I was searching for her everywhere when I came across a room which is slightly open and I can hear noises from inside.

I slowly peaked and I saw back side of a guy. He slightly moved and I saw face of my Aneesha. She is here. I was about to go inside when someone caught me. I turned around and it was Samar.

He said,"What are you doing? You can't just barge inside like that. We need plan."

Just then we heard slap. Zaiba slapped Aneesha.

She said,"Shut up. No one asked for your opinion. I will decide whether I want to kill you or your child. Let Zaeem come into consicious. Once he signs divorce papers Your baby will be dead. "

How dare she slap my Aneesha?

I said,"Leave me. What are you doing? Why are you tying me?"

He said,"Keep quiet. You will get all of us trouble. I will take care of it."


He said,"Shhh"

Just then Zaiba said,"Did you hear that sound?"

That guy said,"Let me check."

He turned around a gasp left both of you..

It was Shikhar..Samar's brother. Owner of Malik fashion house. He is the one who is helping Zaiba but he is married and have a child.

We both hid behind the stairs.

Samar said,"Now I understand why hotel manager didn't help me. He was with my brother. I can't believe he was involved in all this but why?"

I said,"Do you really have any plan? Are you just wasting my time?"

He said,"Why don't you think of something?"

I said,"I don't know. Ya Allah..Aneesha need me. I don't know what to do.."

Just then we heard on more slap. I just sit idle like this.

I quickly ran towards the room before Samar can catch me.

Both heads turned towards me.

Zaiba walked towards me and said,"What are you doing here? Anyway-"

Before she can say anything I placed gun on her head.

When Shikhar tried to come towards me I said," Don't come near me otherwise I will shoot her."

Zaiba said,"You are doing wrong. You will pay for this."

Shikhar pointed gun towards Aneesha and said,"Drop your gun otherwise I will shoot Aneesha."

Just then we heard shot and gun fell from Shikhar's hands.

Shikhar said,"Samar..I am your brother."

Samar said,"Sorry brother but you were on wrong side. "

He slowly walked towards Aneesha and made her sit up. Still pointing gun towards Shikhar.

He said,"Both of you sit silently on chair." My gun pointing towards Zaiba and Samar at Shikhar. They both sat on chair and Aneesha tied them.

Samar said," I can't believe bhai. You are having affair with Zaiba. I thought you loved Soha bhabhi. How can you do this? Didn't you think once about Mahir? How could you?"

Shikhar said,"I was in love Samar. I love Zaiba a lot. I can do anything for her. Soha never understood me like Zaiba. Zaiba is my soulmate."

Samar said,"I don't know what to say, bhai? You were the one who helped Zaiba to seperate Zaeem and Aneesha. What did they do to you?"

Shikhar said,"They did nothing to me but they hurt Zaiba. If you hurt my love then you hurt me. I can do anything for her."

Zaiba said,"Shikhar calm down. Don't say anything."

Shikhar didn't say a word after that. I was shocked to see the control Zaiba has on him.

Just then we heard the siren.

Police came and arrested them for kidnapping us.

Zaiba said,"It's not the end Zaeem. You will be punished for your sins, for my brother's death."

We went home. Samar decided to go visit her sister in law and tell her everything personally. Sabah and Pari went with him.

After two days we got news that Shikhar and Zaiba died in car accident while they were running away from police.

We were wanted her to end up like this. Her obsistance for revenge killed her.

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