Il suo fiore innocente

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“Thank you so much!” Izabella squealed in delight.

It was the night of her birthday and they were opening gifts.

Her brothers and her had just returned from the café since Amelia said she shouldn’t work too late on her birthday. She didn’t even want her to go to work but she insisted that she did and she finally gave in.

“You’re welcome, princess.” Jacob grinned at her as she scanned the book.

He had gotten her a new book for her collection. Izabella knew those types of books were for teenagers but she loved them so much. The mysteries and the way they were solved always intrigued her.

She had recently started reading them when she had stumbled across one in the local library and since then, she’d been reading more of them.

“Open mine next.” Sean said enthusiastically and Izabella placed the book on the fluffy carpet beside her before grabbing the box covered with purple and gold wrapping.

“A new headphones? I’ve been meaning to buy one of these! Thank you!” Sean grinned proudly as he watched his sister fawn over his gift.

“There’s one more left.” Her father said and handed her his present.

This one wasn’t in a box, it was in a gold and white gift bag with red gift paper hiding the gift from the world.

“Thanks, dad.” He nodded and motioned for her to open it, his fingers tapping against his jeans as he waited impatiently for her reaction.

She excitedly pulled off the gift paper and revealed a pair of silver heels and peach cloth.

“Dad.” She whispered, amazed at the shoes.

She wasn’t really a fan of heels, she’d prefer to wear flats or sneakers any time but heels were okay. This pair was the most beautiful pair she’d ever seen. There were a few diamond bedazzles lining the rim of the shoes surrounded by much smaller ones covering the entire shoe.

“Take it out.” He urged and she slowly pulled the cloth out, holding it in front of her as the rest of it dropped to the floor to reveal a stunning dress.

It was an off-the-shoulder baby blue dress with inch thick straps which would fall just below her shoulders. It seemed to be the gown of a princess and she couldn’t imagine herself wearing it.

It was magnificent.

“It’s lovely.” She said, still marvelling at the dress and the pair of heels.

“I’m glad you like it, princess.” He smiled fondly as she rose to her feet and launched herself at him.

He groaned and chuckled, relieved that she had liked it, though he hadn’t anticipated her to be so excited.

“You have to stop doing that. You’re not a little girl anymore.” Izabella gasped and feigned a hurt expression making her father chuckle once more.

“I’m just not as young as I was back then.” Jacob and Sean snorted and she rolled her eyes.

“Yeah, Izzy. Dad’s old now.” Sean teased and she shook her head, disagreeing with him.

She looked back to her father and massaged his head, running her fingers through his slightly greying hair as he hummed approvingly.

They always loved her massages, especially him. Izabella would always suggest she give him one whenever he came home stressed.

“Don’t worry with them dad. You’re the most handsome middle-aged man I’ve ever seen.” He let out a quiet laugh at this and she smiled.

“You clearly haven’t seen a lot of older men then.”

“Dad! Jacob’s being mean again!” Izabella whined and tried reaching for the chocolate held high in the air by Jacob as he and Sean snickered at their sister’s expense.

“Dad can’t hear you. He’s all the way in his room.” Sean said in a high-pitched girly voice as she jumped once more.

“You sure about that?” Her father’s voice resonated throughout the kitchen as he walked up to them and smacked the back of Jacob and Sean’s head.

“Ow! We were just playing around.” Jacob mumbled and Mr. Knight shot him a sour look.

“You don’t find pleasure from other’s irritation or distress, especially your sister. Give her the chocolate now.” He commanded and she smirked as Jacob frowned and handed her the chocolate.

The boys were both adults but Mr. Knight always said as long as they remained his children, they were to obey him whenever he spoke.

“Thanks, Jay.” She pecked his cheek before grabbing the chocolate, thanking her father and walking into the living room.

She walked over to the couch and started when Sean plopped down suddenly beside her.

Izabella clutched her racing heart with eyes as wide as saucers.

“Jeez, Sean. Don’t do that.” He just laughed and grabbed the remote, switching to some news channel that she was the least interested in, too busy munching away at the chocolate bar in her hands.

“Hey look, it’s that guy again. Dad?” Sean asked from his place beside her and Mr. Knight hummed in response.

“Isn’t he the one coming over tonight?” She tuned them out as they began speaking about some new business partner she didn't to want to hear about.

“Mia, you should take the rest of the day off. I’m going to prepare dinner tonight.” She told the housekeeper as she attempted to reach for the spaghetti behind her.

Mia was their thirty year old housekeeper who had a giant-sized crush on Izabella’s chauffeur, Leo. Fortunately, Mia was not the only one with an attraction, but neither seemed to notice it, simply admiring each other from afar.

“No, Izzy. I’m quite fine. I’ll just leave after making dinner.” She gave her a kind smile, but being the stubborn soul she was, Izabella shook her head, determined to send Mia home.

“I would like to make dinner tonight. We have a guest and you know how I like to cook for guests.” She pleaded with the best puppy eyes she could give and Mia’s resolve immediately crumbled.

“Alright. Have a good night, dear.” Izabella gave her a quick hug, barely managing to contain her excitement as she ushered her towards the door.

Mia laughed heartily at her enthusiasm before waving and walking down the white stairs towards the wide, brick path leading to the heavily guarded gate.

“Mia!” She called out just as she reached the bottom of the stairs.

She turned and looked at her with a genuinely puzzled look on her face.

“I’ll have Leo drive you home.” Her face instantly turned scarlet as her soft green eyes widened and her lips gaped.

“N-no!” She yelled out in slight panic, but, Izabella waved her off and a smile overtook her face as she saw Leo walking in the garden to the side of the house.

“Leo!” She shouted, winking at a terrified and anxious Mia.

Leo hurried out of the garden and made his way over to them, quickening his pace when he saw Mia.

“Yes, Miss Knight?” He questioned, his beady brown eyes darting from the young female to a blushing Mia.

Izabella grinned like the Cheshire cat, before frowning slightly.

“It’s Izzy, Leo. How many times do I have to say it? Even Mia calls me that.” At those words, Mia released a high-pitched squeak and Leo’s eyes snapped to her, the ghost of a smile on his lips.

“Sorry, Izzy. Do you need my help?” He gave Izabella a small smile and she nodded vigorously, ignoring Mia’s pleading look and dismayed grunt.

“Actually, I do. Can you drop Mia home? I don’t want her walking.” Mia sputtered in disbelief and Leo looked to her, startled while Izabella was trying to hold in her laughter as her faced turned even more red, if that was even possible.

“Of course!” He chirped happily, his head bobbing up and down and he brushed a couple of strands of his blonde hair away from his eyes.

“I-I can-”

“Great!” Izabella interrupted her and smirked as Leo turned to her, offering his hand.

She gave them one last smile before walking back into the house, heading to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

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