Il suo fiore innocente

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“Izabe-” The couple sprang apart the moment Mr. Knight’s voice reached their ears, Izabella’s heart racing and her breathing ragged.

She looked over to Enrico to see him looking as calm as ever, little did she know, he too was having a hard time calming his heart, their intimate moment shared just seconds ago did things to him.

“Mr. Silvano? What are you doing here?” Izabella's father asked, his eyes darting from her to the statue-like man in front of her.

Izabella looked down and squeezed her eyes shut as her father approached them.

“She fell into the fountain.” He vaguely answered and Izabella tried to catch his gaze to silently thank him, but he was not looking at her.

Mr. Knight nodded, the shadow on his face lifting slightly as he noticed the coat on his daughter’s shoulders and slightly quivering form.

“Well, thank you for that. I’d rather it be you than anyone else.” Mr. Knight nodded at Enrico, respect and gratitude swimming in his dark-brown yes.

Izabella wondered how her father wasn’t afraid of someone like Enrico Silvano, but didn’t bother asking, maybe she would later.

Mr. Knight approached his daughter and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his warm embrace and kissed her forehead. Enrico silently wished it was him instead, but scolded himself for having such selfish thoughts.

There was no way he could be so carefree around her, he had already been slacking off, making her realize he felt comfortable around her. Though the thought bothered him, he was glad she offered though he didn’t see himself taking up the offer despite wanting to badly. He had to protect her and the only way he could do so was by staying away from her.

“I’ll be going now.” He said in a low voice, turning to walk back to whenever he came from, but Izabella stopped him.

“M-Mr. Silvano.” He wished she had called him by his first name, but thought better of it. It was for the best. He turned his head to the side, looking at her over his shoulder and his lips twiched at the sight of her small form enveloped in his suit-jacket, his clothes were just too huge for her and though it would never be possible, the image of her in his shirt, sleeping soundly on his chest at night flashed in his mind.

However, he instantly chided himself, focusing on her once again. He watched her reach for his jacket as she spoke.

“Here.” She walked forward and handed him the jacket, pulling her hand away when he collected it and with that, he disappeared from sight.

“Let’s get you home. We don’t want you getting sick.” Mr. Knight said as he guided the shivering girl back into the building, away from the garden and flowing fountain. They entered the building and walked back to the ballroom, instantly spotting Jacob and Sean anxiously looking around.

Izabella giggled at them just as they looked in her direction, their faces relaxing almost immediately and they began making their way over to them.

“Oh my gosh! Where were you?” Sean almost shouted as he grabbed her.

“Why are you wet?” Jacob asked, his eyes raking her form and she looked over at him to see almost everyone in the room staring at her, some with amused looks while some looked concerned.

“I fell into the fountain.” She didn’t want to tell them the reason why since the man hadn’t done anything and she knew they’d overreact. Jacob shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around her, before tucking a few strands sticking to her face behind her ear.

“Oh gosh. You’re going to fall ill.” Sean spoke up, a worried expression on his face while Mr. Knight took out his keys. When he found them, he looked at her and smiled slightly.

“I’m going to tell Rose we’re heading home.” Jacob and Sean snickered at that and the older man shot his two sons a glare, obviously annoyed with their actions. Izabella looked among them, utterly confused.

“Am I missing something?” She inquired and Sean nodded enthusiastically as his father rolled his eyes and walked away.

“While you were gone, Ms. Marks decided to try having a conversation with dad and she was constantly rubbing her chest up on his arm.” The two boys burst into fits of laughter as Izabella frowned, feeling sorry for her father.

“I-It was so f-funny.” Jacob added and they started laughing all over again, gaining some disapproving looks from those around them. Mr. Knight came back after a while, a frown marring his handsome features.

“What is it?” She asked and he frowned deeper.

“She tried to kiss me.” Izabella cracked a smile as she watched her father shudder, finding it amusing how women still threw themselves at him despite his age. He wasn’t that old and anyone could see he was well-built and Izabella couldn’t deny the fact that he must have attracted many females in his youth, he still did.

As soon as they stepped outside, they were attacked by the paparazzi.

“Ms. Knight! Why are your clothes soaked?” One asked, but Izabella paid them no attention, too busy trying to steer clear of them and getting home quickly.

“Is it true that you and Gabriel Matthews are dating?” At that, Jacob growled and shouted at the media persons to move away. They were just so disrespectful and it seemed as if they had no idea what personal space was.

“Are you planning to remarry anytime soon, Mr. Knight?” Izabella rolled her eyes at that one.

“You should tell her how you feel.” She said and he sighed, driving through the huge gates and onto the almost deserted streets.

“I’ve tried, she’s persistent.”

“I hate this.” Izabella groaned right after she had finished her sneezing fit. She had stayed in that soaked dress for too long and was now paying the price by sneezing her lungs out every few minutes.

“You should have taken that warm shower like I told you to, now look at you.” Jacob sighed, handing her another box of tissues as he threw the empty one in the tissue-filled bin.

Izabella mocked him, opening and closing her mouth as if she was speaking and he rolled his eyes at her childishness.

“You’re dumb.” He scolded and she glared.

“You’re dumb.” She repeated and both of them glared at each other, refusing to break the eye contact. Sean walked into her room holding a bowl of soup and a cup of tea on a tray.

“Mia sent this. She asked me to bring it since she’s busy making lunch.” He rested the tray on the bed beside his brother before taking a seat himself. Izabella eyed the soup, her taste buds tingling as she reached for it like a child reaching for candy.

“Does it have the alphabet noodles?” She cutely asked and Sean nodded, a smile playing on his lips as he raised the bowl and placed it on her blanket-covered lap.

“Yay!” She exclaimed, clapping her hands in absolute delight before sipping the soup, testing it’s temperature. When she deemed it warm enough, she began drinking, focusing solely on her soup, totally forgetting the presence of her brothers beside her.

“Drink this.” Sean spoke, collecting the empty bowl and giving her the cup of tea. Izabella finished her tea and rested the cup on the tray.

“Please tell Mia thank you for me.” Sean simply nodded before walking out the room, leaving Jacob and Izabella alone once again.

“I want to go to the supermarket.” She said and Jacob shot her a look, obviously against the idea. Izabella pouted and gave him her best puppy eyes.

“It isn’t a good idea, princess. The media are everywhere.” She wasn’t letting anything deter her, she wanted to go and was going to. After a few seconds, he finally caved and Izabella squealed, jumping up and doing a happy dance, instantly regretting it when she felt lightheaded.

“Five minutes is all I’m giving you before I change my mind.” Jacob grumbled as he walked out and closed the door behind him.

Izabella hurriedly washed her face and wore her favourite pair of black denim jeans and one of Jacob’s white t-shirts she had stolen a while ago. She tucked it into her pants and stuffed her backpack with her phone and a blanket.

“Izabella! You better be here in the next fi-” She hurriedly zipped up her backpack and dashed out her room, skipping some stairs to reach on time.

“I’m here!” Jacob narrowed his eyes at her, shifting them to the bag on her shoulders.

“What’s the bag for?” He asked and she grinned.

“You’ll see. Now, let’s go!” Izabella grabbed his hand and dragged him out the door, Sean following behind.

“Are you going somewhere, Izzy?” Leo asked, getting up from his seat on the seat on the raised platform leading to the doors of the mansion. She shook her head and smiled at him.

“No, Leo. Jacob will do the honours today, right Jay?” She looked to her brother who nodded at Leo.


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