Stuck WIth Love

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Chapter Nine – Moments

Zaeem’s pov:

She slowly placed her hands around my neck and said, “Why you came so late? I was waiting for you from so long. I missed you.”

I looked at her confused then I thought she must be rambling due to alcohol​ effect.

I placed her in passenger seat and closed the door and I sat in driver seat then started the car but after sometime Eeshu said, “Zaeem stop the car. I want to dance with you in rain”

I looked at her like she have lost her mind and said, “No. It raining heavily. You will get sick.”

Eeshu said, “I want to. I want to. Please please”

I said, “No means no”

Eeshu said, “If you don’t stop the car then I will shout”

Ya Allah this girl lost her mind
I said, “Shout how much ever you want this road is deserted.”

She tired to grab the staring and I was trying to remove her hands. We are about to have accident I stopped the car. both of us were shocked.

She came out of her daze and looked at me and hugged me and started crying.I didn’t say anything and rubbed her back to comfort her.

After some time she calmed down and said, “Zaeem I want to forget everything and want to make new memories with you. I missed you a lot”

I just nodded my head. She came out of car and signed me to come out. I just shook my head and came out. She is stubborn I thought.

She smiled and caught hold of my hand and said, “let’s dance”

I said, “No music”

She said, “I want baarish song play it from phone. Please”

I connected the mobile to music system and played the baarish song.

She came close and we both started doing dancing. I enjoyed dancing with her and I got scared with that feeling.

Yeh mausam ki barish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhundein

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho puri tujhi se meri ye kahani

Once the song completed both of us were so close and in each other arms. She was looking at me with so much love in her eyes. No one spoke anything both of us were looking at each other. She placed hand on my cheek and said, “I am so happy that I am with you in this moment but I am tired as well take me home. I am feeling dizzy” with this she fell unconscious in my arms.

I came out of daze and lift her and placed her in car and took her to my home where I used to stay alone before as I thought my parents will freak out seeing her like this.

I placed her on my bed in my room. My gaze fell on her sleeping form on my bed. Her clothes are wet.I was hesitant about what to do should I change her clothes or not. She might catch cold or get fever if I leave her like that but I was not sure of her reaction if I changed her clothes. There is no one except me here and I can’t let her fall ill as she has to join her college day after tomorrow So at last I decided to wake her up. I slowly tapped her shoulder and called out her name.

She slowly opened her eyes and I said, ” change into these clothes” She nodded.I too left to change clothes in washroom. Once I came back she was wearing only t-shirt not the pants and her eyes are closed.

I came near to her and was looking at her beautiful face then I realized what I was doing and was about to go when she caught hold of my hand then said, “Don’t go. I will never let you go again. I won’t repeat my mistake.” but her eyes are still close so I removed my hand from her grip and was about to go when she grabbed my hand again and pulled me towards her. It was unexpected so I fallen on bed beside her then She came closer to me. I felt nervous and my heart started beating faster.

I never felt this way I was feeling right now except for that day. No no don’t think of that day. I was in my own thoughts. When I felt her lips on mine and an bolt of electricity ran through my veins.I got hold of her jaw and cupped her cheeks with both hands and deepened the kiss like an instinct. She placed her hand on my nape and both of us are so lost in this beautiful sensation.

When I pulled out, her lips were swollen and she was looking at me with so much love. She hugged me and said, “you are the only one who can make me feel this way. You are the only one I desire to do this with. I will never leave you again”

I was stilles at my position like statue not understanding a thing she said. Why I am being like this? She is bringing out my soft side and feelings out. I feel a connection with her strong very strong connection. She slowly closed her eyes. I closed my eyes and slowly fell in peaceful sleep after many years.

Aneesha’s pov:

When I woke up I felt I was totally engulfed in someone’s embrace. I freaked out and started shouting loudly by closing my eyes. The person jolted up from sleep and said, “What happened?”

but I kept shouting he looked at me and quickly placed hand on my mouth and was hovering above me, “Stop shouting. Do you plan on making me deaf?” He said annoyingly

I kept staring in his eyes. He recovered first and said,” I am removing my hand. Don’t even dare to shout, Okay? ”

I nodded my head and he said,“Good”
and removed his hand.

Then I said, “Will you please get up?” he immediately stood up from bed and said, “Sorry” and avoided looking at me.

I looked down embarrassingly then I frowned looking at my clothes , I was wearing shirt and nothing else. I shouted my guts out again and Zaeem literally closed his ears then said, “Just shut up”

I panicked said, “Who changed my clothes? Where are we? How I came here? I don’t remember anything. I was in club.”

He turned and bend to my eye level and placed hand on my lips and said, “Stop rambling. Yesterday you got drunk so I brought you here as I thought mom and dad won’t be happy to see you in drunken state. This is my house. I used to sta... I come here when I want to be alone. You only changed into this clothes and really nothing happened between us. I was tired so unknowingly I drifted to sleep beside you and I know I have image of a playboy but I will never take advantage of a girl. I know you can’t trus..”

I said,” I trust you. ”

He was shocked by my reply.

He said,” You might be feeling hangover. Come down after you freshen up. I will prepare drink to lessen your hangover”

I said, “okay”

He left the room and I tried to recall the previous night and the thought of Afnaan struck my mind. He will kill me. He might be freaking out. If he had told my parents then I am so dead. I searched for my phone but can’t find it. So I came down. Zaeem came out of kitchen. He looked at me with wide eyes and I came running and said, “Have you seen my phone? I have to make an important call.”

He was looking at me with his jaw hanging to the ground.I shouted, “Zaeem are you listening?”

He came out to real world and said, “it might be in car”

I said, “okay” and was about to open the door but he pulled me back and said, “You can’t go out like this”

I irritatedly said, “Like what?”

He signaled me to look down. I looked and noticed that my legs are on full display as I was only wearing shirt. I quickly closed his eyes with my hand and said, “You idiot. Why didn’t you tell me before? I want my clothes NOW”

He said, “Stop shouting. You will definitely make me deaf by all your shouting. Go to room and I will send clothes. I already send driver to get you clothes and informed mom that you stayed here with me”

I said, “Close your eyes. I am removing my hand.” he said, “Okay” then it struck me, “WHAT? WHAT YOU SAID TO AUNTY? ARE YOU MAD WHAT SHE WILL BE THINKING?,”

He quickly placed hand on my mouth, “Stop shouting. I can hear you even if you talk normally. If you shout again then I will keep plaster on your mouth. Do you understand?”

I nodded my head.

He continued, “I told her that it was raining heavily so we are staying here as its close to pub”

He removed his hand and said, “Go to room. I will bring once your clothes get here”

I nodded and mumbled, “Iwantyourmobile”

He said, “what? Speak loudly”

I said, “you said to speak slowly”

He annoyingly sighed, “Not this slowly that I don’t even understand. Speak normally, okay?”

I said, “Okay. I want your mobile. I have to make a call”

He said “It’s on side table of bed take it”

I got to room and called Afnaan, “Hello Afnaan. I am Aneesha ”

He shouted, “where are you dammit? I have called you many times why are you not picking up?”

I said, “Calm down. I was not feeling well so I came to house. I slept as soon as I reached home and the phone was on silent. I am sorry. Have you called Mom and dad ”

He said, “No. I have not called” she sighed in relief,he continued, “How you went home”?

I said,” I-In cab”

He said, “Are you out of your mind? you took cab alone at that time. You have not learnt a thing from your past. If the past has repeated then what will you do? I am talking to Aunty we are going back home. No need to study. You are being too careless”

I pleadingly said, “No no please don’t do this? I am sorry. I am really sorry. I won’t repeat it again. Please Afnaan.”

He said, “Let me think. We will meet in one hour and then we will decide. I will come to pick you.”

I said, “No no. I will come”

He suspiciously said, “Why?”

I said, “It doesn’t look good that you are coming to their house very often. They might feel bad.”

He said, “Hmm okay”

I sighed in relief then I got startled when I heard someone say, “You lie very well”

I looked up it’s Zaeem, I said, “You heard everything”

He nodded.

I glared at him and said, “It’s bad to eardrop”

He said, “I came to give clothes and this drink. I heard it by chance”

I took drink from his hand and drank in one go and quickly took clothes and ran towards washroom then came out and looked at Zaeem who is still standing on same place and observing her, I said, “Can you drop me at coffee shop near your house ?”

He said, “I have to freshen up”

I said, “okay no problem but make it fast. I have to reach there as early as possible. it’s life and death matter for me”

He said, “boyfriend issue”

I said, “I will tell you everything in car for now please quickly get ready”

He nodded and in 15 minutes came down I was already waiting for him in the hall. Both of us sat in car and he started driving.

After sometime he asked, “Now tell me is he your boyfriend?”

I said, “no. He is just a friend”

He said, “Then why are you scared?”

I said, “Let’s just say my stay here depends on what he says to my parents”

He said, “Who is he?”

I said, “My child hood friend. My best friends brother. My parents and his parents were friends and we are also eng..”

I realized what I was saying and stopped myself. I don’t want to tell him about our engagement.

He curiously said, ” and you were?”

I said, “We are not at good terms”

He didn’t believe me but said, “Okay”

When Afnaan saw me, he smiled and greeted me and both of us got seated.

Afnaan said, “Aneesha. Are you really going to marry me?”

I said, “Not again. I thought we are here to discuss about yesterday night.”

Afnaan said, “No. I believe what ever you said on phone but I want to know if you are really ready to marry me and be careful with your reply as it will decide you will finish your studies or not”

I annoying said, “It’s blackmail”

Afnaan said, “I don’t care. I want you. I will make you mine”

I said, “We still have two years”

Afnaan said, “I want an answer. Will you marry me? Are you serious about our engagement? Do you think of me as your fiancee?”

I hesitated and said, “yes”

As I want to fulfill her dream.

Afnaan laughed sarcastically and said, “Really? Then where is your ring?”

I got panicked as I left the ring at home. I didn’t reply for long time Afnaan placed engagement ring on table.

My eyes widened and i said, “How you got this?”

He said, “Zaiba gave me and said you forgot it in your room and she missed to give it back”

That idiot Zaiba I thought

He said, “You don’t care about me. About our engagement. But mind it Aneesha. If you behave like this again then you can forget your dream. You like it or not you are stuck with me. Give me your hand.”

He picked my left hand to place the ring. But it already had a ring so he was about to remove it but I quickly snatched my hand back and gave other hand to place the ring

Afnaan said, “It should be placed in left hand. Give me your left hand. That day you said you hand is injured so I placed it on right but today it seems find so give me your left hand.”

I can’t let you to remove this ring Afnaan . It’s very special and I can never remove it. It’s from Zaeem who is my everything.

I said, “This ring is very auspicious. Sahib gave me this to avoid nightmares and said it should be placed on this. I know it seems so ridiculous but I believe in it so please place it in right hand”

He sighed and places it in right hand.

Afnaan said, “Promise me that you will marry me?”

I said, “stop it. It’s enough. I wore the ring so please leave the topic”

Afnaan said, “No. Promise me now”

I thought how can I promise him. I can’t, what to do? I can’t promise him as I will never marry him. Only Zaeem will have my husband place no one else.

At last I said, “I promise I will not back out”

I will make you back out

Afnaan smiled and said, “ to seal this promise kiss me”

I an gone speechless

He came closer to my face and our faces are just an inch away

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