Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Six – Change

Next day of Zaeesha’s wedding:

Zaeem’s pov:

When I woke up I was expecting to see my wife’s face next to me but I was disappointed to see an empty bed. I thought may be she is in washroom but she is no where to be found. I quickly freshen up and went downstairs but I can’t find her anywhere. I don’t have her number. What to do?

I asked at the reception about her. They told me that she enquired about breakfast then left from hotel and didn’t come back. I searched for her everywhere but no traces of her then I got to know that there was accident in the neighbourhood. I went to the hospital..My heart was beating very fast. I was very scared and was hoping that it’s not her. When I got there I asked about her in reception but they said there is no one with that name admitted in the hospital. When I was leaving I saw a girl who was lying on bed and she is wearing similar clothes as Aneesha. I was about to enter the room when one guy held my hand.

He said,“Who are you?”

I said,“That girl -”

He said,“My fiancee..She got into an accident today.”

She can’t be my Aneesha.

I said,“Sorry I mistook her for my wife.”

I left from there. Where are you Aneesha? I went back to the hotel and asked them if she came back or left some note for me but the answer is no for all my questions.

I was searching for her everywhere from three days. I don’t have any money left now. I am travelling from here to there. I searched in all the possible places. I went to masjid and then Imam gave me our marraige certificate. Slowly I am losing hope that I will see her. Even when I went to write missing report I don’t have any picture of her and it was very bad decision to go to police station because I am stuck here now.

Apparently My dad filed missing report for me and now they are not letting me go from here. They called my father and he came their with his bodyguards. They forcefully took me to airport. I was struggling to get out of their holds but I have not eaten properly in days. I don’t have any energy left to fight with them. Only thought running in my mind is to get out of here because if they take me away from here then I can never see wife..

I am not from India. We live in London. I came here for my wedding as bride is from India. Today my dad is taking me back to London. I tired my best but still I am sitting in my private jet looking outside..Slowly distancing from Mumbai and the hope to find her. Where are you Aneesha? Will I ever see you again?

Once we reached London. My dad locked me in room not allowing me to go out of house. I told him that it’s very important for me to go back but he was not listening to me. He was very angry that I just ran away like that from wedding. I was angry as well because first he lied to me about that supposed to be bride girl and then because of him I lost the chance to search for my wife. I don’t want to tell him about her.. My dad only thinks about profit and loss. I can’t risk Aneesha’s life. I don’t trust him at all in this matter.

it’s been a month and Now my life going back to normal. I am allowed to go out but I am still not in talking terms with my dad. I was talking to my mom but when she kept trying to supporting dad I distanced myself from her.

One year later

Lot of things changed in this one year. I moved out of my parents place. I am staying in one bedroom flat. small and cozy. I like to be alone. I have hired a PI to find Aneesha but it’s been more than nine months but no news of her.

I work as intern here in one of the best companies in London. I need money and I don’t like using my dad’s so I joined here. It gets hard sometimes to manage studies and Job but it helps to make myself busy and not to think about her..I miss her a lot. I hope she is doing fine.

I was sitting on my desk when I got call from my PI.

He said,“Sir I think I found her.”

I really can’t tell you how happy I am by listening to his words. My heart is dancing in my happiness. Finally the time has come.

I said,“Where is she? Just send me her address I will come there.”

He looked hesitant and said,“S-Sir I think you can’t meet her. ”

I said,“Why? Come to the point”

He said,“She is married and living in Turkey with her husband.”

No must have found someone else..Aneesha will never do that. She loved me. We are married..How can she marry someone else.

I said,“You are mistaken she will never marry someone else. She might be some other Aneesha.”

He said,“No Sir..I cross checked the Pub footage and she was there on that day and she was talking to you. She was wearing mask and when I placed the same mask on her face in my computer she looks exactly like that. She is same girl and I confirmed everything from her grandmother. She got married three months back and shifted to turkey. If you want then I can send you her picture.”

I said,“No need of that..Thanks for your work. You wil receive your payment and we will never talk about this again.” with this I cut the call.

No..I don’t want to see her. She betrayed me. I should not have trusted her. How stupid can a person be? Zaeem you are very stupid. Everyone plays with you. I will not trust anyone easily now. I have no place in my life for anyone. She is happily married to someone else. She didn’t even try to find me. It is not so hard because my face comes in paper time to time thanks to my father. He is one of the richest and successful business man in England. Being his only son has it’s own perks. May be she played me and I let her do it. I am seriously so stupid to believe her words. I hate you Aneesha. you have broken my heart to pieces and I will never forgive you for that..I have to change myself..I am not going to trust anyone from now on. I have to become strong and practical. Being soft hearted is weakness in this world. I will not have any of it from now on..It’s time for Change..It’s time for new beginning..

4 years later

I was sleeping on my bed when my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen and my mother is calling. I looked at watch it’s 7 AM in the morning. I picked it up and said, “Hello”

Mom said, “Hello, How are you?”

I said, “I am fine and I am doing good but you have not called me to ask only my well being so tell me why you have called?”

I know I sound rude but whenever she calls it’s bad news for me.

Mom said, “What? Can’t I call you without any reason?” when Mom heard a girl voice saying “Who is it baby?”

Oh God.. Who is this now? What is she doing in my room?

Mom sighed and said, “you are with a girl.”

I am a playboy in my parents eyes and I want it to be in that way.

I said, “come on Mom. It’s nothing serious.”

Mom said,” Zaeem...this is not the way to lead your life. How many times should I tell you to stop playing with girls and settle down in your life?”

I said, “Not again Mom. I hope you have not called me at 7 in the morning just to lecture me on how I should live. Get to the point.”

Mom said, “your dad wants to meet you”

I said, “But I don’t”

He will start again with you have to settle down topic.

Mom said, “Your dad has something important to discuss with you.”

I know what it is?

I said, “but I am busy today.”

She said,“Zaeem please come home. It’s been a month. Don’t you miss your mom?”

The emotional blackmail..Anyway she will keep bothering me if I will not go so I think it’s better to get done with this.

I disconnected the call.. I looked at the girl who was standing in front of me in just her lingerie..water dripping from her hair. She must have come with me yesterday after party.

I said, “What are you still doing here? Leave my house right now.”

She moved close to me and placed one hand on my shoulder and trailed her finger on my shirt and said, “but we have not done anything yet? ”

I disgust such girls..

I stopped her finger and pushed her back and shouted, “Get out.GET OUT”

She quickly picked up her clothes, got dressed and left from there

I got ready and left for my dad’s house.

Once I reached there... I said to myself ..Maintain your calm how much ever he irritates you..

I entered the mansion and My mom entered the hall. When she saw me She said, “It’s good to see you son. Your dad is waiting for you in study. Go and talk to him”

I love her but she never understands me and always take dad’s side. I was hurt because of her this nature.

I said, “Let’s have food first. I don’t know if I want to eat after I talk to him.”

Ammi said, “Zaeem when are you going to understand that whatever he does is for your own good. He loves you beta(son). He cares for you.”

I sarcastically said, “I know how much he cares for me. Are you going to give food to me or I have to live on just your lectures?”

“Stop it Zaeem. How dare you to talk like that to your mom? You are becoming rude day by day” My father Naeem Hasan said who came out of his study.

“Tell me what you want to talk about” I said ignoring my father words as it was not new to me. You can say we don’t get along. OUR opinions never match.

“Let’s have breakfast first” Dad said

“I am not hungry. I want to leave from here as early as possible” I said

Dad just sighed and left to study. I followed him. We got seated on sofa on each corner of it. There was awkward silence between us.

“I want you to settle down” My dad said

As expected. This is not first time it’s happening. I am tired of repeating same words again and again.

“My answer is no. Do you have something else to say? ” I said irritated.

" It’s already been 5 years. When are you going to move on. It’s not your fault Zaeem. I know it’s hard for you but you should at least try” Dad said

“Not again. I don’t want one more lecture now. I don’t want to settle down. Why don’t you understand this simple thing? I don’t want anymore discussion on this. I am leaving” I said and left from there.

Once I came to hall my mom said, “Have breakfast. I have set the dining table”

I said, “I am not hungry. I am leaving”

Mom said, “At least have breakfast before you leave. I have made everything of your favorite”

I said, “I am not hungry”

I looked at her and she had tears in her eyes. That did that..I want to behave strong but when I see her tears my heart melts like Ice.

I just sighed and walked towards my room to freshen up and then came to have breakfast with them.

My life has stopped 4 years ago when Aneesha broke my heart and left me.. The marriage certificate keeps reminding me that she is my wife but I can never forget she is someone else wife as well. I blame my parents for this mishap but I know somewhere in my heart that they are also suffering just like me but this rude facade is needed to keep them away from taking decisions on my behalf.. One mistake changed my life forever

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