Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Fifty - Epilouge

Six months later:

Aneesha's pov:

I am in my nine month of pregnancy. Doctor gave me next week date. Today we have party at our home.

My and Zaeem's eighth Anniversary. Technically it's our first anniversary we are celebrating together. I can't believe we were not together for seven even though we were married. Finally we are together now and In Sha Allah we will always be together till death do us apart.

I looked at Zaeem who is sleeping peacefully beside me while I can't sleep due to our baby.

We heard knock on our door.

I said,"Come in."

Zohaan entered slowly.

I said,"Come here my baby."

He quickly wrapped his arms around me.

I kissed his cheeks. He said,"Happy Anniversary Mumma." He kissed my cheek and gave me a rose.

He placed hand on my stomach and said,"Good morning my dear Sister."

We know that we are going to have little princess.

Next Zohaan sat on Zaeem's stomach making him grunt.

He said,"Papa wake up...Papa.."

Zaeem slowly opened his eyes and said,"Good morning Champ." He took Zohaan in his arms.

Zohaan said,"Happy Anniversary Papa. I love you"

Zaeem said,"I love you too."

Zohaan said,"Papa quickly get ready. You promised that you will take me to Aquarium."

He said,"Okay..give me 10 minutes. I wil get ready. You also get ready."

Once Zohaan left Zaeem kissed my cheek and placed on my stomach. He said,"How is my baby and baby's mamma feeling today?"

I said,"We are good. You get ready fast. Zohaan will be here in minutes. You know, right? How much he loves Aquarium."

He said,"I don't want to leave you alone."

I said,"I am not alone. Mom and Dad are here and My mom and Dad are also coming in sn hour along with grand ma. Don't worry about me.."

He sighed and left for washroom.

Lot of things changed in six months.

Mom and Dad came out of coma. They accepted Zaeem and me whole heartedly. Every month either they come to visit us or we go to visit them. Dad is planning to retire giving his seat to Zaeem then they will shift to London.

Samar came back two month ago to London and settled here. He got married to month ago and she is six months pregnant. I know it's shocking. I was also shocked when I saw Sabah after five months with stomach. Soha bhabhi didn't take everything well. She is still under depression. Mahir still asks for his father. We don't know what to say..he is just a four year old kid. Pari my princess is growing so fast.

I am concerned about Zohaan's dislike towards Pari. I don't know how he got to know that Pari is Zaiba's daughter.

He use to adore her a lot but now he don't like be in same room as her. I tired talk to him but he is not ready to listen.

Zohaan hates Zaiba a lot. I didn't know the reason first but Now I know. Zaiba hurt Zohaan a lot emotionally. She use to make him feel that his parents didn't love him. He told me that He use to stay with Zaeem at start. Zaiba use to lock him in room. Starved him, slapped him. He was so scared to tell this to anyone. That is why when he got the chance to live with Mom and Dad he agreed to go. He told me this only after he was sure that Zaiba is dead and he can't harm him. I want to forgive her for what she did but whenever I see Zohaan I just can't do it. How can she hurt a kid? What was his fault?

I came out of my thoughts when I heard the knock. Mom and Dad entered the room. I forgot everything while talking with them.

In the evening Zaeem returned with Zohaan. Both of them looked so happy that a smile crept on my lips.

Zaeem placed a packet on my hand and said,"This dress for you from my and Zohaan's side. You have to wear this in the evening party."

I opened the packet. It had s beautiful baby pink maternal dress..I loved it.

Zohaan said,"You like it, Mumma?"

I said,"I love it. It's so beautiful."

Just then we heard Samar's voice saying," Just like you.."

Sabah came with him along with Pari and Mahir.

Zohaan excused himself from there. I was about to follow him but Zaeem asked me to let him be.

In the party night, guests started arriving.

After sometime when we were about to cut the cake..My water broke. Don't ask me how embarrassed I was..

Zaeem immediately took me to the hospital and their I gave birth to our beautiful daughter..Aleesha who is exact replica of me. Our family got completed.

After three months Sabah gave birth to a boy, Salah.

We went through alot in life but finally our prayers got answered and we got what we wanted from life..

I learned on thing from my past that only love can never sustain a relationship..Trust, Honesty, Understanding are also act as pillars for a relationship. I pray to Allah he always guide us to the path.

The End

Hope you enjoyed :)

Who wants to see the sneak peak of the sequal can continue..'Stuck with Marraige' story of Zohaan and Pari.

Aneesha, Zaeem,both their parents, Samar, Sabah, Soha, Mahir were having breakfast when Zohaan and Pari entered the room.

Zohaan said,"Mom, I got married to Pari."

Everyone was shocked and stood up from their place except for Aneesha who planned this.

Soha said,"What the hell? Is marraige a joke for you kids?"

Samar said,"How could you Pari? Without even asking us-"

Aneesha said,"All of you calm down. They must be tired..we will discuss this later."

Sabah said,"Aneesha..Stop interferring in our daughter's life.."

Aneesha said,"technically she is my daughter-in-law now. Both of you go to your room" pointing towards Zohaan and Pari.

They started going towards their room climbing the stairs.

Zohaan wishpered,"The second you step foot in our house..Our parents years friendship is broken..I don't know what will happen in future"

Pari glared at him and muttered,"If I really such a bad omen then I wish you fell off the stairs."

The next second Zohaan leg slipped and fell down the stairs..

Pari gasped in shock..

Zohaan muttered in pain,"This is just the start..I have whole life with her..What will happen of me..? I am stuck with marraige."C

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