Il suo fiore innocente

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In a world of injustice and corruption, filled with pain and deception, lies a pure and innocent soul. She was his light in the darkness that surrounded him. A drowning man will clutch at a straw. She was his straw, for when he was drowning in his sorrows, she rescued him. Every cloud has a silver lining. She was his silver lining, for when his mind was clouded with despair, she saved him. He was the monster in the closet or under the bed. The one you should stay away from and never invite inside, yet, she was the only one who didn't have to fear him because she was his innocent little flower.

Romance / Drama
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He sat in his car parked on the other side of the road as he watched her laugh with her brothers. Suo fiore. It was her birthday. He wanted to be there but knew she was too innocent for him to corrupt.

His lifestyle was too dangerous and he wouldn’t want her to be overwhelmed with all the attention. He knew she hated being the centre of attention so he tried his best to stay away from her though he’d have his men give him updates on her and he’d check on her himself when he needed to be calmed down.

He knew it was disrespectful for him to invade her privacy like that, especially without her knowledge but what could he have done?

If she had known, she would still have objected. The only thing that appeased his guilt was the thought that in doing this, he always knew she was safe.

Just the sight of her had his heart going wild and it was both scary and incredible.

He first saw her when she was seventeen and was just starting college, since her birthday was later down in the year and she usually got the attention of the boys. It was times like those that he thanked God she ignored it all and had brothers like those two boys.

When he first acquired all the information about her, he used to be jealous of them, thinking he should be there instead.

He loved her, yet, he couldn’t touch her. They were her brothers and they could hug and be around her all they want but he had to watch from afar.

He had to watch boys ask her out but it always made him smile when she denied them. Her brothers always protected her like the little baby she was and those pesky, fly-like boys only dared to approached her when they weren’t around.

Eventually, he learned to be appreciative of them, because if he couldn’t be in her life, at least they were there to protect her for him.

Although he knew she was protected, he still had his men follow her just in case she was attacked. He always made sure no one saw him but was too paranoid when it came to her.

He was constantly worrying about her and at first, it scared him immensely and he tried staying away but when he almost sent one of his most trustworthy men to the hospital because he was so irritated and took it out on him. From then on, he knew he had to accept and learn to control his feelings.

His heart leapt into his throat when she looked out the window and their eyes connected but she couldn’t see him since his car windows were tinted.

She looked back to her brothers when one of them said something and he watched in admiration as she threw her head back and laughed.

He could only imagine the sound of it. He’d never heard her laugh neither her voice and as much as he ached to hear it, just once, he never tried to. It was too risky.

He could only imagine her eyes crinkling at the corners as she laughed and giggled.

A small smile graced his face as she smiled broadly at the older woman. The only mother figure in her life placed a chocolate cake in front of her. It was her favourite. Anything containing chocolate was automatically her favourite and he loved that about her.

She wasn’t choosy and was easily excited. Those were two of the things he loved about her. Many times she would point to something as she walked down the road with her brothers and she’d start giggling and jumping, her bronde curls bouncing with her as her blue eyes crinkled in happiness.

She closed her eyes, shielding those impeccable, sea-like orbs from his view and blew out the candles. She cut the cake with Jacob and fed him some cake. He shut his eyes, imagining himself in his place.

“You’ve got some icing right here.” He says and she goes to wipe it away but he grabs her hand, bringing his up and swiping his finger on her soft pink lip.

Her pale cheek becomes red and he brushes his fingers over them, relishing in their warmth and the fact that he caused it.

“T-thank you.” She mutters shyly and he grins down at her before kissing her cheeks and pulling away, watching as the pink deepens to a scarlet colour.

“You’re welcome, mio fiore.”

He came out of his daydream and opened his eyes just in time to see her take a bite out of her cake, her rosy lips enclosing around the cake as she chewed. She smiled brightly, satisfied and said something to the elderly woman before turning back to her cake slice.

He sat there staring at her as she enjoyed her cake, focusing on nothing else but her.

Two minutes later, she got up and walked deeper into the café, away from his sight and he smiled when he realized what she was going to do.

A few minutes later, she emerged with three plastic containers stacked so high she could barely see over them, her 5′3" height wasn’t helping either.

She would’ve looked so small beside his 6′2" frame.

Her brothers stood up and collected all three containers, relieving her before helping her into her coat.

It was near winter and it was getting cold. Over the years, he’d picked up that she caught a cold rather easily and would wear jackets at the slightest drop in temperature.

Despite this, she loved the snow and rain. She would often run out into the rain or play in the snow and would spend the next few days regretting it and sneezing continuously, though it never stopped her from doing it again.

That was something he admired about her. She never let that get between her and her likes and though he would worry about her falling sick, he loved the gleeful expression on her face.

He couldn’t rob her of her happiness.

She kissed the elderly woman’s cheek before heading out the door with the two guys in tow. They were both muscular and anyone would find them intimidating but to him, they weren’t.

His father was well-built and intimidating and to his extreme dismay, he got most of his physical features making him appear just the same. His appearance served well in his life, it made him appear more experienced and persons usually got the message to not mess with him.

Neither of her brothers were like him but they were good enough for her.

He started his car as they got into Jacob’s jeep and began following them, always remembering to keep a good distance.

The vehicle stopped at the park and they got out.

She took one container and walked towards the group of kids at the swings.

He watched as she distributed each cupcake with a smile on her face and when she was done sharing, she stooped down and each child gave her a peck on her cheek.

Happy birthday, mio fiore.” He takes off the blindfold and she gasps at the sight on front of her.

A single table is set in a clear opening in the forest, surrounded by nothing but vast evergreen trees and illuminating fairy lights. The lights glowing brightly as the sky is a deep blue with few twinkling stars.

A set of three white candles, each of a different height is in the center of the table and red roses are stuck to each candle, the red flowers and green leaves contrasting beautifully with the white tablecloth.

Two plates are before each chair and all the different cutlery are beside each plate filled with her favourite food and rose petals litter the forest floor.

“It’s beautiful, Enrico.” The way his name rolls off her tongue leaves him breathless and he pants slightly.

Nevertheless, he smiles down at her and pecks her soft cheek.

“It’s nothing to compare to your beauty.”

He blinked a few times as a strange guy approached her.

He saw her brothers paying attention to them both and gripped the steering wheel hard to keep from running out, his knuckles turning white when he placed his arm around her shoulders.

Her brothers began walking over to her with brisk strides.

He could’ve seen she was uncomfortable by the way she was fidgeting but the guy did not notice it and it made him want to rip the idiots head off.

Sean ripped the guy’s arm from her shoulders and smirked as he stumbled a bit.

He regained his balance quickly before shouting at Sean and he watched as Sean calmly spoke.

That’s one thing he liked about Sean, he didn’t explode easily. It had to be something drastic for him to actually explode and start a fight with someone.

He was glad she was surrounded by people like them.

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