Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Seven – Dreams

Aneesha’s pov:

My father arrived home. He freshened up and had dinner when I showed him my Admission letter.

He was looking at it when mom came and asked, “what’s happening?”

Mom took the letter from dad’s hand and angrily throwed aside, “She is not going anywhere before marriage Whatever she wants to do she can do after marraige with Afnaan’s permission. I am not allowing her to go. If you go against me this time also I will leave this house. ” she left from there

Dad looked apologetically at me and said, “Sorry but I think this time your Ammi is right. I can’t take the risk of letting you go alone after what happened last time” he too left from there.

I looked at the letter which was on ground and cried my heart out. I was not going to give up so easily this time.. It’s only way left for me to avoid marrying Afnaan.

Mr.Naeem’s pov(Zaeem dad) :

I was sitting in my study when my wife Humna came there and said, “Have you talked to Zaeem. What he said?”

I placed the file on table and looked at my wife and said, “He is not ready to listen to me. I miss my Son Humna. We were so close then. He was so soft hearted, soft spoken and understanding. Now he had become so rude. I don’t know what to do? I thought girl is the reason for his change and right girl can change him again. ”

Humna said,” I think we should look for the girl first then we can make him agree to get married. ”

I said,” Yeah you are right. I already have a plan. I started looking for perfect bride for him but till now no success”

Humna placed hand on my shoulder and said, “Be patient. There definitely will be a girl who is made for him and will teach him how to love.”

I said, “Inshallah. Ameen”

Humna said, “At what time is your flight for Turkey tomorrow?”

I tiredly said, “At 5 in the morning.”

Humna said, “Why don’t you pass your responsibility to Zaeem? He is very interested in business. It’s his dream. You are not keeping well these days.”

I smiled and said, “I know and I want to. I will do it soon. Just I need my perfect time”

I reached Turkey and went to meet my client cum friend. We have known each other since 3 years.I went to his office to discuss about the deal.

I was about to enter his cabin when I saw a beautiful girl is trying to go inside but a guy is stopping her

Girl said, ” Leave my way.”

He smiled and said,“I won’t.what will you do Aneesha?”

Aneesha beautiful name for beautiful girl.

Aneesha said,“Don’t irritate me Afnaan. I am in a hurry. It’s really important for me to talk with Dad.”

He said,” Nothing is more important than talking to your would be husband”

Oh no she is engaged.

Aneesha said,” You are nothing to me. I will not accept you as my husband.”

He said,” but why? I have everything money,status,looks. And I love you a lot. What else do you want?”

Aneesha said,“I want someone who will respect women which you don’t. I don’t care about money ,he should have a kind heart which you don’t have.stay out of my way.”

She pushed him and went inside. She is perfect for my son but my son is a playboy but she can change him. I think she is the one for him.

Afnaan placed hand on his heart and said,” but you have no will be mine”

I was about to enter the cabin when I listened to Aneesha and Aaqib’s conversation. Oh she wants to come to london to join in college. It might be Allah’s sign. She is going to be my daughter-in-law.

She left the cabin sadly her father didn’t agree to send her.. I entered the cabin. After the meeting I said, “Sorry I know, it’s not good to eavesdrop but I heard what your daughter said, “why are you not sending her to London?,”

Aaqib said, “I don’t want her to go alone and stay in hostel.”

I said, “She can stay with us. We will take care of her.”

Aaqib didn’t say anything. He looked thoughful.

I said, “Don’t break your daughter dreams. It’s very big college. If she had got scholarship there then she is very talented. Don’t waste her talent. you can trust me. we know each other for years.”

Aaqib said, “I will talk to my wife and tell you.”

I said, “Okay then let’s dicuss our deal.”

After signing the deal. I was about to go.

He said,“Stay with us today. ”

I said,“No not this time. I have work so may be next time. Please think about sending your daughter to London”

He nodded his head and I left from his office.

Mr.Aaqib’s pov(Aneesha dad) :

After talking to Naeem.I think I should send Aneesha. I don’t like breaking her heart so I came home and discussed this with my wife Nafeesa.

She said, “I am still not okay with it. I think we should get her married to Afnaan. If he agrees then she can go”

I said, “But Nafeesa Aneesha is not ready for marraige. We can’t force her”

Nafeesa said, “I am her mother and I know what is good for her. It’s best if she gets married before anyone knows about her past. Afnaan is ready to marry her even after knowing her past and he is ready to send her to study further. I talked to him today. He is perfect for her.”

I understand her concern but I can’t force my daughter to marry someone whom she don’t want to.

I said, “I will try to talk to Aneesha. If she agrees then we will go ahead.”

I came to Aneesha’s room and sat beside her and said, “Your mom agreed but she had one condition.”

Aneesha said, “What is it?”

I said, “She wants you to marry Afnaan before you go to london”

Aneesha said, ” but I am married.”

I sighed and said,“Aneesha that is not a valid marraige. Where is he? your husband. it’s been 4 years but there is no trace of him. He must have forgotton you. You can’t spend your alone in hope of meeting him again. you still young.”

She said,“But I love my husband. I don’t love Afnaan. I can’t be with him or someone else”

I said,“Once you are married you will learn to love him. Many people do arrange marraiges. you know Afnaan from childhood. I too think it’s fine to get married to him. We can do it before you go. Not a big function but small.”

Aneesha said, “but Papa I don’t want to get married. I don’t like him”

I said, “He is a good man Aneesha. He is accepting you with your past. Marry him if you want to fulfill your dream. ”

I was about to leave when Aneesha said, “I want to talk to Afnaan.”

I said, “Fine. I will call him here”

After 5 mins Afnaan came to Aneesha’s room. I left from there to give them privacy.

Aneesha’s pov:

I looked at him and said, “I am not ready to marry you.”

Afnaan said, ” I am ready to marry you and I am not going to back out if that’s what you want to talk.”

I angrily said, “Afnaan try to understand I don’t love you. I am married.”

He glared at me and said,“Don’t even remind me of him. He is not your husband. you are mine and will always be mine. I will go to any extent to get us married. look Aneesha he is your past and there is no place for him in your present and future. if you go against me then You can forget your dream. Whatever you do you have to get married to me.”

I said,“Even if we get married I have to study my course for 2 years. You have your business here. We can’t stay together. I will be in London and you will be here. So I think it’s best if we marry after 2 years. ”

I just want to postpone this marraige.

Afnaan said,” You have point”

I said, “Yes. So say no to marriage.”

Afnaan nodded his head and both of us came out where Mom and Dad are waiting for us.

Afnaan said, ” We have decided we will get married after completion of her course.”

I felt relived but then Afnaan said, “but we will get engage now. Aneesha also agree to it.”

I was shocked.. He is so cunning but my husband is so innocent and kind hearted.. I miss him everyday. I just spent a day with him but I have not forgotten him for a second after that.

I was about to say no when he came near my ear and whispered “If you deny now. I will agree for marriage.”

I hate him.. I have no choice now. I will think something later. I just nodded my head and everyone hugged and congratulated me

They decided to do our engagement next day.

It was small ceremony with both families. Me and Afnaan got engaged in presence of our families.

I felt like a part of me died today. I can never become someone else’s other than Zaeem. My husband. My world.. One mistake has turned my world upside down.

I was not at all happy but I tried to stay happy as now I can fulfill my dream.

My dad called his friend and informed him that I am coming to London Tomorrow night.

Zaeem’s pov:

My dad called me again to come home. Oh God.. Again I have go through the same thing. I don’t want to talk about marriage. It reminds me about her. I am trying my best to forget her but my parents never let me.

I came home and as usual we went to study room and sat on each corner of sofa.

Dad said, “I want you to move back here”

I said, “If you called me to speak nonsense then I am leaving” i was about to leave when dad said, “Don’t you want to become CEO?”

I stopped in my tracks and looked back seriously then said, “What do you mean?”

Dad said, ” you have to move back so that you can spend time with the girl I choose for you to marry. You can get to know each other and I am sure you will like her. Once you get married to her I will give you CEO position”

It’s my dream.. He can’t play with my feelings.

I said, “What rubbish? I am not getting married.”

Dad said, “Then forget your dream of becoming CEO. I will hire someone”

I said, “This is not fair”

Dad said, “But that’s how it is. I want you to move in by tomorrow as she will come here day after tomorrow. Don’t you dare to plan anything. if you misbehave or ill-treat her you can say goodbye to your dream. I want you to behave nicely and get to know her genuinely without letting you past come in the way if she can be good for you or not”

I said, “If I don’t like her then what will you do? Do I still have to marry her?”

Dad said, “No. If you give me a valid reason and I also approve of it then you don’t have to marry her but you will become CEO only when you get married.”

I said, ” This is the real you. I know you have not changed a bit after what happened last time. You are doing the same mistake but I am not ready to do it again.”

Dad said,” Think carefully Zayi. If you leave now then you can never become CEO. I am just asking you to meet her not to marry her instantly. ”

I said,” Fine. I will move here”

Dad said, “By tomorrow. Don’t forget.”

I said,” OKAY”

With this I left the house.

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