Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Eight – ZaeeSha Met

Aneesha’s pov:

I was sitting alone in my room after engagement when Zaiba came and sat beside me.I looked at Zaiba with tearful eyes and said, “I can’t do it. I can’t do it anymore.”

Zaiba shook her head in no and said, “No Eeshu. Don’t cry. Please forget everything. You said you wanted to move on then forget everything marry Afnaan bhai and live a beautiful life. He is ready to accept you even after knowing your past”

I irritatedly shouted, “He is not doing any favour by accepting my past. I don’t regret doing of it. Meeting Zaeem, loving him, Marrying him ir giving birth to our son. I can’t marry Afnaan. I can’t marry anyone. I am already married. It’s so wrong. How can I after what happened between Zaeem and me? ”

Zaiba said, “Why can’t you forget that night Eeshu? You are not in your right mind that day. It’s not your fault. Forget everything and move on. You don’t even know where is he? He might have got married. It’s been 4 years Please.. Bhai love you a lot. Let’s think that it never happened. Give bhai one chance Eeshu he will give you happiness in this whole world. He loves you from childhood.”

I said, “No I can’t. I can’t forget him. I can’t Zaiba. I tried a lot but I can’t. It is not just a day for me it’s likemy dream come true. Meeting him, loving him and marrying him . I remember everything. I wish to have that day again in my life everyday. It’s so fresh in my memory like it happened just yesterday.”

Zaiba said, “Then why you agreed to marry Afnaan bhai? Don’t give him false hope Eeshu. I will not forgive you if you break his heart after raising his hopes.”

I said,” I know but I have no other choice. I have nothing left except my dream in my life. I can’t lose it. I tried to tell him but he never listens. He is too adamant. I can’t do anything Zaiba. I have two years time I will think of something. I will plan something but you and me both know that I can’t marry him. Tomorrow I am going to London and I don’t want to think about anything else except my dream”

Zaiba said, “Okay let’s sleep now. you have long day ahead.”

Mom, dad, Zaiba and Afnaan came to drop me to the airport. Mom was giving instructions to me whole ride what to do? What not to do?

Once we reached Airport dad said, “Take care. Call us once you reach there.”

Zaiba hugged me and whispered in my ear , “Have a nice time and enjoy your remaining single life.”

I just smiled half heartedly and returned her hug.

Everyone left saying bye except Afnaan. They wanted to give alone time for us to talk. There was silence for few minutes then Afnaan got hold of my hand and said, “I love you. I really wanted to say this loud.”

I removed my hand from his hold and said, “Bye. I will be late for check in.”

He got hold of my arms and said, ” don’t you love me? Are you not happy?”

I said, “You know the answer.”

He increased his hold on my arms and raising his voice, he said,“Why Aneesha? Why you always do this? Why can’t you love me? I really love you. We know each other from childhood. We know each other very well then why? Why you are not happy? Will you really marry me after two years?”

I am struggling to get out of his hold and said, “it’s hurting. Leave me.”

Afnaan tightened his hold more and said, “Me too. I am also hurt Aneesha. Tell me will you marry me? I want answer..”

I said, “I don’t know. Leave me I am getting late”

Afnaan said, “No. That’s not an answer. I want yes or no. Will you marry me or not?”

I sighed and in my low voice said,” Afnaan try to understand. This is not the time to talk about it. We have lots of time we will see what to do. Don’t force me. Please give me time to think. Right now I want to focus on my career. Marriage or relationships are not my priority. Please let me go. I am really getting late. ”

Afnaan loosen his hold and said,” Okay. Take care but don’t ever forget that you are engaged to me. Soon we will get married. ”

I said, “Bye.” and left

Zaeem’s pov:

I shifted to Hasan Mansion. Right now I am arranging my cupboard. Mom wants to help me but I want to do everything by myself.

Dad came to my room and said, “Zaeem go and pick her from Airport. Her flight will land in an hour. I want you to receive her.”

I was very frustrated but I know that I had to do this to become CEO so I controlled my temper and said, “Okay.”

Mom was shocked that I agreed so easily but didn’t say anything in front of me and left from there .

Once Dad came out mom asked him,” How did you do this? ”

He just smiled at mom’s shocked expression and said,” I just used my last card. He is doing this to become CEO. I don’t want to blackmail him but he didn’t left me any choice other than this. I am really sure this time this girl is the one for him so I have to force him. ”

Mom just nodded her head and placed her hand on his shoulder indicating she is with him but what they don’t know is.. The one who is made for me left me heart broken and no one can take away my pain except her.

I came to airport and dad gave me her photo so that I can recognize her. She is beautiful looks innocent as well but looks can be deceiving. Her eyes are very familiar..

After 15 mins of my arrival that girl came out and she was beyond shocked to look at me but recovered soon. Why is she so shocked?

I came towards her and said ” I was waiting for you from 15 MINS. Start walking now. I don’t have whole day for you” and I walked out

She said, “Luggage?”

Spoiled brat.. What she think of me?

I said, “Bring it. I am not your coolie.”

She didn’t say anything just followed me pushing the trolley. She seems to be in trance. Her eyes hold some emotion which is so unrecognizable for me.

Once we reached near the car, driver took luggage and placed in car. We both sat in back seat and driver started the car.

After sometime I said, “I don’t know what you are thinking but I am not interested in marrying you.”

She looked shocked and said,” W-What are you saying? ”

I sarcastically smiled and said,” No need to play innocent. I am not my father to fall for your tactics. You came here to marry me so I am saying I can’t marry you”

She was beyond shocked and said, “I really don’t understand what you are saying? I came her to fulfill my dream of becoming Interior designer. I am staying at your house as my dad think it’s safe there.Don’t worry about me.I am not here for marraige. ”

I said,” How dare you? ”

She said,” Stop raising your voice at me. I am not scared of you. I am just stating truth. You are not interested in me and I am not interested in you. I have no idea why you thought we are getting Married. I just want to focus on my career. Marriage is not on my mind so please stop assuming. ”

I said,” it’s fine as far as you didn’t agree to marry me. Don’t interfere in my life even if we stay at same house. ”

She said,” fine by me. Same goes for you”

I said, “Okay fine. Deal”

She said, “deal”

I said, “you are not as stupid as I thought”

She smiled and said, “you too are not as bad as I thought”

Both of us smiled and then we both looked away from each other. After sometime her head fallen on my shoulder when I looked at her she was sleeping. Her touch feels so familiar. She is stirring some feelings in my heart. I can’t stop myself from leaning back and closing my eyes.

Once We reached home. I woke up and slightly shaked her to wake up. She mumbled a sorry once she saw her head was on my shoulder.

Both of us entered home. After introduction mom asked her to freshened up and come for breakfast and asked me to show room to her. I just nodded my head. Mom was surprised that I agreed.

I said, “Come. I will show you your room”

She nodded her head and followed me.

I said, “what’s your name?”

She said, “Aneesha”

I was shocked her name was same as my wife.. I don’t like to take her name. It brings so many memories and emotions.

So I said, ” Your name is too lengthy. Don’t you have any short form.”

She said, “Is that so? I never thought my name is too lengthy. Why do I think that you have some other reason.”

I hesitated and said, “I-I”

She said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me. You can call me Eeshu.”

I said,” Honestly I don’t like your name. It reminds me of something horrible which I want to forget. Don’t mind I don’t know why but I want to be honest with you”

Her face dropped.

She said, “It’s fine”

I said, ” This is your room. The room beside yours is mine. You can tell me if you need something.” and winked at her.

She hit me on shoulder and said, “shut up. Don’t flirt with me.”

I said,” okay okay”

I feel so enlightened with her. I walked towards my room once she entered inside hers. I am doing the same mistake again. I don’t know why but she is giving me strange feelings which I felt with Aneesha. She can’t be my Aneesha because she is married. Then who is this girl? She smells trouble but my heart can’t stop beating fast when I was with her. I want to spend time with her but It’s not right.

Aneesha’s pov:

I entered in my room and closed the door. I never thought I will meet him again. I placed hand on the door and said, “I really missed you. I am really happy that I am this close to you. I never thought I can ever see you again.”

Zaeem my husband.. He is in front of me but it seems he didn’t recognize me. Is it good thing or bad I don’t know but I am really thankful to Allah that I met him again. 4 years..after 4 years..I met him. Should I tell him who I am? No let’s first see what he thinks about our marraige. Thank you..Thank you..Thank you so much Allah miyan.

I heard knock on my door so I opened it. Zaeem was standing in front of me looking so handsome and se*y.

I asked, “what happened?”

He said in one breath ,“Eeshu I am going to club. Will you come with me?”

I first met him at Club..It all started at Club. I don’t want to go there with him. I don’t want him to know who I am before I know what he feels about our relation.

I said,“Sorry I have some other plan. Have a good time.”

He looked sad and said,” oh is that so? Okay then I will leave. Bye”

I was sitting on my bed thinking about Zaeem. when I got call from dad.

I said, “Hello”

Dad said, “Hello. How are you? How is everything? ”

I said, “Good.. Everything is fine.”

He said, “Okay. Aneesha,Afnaan had come to London on some business trip. He left for London after 2 hours from your departure. He wanted to surprise you so he told us not to tell you about this. He already reached London. He wants to spend this evening with you. Please meet him and try to get to know each other. You have to spend your whole life with him.”

I replied okay and cut the call. I know that he is just coming to spend time with me and business trip is just an excuse.

After 30 minutes I got call from Afnaan to meet him at entrance in 1 hour. He will come to pick me. I silently got ready because i know if I say no then he will not listen to me anyway.

We are in car right now. I kept asking him where we are going but he said it was surprise. After 45 minutes he stopped in front of club.

Afnaan said, “Surprise. You love coming to clubs, right?”

yes I do. They have special place in my heart because I met Zaeem there but today I don’t want to go as I said no to Zaeem.

I said, “No, I don’t want to come. Please Afnaan let’s go somewhere else.”

Afnaan said, “Why? Come on. Don’t be an spoil sport let’s enjoy.”

I just sighed and came inside. The flashes of past came rushing to my mind. We came on dance floor and started dancing when suddenly her eyes fell on someone who is looking at her accusingly. It was Zaeem. He was dancing with some brunette. My heart felt like someone was squeezing it. Afnaan got a call and he excused himself.

I came to bar and sat there. I kept looking at Zaeem. His eyes never left mine but he kept dancing with that brunette closely.

I felt jealousy and unknowingly I started drinking then left from there. I never drink this was my time and I know it’s wrong but that time my mind was not working. I was driven by jealousy seeing my Zaeem close to someone else. He is mine..only mine..My husband.

As soon as I left from there. Zaeem followed me .

I was walking outside the club and it was raining heavily.

Zaeem followed me and kept calling my name but I didn’t stop. Finally he caught hold of my hand and said, “Where are you going?”

I pushed his hand and said, “why do you care? You go and dance with that brunette” and started walking

Zaeem said, “Eeshu stop”

I was not listening so he lifted me up in his arms in bridal style and I was just staring at him. I was feeling his heart beat.

I slowly placed my hands around his neck and said, “Why you came so late? I was waiting for you form so long. I missed you”

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