Il suo fiore innocente

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“I didn’t mean it!” Izabella blurted out, her thoughts getting the best of her as she squeezed her eyes shut, hoping he would just accept her apology and leave her.

Her words puzzled Enrico and he stayed silent, wishing she would look up at him so he could see those breath-taking eyes of hers.

“What for?” He questioned when he realized she wasn’t going to look up, ignoring the sinking feeling in his chest. Izabella peeked one eye open, peering up at him through her lashes before opening both of her eyes and clearing her throat.

“I-I didn’t mean to make you look stupid. I’m sorry.” She spat out, wringing her fingers nervously and Enrico’s eyes didn’t miss the action.

He felt defeated. He had managed to scar her once again. He mentally scolded himself for thinking he could ever be a part of her life.

He knew people talked and there was no way she hadn’t heard.

Of course she would think he was going to harm her.

“Never mind. Stay safe.” He abruptly turned and walked in the opposite direction, opening his car door and hopping in before swiftly driving away.

Izabella was left confused, she knew he wanted to say something and couldn’t help but feel like he didn’t because of her.

Was it something she said? She just hoped he wouldn’t seek revenge anytime in the future.

With jumbled thoughts, she turned around and walked to her brothers, silently getting in the car and waiting for Jacob to start driving.

“Izabella.” His voice made her tense, her whole being becoming frozen as she remembered the last time they met.

“Tyson.” Izabella said, smiling up at the man.

The air was still awkward around them, at least it was for her, more so now that she knew he harboured feelings for her.

“It’s nice to finally see you again. I was wondering when you’d come again.” The young man said as he stood beside her. Izabella could’ve felt his gaze on her, but she kept hers on the children playing in the playroom.

“Yeah. I was really busy these past few days.” She said, trying to make herself as comfortable as possible.

With her newfound knowledge, she didn’t know how to act around him and only hoped she wasn’t being obvious.

“Here.” Tyson said, revealing a small jewellery box.

Izabella gasped, not sure why he was giving her that.

“It’s your birthday present. I know it’s far too late, but when I stopped by the café, it was closed and I don’t have your number.” He smiled sheepishly as Izabella collected the gift.

“Thank you.” She smiled and Tyson licked his lips, hoping she would like his gift.

The two people had no idea they were being watched from the doorway. Enrico felt his blood boil at the way the man’s eyes raked her body. Anyone could see he lusted after her and somehow, she never noticed.

He watched with a blank expression as his fiore opened the box and smiled widely, it ached him that someone as unworthy as Tyson made her smile. He felt as if she was meant to be hidden and shielded from such people and the urge to protect her was strong in him.

A low growl rumbled in his chest when Tyson took her hand in his and hooked the bracelet around her slender wrist. It was beautiful, but nothing compared to her beauty and what he could give her.

Enrico would do anything to trade places with that undeserving man who managed to make her smile, but knew he couldn’t if he wanted her safe.

There was a sense of wariness in Izabella’s eyes and it made him smirk inwardly.

“Excuse me, sir.” Enrico swiftly spun around and saw a young girl around the age of sixteen standing behind him.

Her face immediately flamed when she saw him and she looked down, muttering inaudible curses.

“Yes?” Anyone could have seen how intimidated she was by the way she startled when he spoke and the man frowned, wondering why he appeared so intimidating even when he wasn’t trying.

The thought carried him back to his childhood, he was always a quiet child and no one ever tried making friends with him. They all just usually avoided him like the plague and when he tried talking to them, they would hurriedly answer before walking away while some straight-out ran away.

“I-I’d like t-t-o p-pass.” The girl murmured, her eyes still downcast and he nodded though she couldn’t see before moving out of the way.

“Izabella!” The girl whisper-yelled when she reached a good distance away from the handsome devil.

Izabella looked away from Tyson and rose an eyebrow at the red-faced girl.

“Yes, Avery?”

“Excuse us.” Avery sent Tyson an apologetic smile and dragged Izabella away when he nodded, signalling it was fine.

“Enrico Silvano was standing at the door and I think he was watching you and Tyson. Gosh! He surely is hot.” Izabella gasped at her words, surprised at the girl’s bluntness.

Avery shot her a perplexed look.

“What?” She questioned and Izabella shook her head.

“You better pay more attention to your books. I’ve seen those grades dropping.” The young girl rolled her eyes with a chuckle.

“But school’s so boring.” She groaned and pouted. Izabella laughed and in that moment, her eyes met grey-green ones staring straight at her.

“He’s here.” She said and Avery turned to look in the same direction she was looking before smirking evilly.

“Love is in the air.” She sung and Izabella’s faced reddened, her gaze dropping to the floor below her.

“It’s not.” She muttered grumpily and Avery laughed, patting her head as she skipped away.

“Just saying.” She shouted over her shoulder before disappearing behind a wall.

Enrico felt his heart speed up at the sight of her laughing. He remembered the first time he heard her speak and though it was when she was scared, her voice still sound angelic and soothing. It had washed over him in waves, instantly calming the river of rage in him.

Her laugh was even better than he had imagined, a soft ringing sound that had the power to make him leave whatever that he was doing and watch her. It was forever stuck in his mind, constantly on replay and often helped whenever he was stressed or angered.

Seeing his fiore and that disgusting man made him recall the conversation he had on the phone with Amelia earlier that day. He had called her to let her know the repairs had been done and that everything was as good as new.

The woman had thanked him profusely, saying that he was a sweet and kind man, two of the things he was not. It crossed his mind that she was just saying that, but she sounded so sincere and no one could read emotions through actions, expressions and voices better than him.

After all, being able to do that was an essential part of being both a businessman and a mafia leader and the better you could, the better you were. However, this skill came naturally to Enrico as he grew up in an environment not fit for a growing mind and it was definitely not the place to show weakness, thus, forcing him to mature at a tender age.

Amelia had invited him to the café and knowing Izabella worked there, he had refused, saying he was too busy and would try to see if he could when she had begged him, knowing fully well he would not go.

Seeing Tyson and Izabella made him change his decision. He was going to stop by and he was planning to do so every night, especially if it meant seeing her.

No one would suspect anything since he wouldn’t really be interacting with her unless he was ordering.

At least he hoped so.

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