Il suo fiore innocente

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After Leo had left, Izabella decided to get ready for the gala.

She stripped out of her clothes and went into the shower, turning on the water and adjusting the temperature, before getting in and soaking.

When her fingers began to prune, she turned off the water and stepped out, wrapping the mint-green towel around herself and walking into her room.

She dried her hair before brushing it and putting it in a neat bun at the back of her head, purposely letting a few strands loose.

Izabella dried herself and wore the black dress her father had gotten her for her birthday.

It fit her perfectly with the bodice clinging to her chest and stomach, exposing a modest amount of cleavage.

The dress was sleeveless, exposing her slender arms and the split near her thigh gave the dress that subtle seductive look and feel.

Since she didn’t feel like wearing much make-up, she just put on some mascara and nude lipstick before wearing the same silver heels Mr. Knight had gotten her and grabbed her silver clutch and left the room.

As she descended the stairs, she saw that everyone was just reaching and Jacob was having difficulty buttoning his cuffs while Sean was almost at the point of choking himself with his tie.

“You’re doing it wrong.” She said, coming to a stand in front of him and he gave her a blank look before turning back to his tie.

"You don’t say.” Izabella just rolled her eyes as she slapped his hands away just as he choked.

“There.” She smiled triumphantly, moving away to admire her work when she was finished tying it.

Sean chuckled and Izabella turned to help Jacob who was already waiting on her, a playful pout on his lips.

“You guys need to learn to do these things by yourselves. Dad knows how to do it.” The two guys scoffed in disagreement.

"Why should we when we have you?” Sean objected and Jacob echoed him.

“Yeah, besides, dad has been doing this for years.” Jacob added and the young female shot them both a look.

“So have you.” She stated and they grinned cheekily.

Izabella finished buttoning Jacob’s cuffs and walked to her father’s side.

“Hi, dad. You’re looking quite handsome tonight.” She grinned and brushed some lint from his expensive suit jacket.

The older man chuckled and hugged her.

“Thank you, princess. You’re looking lovely as always. Can’t say the same for them.” He gestured to his two sons behind her and the two boys scowled as Izabella giggled.

“Let’s get going.” Jacob spoke as he walked to the door.

He opened the door just as Sean linked his elbow with Izabella’s and walked her out.

The cool wind caressed her face, giving a serene, peaceful feeling to the quiet night.

Mr. Knight got into the driver’s seat of the black Mercedes as Jacob took the passenger’s, and Sean and Izabella got into the back.

“We’ll be there in ten minutes.” Mr. Knight announced as he shifted the gear into drive and began driving down the stony path leading to the gates.

He stopped at the huge gates and punched in a code before there was a beeping sound and the gates slowly opened.

They quickly closed behind them as they left the compound and drove down the dim streets.

“So, who’s hosting this gala?” Izabella curiously inquired. She hadn’t gotten the time to ask him about the event and found it best to do so then.

Mr. Knight cleared his throat, demanding the attention of everyone in the car.

“Do you remember that woman who unexpectedly showed up at home last month?

“The one who hit on you many times?” She asked with an amused smile on her face and Mr. Knight nodded stiffly.

“You do know she’ll try it again tonight, right?” Jacob rose a brow at his father who took a moment to glance at his son in the seat beside him before turning back to the road.

“Yeah. She just asked me and-”

“-you couldn’t deny her because you didn’t want her to feel bad.” Izabella finished his sentence, knowing exactly what he was going to say and the older man gave her a sheepish smile through the mirror.

Izabella turned to look at the bustling pedestrians, walking on the dim sidewalk lit by the full moon and streetlights. The rest of the drive was silent, the only sound being that of their breathing and the low hum of the radio.

Soon enough, the car pulled up to two large, black gates and Mr. Knight waved at the gateman who immediately opened the gates, allowing them to pass.

He drove up the driveway and parked just beside the flowing marble fountain before turning around and nodding at Izabella.

She smiled before looking at her two brothers.

“Guys, please behave like the adults you are.” Jacob and Sean had a way of reaching for the food first wherever they went and would often forget their table manners the moment they saw food. One such happening was when Mr. Knight was opening a new branch in Moscow some years ago.

It was all over the news and though many persons found it amusing and often laughed it off, there were those who used it as a chance to defame the famous businessman, saying he didn’t train his children well enough and that he wasn’t all that he seemed to be.

The boys looked to their father, apologising with their eyes before nodding at Izabella.

“Okay.” Sean got out of the car and held his hand out for her. Izabella accepted it and grabbed her clutch before closing the door behind her as Mr. Knight locked the car.

He walked on ahead of them as Jacob and Sean linked their elbows with Izabella’s before they ascended the overly-large staircase.

Good evening, sirs, madam.” The doorman greeted them and Izabella smiled at the older man.

“Good evening.” Sean replied as Mr. Knight and Jacob nodded at him. The family walked further into the ballroom and greeted everyone who acknowledged their presence.

“Stay at our sides at all times, okay?” Jacob spoke, tightening his grip on his sister’s arm as a man passed and openly checked her out.

“Why?” She asked, completely oblivious to all the male attention she was attracting by just being there.

The two boys gave her a disbelieving look before shaking their heads.

“Because we don’t want any drunk guys trying anything with you, or any sober guys.” Sean stated and Izabella giggled quietly.

“Sure-” There was no time to speak anymore because there was a loud gasp from in front of them and they turned to see who it was.

Immediately, Mr. Knight sighed deeply as his two sons snickered at his dismay.

“James! What a pleasant surprise!” The older woman grinned and batted her eyelashes as she approached Mr. Knight, completely ignoring his children.

The uncomfortable man smiled faintly and looked to his daughter for help, but she only shrugged, enjoying her father’s distressed state far too much to actually help him.

“You brought this upon yourself.” She mouthed to him and the older Knight grumbled before looking back to Ms. Marks.

“Nice to see you too, Rose.” He tried avoiding complimenting her, but the woman was adamant, taking it upon herself to comply him.

“You look as handsome as ever tonight. How do I look?” She stepped back and twirled a bit and Izabella couldn’t help the thought that she was fishing for comments from raising in her mind.

Mr. Knight cleared his throat and nodded as Jacob snickered rather loudly behind him.

“You’re looking lovely.” He spoke and the woman beamed up at him, seemingly pleased with the compliment and not noticing how badly he didn’t want to be there with her. Approaching him, she grabbed his arm and linked hers with his and lead him away saying she had someone she wanted him to meet.

Izabella felt the woman had no right to drag her father around like some ragdoll of hers, but didn’t voice her thoughts, instead, she turned to look her brothers who were staring at the couple with slight disgust.

“Should we follow them?” She asked after a second and the boys nodded, still staring. The sibling trio began walking up to the couple who had stopped at a group of elderly men dressed in expensive-looking suits, two of which had girls wearing dresses exposing more than what was necessary.

As they approached the group, everyone’s gaze shifted to them, more specifically, Izabella.

“And who might this lovely young woman be?” A man with slightly greying hair asked, his lusty, blue gaze trained on the young, oblivious female who politely smiled at him. Her brothers and father didn’t miss the way the perverted man’s eyes roamed her body and though their wasn’t much on display, there was a fair amount for straying eyes and Mr. Knight unlinked his hand with Ms. Marks and pulled Izabella into his side, almost concealing her from the man’s view.

“This is my daughter, Izabella.” He spoke, emphasizing her relation to him and the man’s eyes momentarily flickered from Izabella to him.

He nodded and opened his mouth to speak, but Sean interrupted him.

“I’m Sean, his younger son.” He spoke and the edge was clearly heard in his voice, Jacob was not far behind as he introduced himself.

“Jacob, the eldest.” The man nodded at them before his gaze fixed back to Izabella who was busy trying to avoid the glare the girl hanging off his arm was giving her. She didn’t understand what she did and hoped her smile was enough to appease her.

Before anyone else could speak, Mr. Knight excused them all, not wishing to be in the presence of the disgusting man lusting after his daughter any longer.

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