Il suo fiore innocente

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“Don’t worry, Izzy. They’ll be fine.” Amelia spoke from her place behind the counter.

The café was relatively busy for a quiet, cold afternoon and it wasn’t surprising that many of its occupant were sipping on hot beverages.

“I know. I just have this feeling.” It had already been eight hours since they had left the airport and according to what Izabella knew, they only had approximately three hours left.

Anything could happen during that time and it made her restless. She wasn’t very pessimistic, but there was something that was bothering her.

“You’ll see, they’ll call you soon enough.” Amelia patted her back as she rose to attend to a customer at the cash register.

The rest of the afternoon went by in a flash, the sky turning dark and littered with stars in the blink of an eye. Izabella felt a little disappointed since Enrico hadn’t shown up that night, hoping his company would have deterred her mind from the negative thoughts and feelings plaguing her.

Besides that, Enrico was the only one who appreciated her peculiar taste in latte. He genuinely seemed to enjoy it, not like her brothers who just drank it solely to please her. Both her family and Amelia found it odd that someone would enjoy latte with peppermint, but left her to herself.

Izabella enjoyed anything with chocolate and the mint was just an added bonus since she also loved mint.

She liked to think that Enrico himself enjoyed her company, but chose not to think that far, not wanting to be let down.

When Amelia closed up the café, they waited for Jacob to arrive and pick Izabella up.

“Bye, Amelia. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Izabella hugged the older woman before getting out of the café and heading over to Leo who was patiently holding the door open for her.

“Thank you, Leo.” She flashed him a smile as he nodded and closed the door behind her, the warm air in the car enveloping her like a blanket.

“Your brother is not home at the moment, so he sent me to pick you up.” Leo told her, keeping his eyes on the road ahead of them as he drove.

Izabella frowned at his words, she knew her brothers and father had been stressed lately, but she never supported them staying in the office after seven thirty and that was exactly what Jacob was doing at that moment.

“Okay.” She replied and pulled out her phone, quickly dialling Jacob’s number and waiting for him to answer.

After what seemed like forever, Jacob picked up.

“Princess? Is everything alright?” He asked and Izabella smiled to herself.

“Yes and no. Why are you still at the office? You know I don’t like you guys overworking yourselves.” Jacob sighed at the other end as he placed the phone between his shoulder and ear and began typing on his computer.

“I know, but I have so much to do. It’s just for today, I promise. I’ll be home around nine.” Izabella didn’t bother arguing, muttering a few understanding words, she hung up.

“Leo, take a right. I’m buying dinner for Jacob and I.” With a firm nod her way, Leo turned to the right and stopped outside a large restaurant. It was brown, white and gold. There were large glass windows giving you a clear view of all the vibrantly coloured articles and clothed people inside. Since it was night, the view was better and Izabella smiled, remembering the times she and her family went there.

Not that they didn’t anymore, they just didn’t go as often.

Leo stepped out of the car and opened her door, waiting for her to climb out.

“Thank you, Leo. I’ll be back soon.” She said as she pushed open the doors of the restaurant, the smell of different foods meeting her nose.

Within five minutes, Izabella was back and on the road once again with a bag of take out and two lattes. When they arrived at the office, Leo offered to help her take it up, but she declined, saying he should get home to his father.

“Goodnight, Izzy.” The man gave her a dazzling smile and she returned it, standing as she watched him drive off.

Izabella walked up to Jacob’s building.

The security at the door instantly recognized her and moved aside to let her in.

The thing was that there were two skyscrapers beside each other, both of them being the company’s. Jacob worked in one while Sean worked in the other and Mr. Knight would just interchange whichever building he worked in since he had offices in both.

“Hey, Marc. How’s little Kezia?” She asked the older one about his daughter and the man chuckled.

“Great, as energetic as ever.” He threw in a playful wink and Izabella laughed.

“Tell Marissa I said hi.” She said and Marc nodded, smiling at the thought of his wife and daughter.

Izabella turned to the other man and noticed he was new.

“Oh hello. What’s your name? I’m Izabella, I would shake your hands, but-” She didn’t continue her sentence, choosing to let her appearance speak for her.

The guy laughed and nodded.

“I’m Tony and might I just say you are one pretty lady. Do you mind if I have your number?” Izabella wasn’t prepared for that and was taken aback, however, Marc answered for her.

“Careful there, Tony. She’s the boss’s daughter and he wouldn’t be too pleased.” Tony’s eyes widened and Izabella giggled at how he looked.

“That’s okay and yes, I do mind. I don’t know you.” She sent him a smirk and walked into the building, smiling at the sound of Marc’s laughter.

“We’ll, that’s a first.” She heard Tony mutter as she pressed the elevator button, managing to do so without throwing away anything.

It took about two minutes for her to get to the top floor since Jacob’s floor was on the top floor.

The place was incredibly quiet since everyone had left hours ago and it gave Izabella chills when the sound of her walking echoed around the place.

She reached Jacob’s door and fixed the bag of takeout on her arm before raising her hand to knock.

However, the door miraculously opened and right in front of her stood her brother.

“Oh! You brought dinner?” He exclaimed, surprised at her presence as he grabbed the bag from her.

“Yes. How did you know someone was there?” She asked, stepping in his office and smiling at the pictures of her and him hanging on the walls.

There were a few family photos, but most were of her and him and she could only assume that Sean’s was the same since she had never visited his office.

Izabella rarely ever went to the office, and when she did, she usually just dropped by to see her father since her brothers were always busy.

“I heard footsteps. Thanks for the food by the way, I was starving.” Jacob’s voice brought her out of her daze and she giggled at his reaction.

“No problem. I figured you were and I wasn’t about to let my brother starve while I stuffed myself.” Jacob took out one of the boxes and lifted the lid, inhaling the delicious aroma of the food.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” He said, sitting himself in his chair at his desk and rotating his neck.

Izabella walked up behind him and rested her hands on his shoulders.

“Massage?" She inquired and he nodded, already feeling relaxed at the thought of one of her amazing massages.

After the two had finished eating dinner, Izabella seated herself on the black leather couch near the floor to ceiling glass window. It gave a perfect view of the city down below.

The various colourful lights were a sight to see and from there, you could see the beach nearby.

“Jacob, can we visit the beach when the others come back?” She asked, still looking out the window. Jacob hummed from behind her as his eyes stayed fixed to the screen.

The rest of their time there, Izabella either looked out the window or watched cooking videos on her phone as Jacob finished his pending work.

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