Il suo fiore innocente

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After Enrico’s moment of revelation, he had told Izabella to have a bath, needing a few moments to gather his thoughts and accept the fact that she knew about his past.

Despite him willingly telling her about it, he was risking it all.

What if she thought he was too messed up to be in her life?

Sure, he had just lectured her on what scars really represent, but what if?

Him doing that wouldn’t change her perspective of him.

All through her bath, Izabella was thinking about his words for earlier. She couldn’t believe that he went through so much at such a tender age.

She rinsed herself and her hair, then stepped out of the shower, drying body and wrapping the towel around herself, and another around her dripping hair.

She walked to the face sink a few feet away from her and picked up the new toothbrush in the holder, applying some toothpaste before starting to brush her teeth.

When she was done, she walked out of the bathroom and let the towel fall from around her, not forgetting to lock the bedroom door like the last time.

Izabella stared at herself in the mirror, wondering how on Earth Enrico considered her beautiful.

She just couldn’t understand it.

Enrico was what they called a Greek god and beside him, even the most beautiful woman looked like dirt, so how could someone like her be beautiful in his eyes?

Izabella quickly got dressed, smiling when Enrico’s familiar masculine scent reached her nostrils.

The boxers fit her perfectly because, being a woman she had wide hips, whereas Enrico had the opposite. The shirt however, was another story. It was huge on her and the hem rested on her knees, fitting her like a dress and she mentally cursed him for being so tall.

She removed the towel from her head and ruffled her damp hair a bit. There was no blowdryer in the bathroom and she was sure Enrico didn’t have one, so she left it loose, allowing the air to dry it slowly.

Izabella stuck her head out of the room, looking both ways before stepping out.

She had no idea where to go and basically roamed the hallway, wandering from corner to corner.

Miraculously, she ended up near a familiar looking staircase and smiled.

She hadn’t been awake enough to notice anything on the way to the room, but she noticed a few things.

Hurriedly descending the staircase, she looked to the right and saw Enrico standing in front of the stove, backing her. His large frame almost hid the stove from her view.

He was wearing a plain white shirt which put his impressive back muscles on display and long, black pants.

Izabella knew he was going to get dinner, but she never knew he was going to cook it. She didn’t even know he cooked.

Hearing little feet pad on the cool tile, Enrico smiled to himself as he flipped the pancake.

“Dinner will be done in a few. You can have a seat.” She wondered how he knew she was present there, but didn’t ask, replying to his statement with an audible hum.

Izabella took a seat at the kitchen bar, quickly getting lost in her thoughts and was startled when something poked her arm.

“Are you okay?” Enrico asked from his seat directly opposite her and she nodded, staring down at the pancakes drizzled in maple syrup and chocolate.

He had felt his entire body light up with desire at the sight of her in his clothes. She was so small and his shirt made her appear smaller. The bit of skin showing where the shirt had fallen off her shoulder had done things to him and it wasn’t hard for him to imagine his lips on the spot.

“May I have some more syrup?” She asked and he nodded, reaching for the bottle next to him and handing it to her.

“Thanks.” Izabella opened the spout and completely soaked her pancakes in the syrup, grinning to herself as she grabbed her fork.

If Enrico was to be honest, he wasn’t surprised in the slightest, already familiar with her sweet tooth. He was just alarmed that the whole thing was even more unhealthy than what he had originally given her.

“That’s quite unhealthy.” He proclaimed and Izabella rolled her eyes.

“Be quiet and let me eat.” He chuckled at her response, watching her cut a piece of the pancake and dip it in the syrup before putting it in her mouth.

She was something else and he knew it.

After dinner, Izabella offered to wash the dishes and didn’t give him the chance to deny her, so he sat back and watched as she cleaned up.

It seemed as if his daydream had come though, only that she wasn’t cooking for him. Nevertheless, she was in his kitchen.

“I’m done. Can you guide me to my room? I don’t want to get lost.” She sheepishly grinned as she wiped her hands on the towel near the sink and he nodded, standing up and waiting for her to reach him.

They walked up the stairs in silence and down the hallway, turning no more than twice before they stopped in front of a door.

“I’ll come and get you tomorrow. Good night, fiore.”

“Good night, Mr. Silvano.” Enrico’s hand gripped hers when she reached for the doorknob and he leaned closer to her until his hot, minty breath was fanning against her ear.

“It’s Enrico to you.” Then, just like that, he turned and walked away like he didn’t just give her blood pressure a major boost.

Izabella opened the bedroom door with shaky hands, still too triggered from his previous actions and the moment she stepped into the room, images of his torso flashed through her mind.

Sure, they were pictures of when he was showing her his scars, but there was no denying that he had a spectacular body.

It wasn’t until then that she realized she had touched his abdomen. She instantly dived onto the bed, burying her burning face in the comforter.

How was she supposed to face him the next day?

She didn’t even know how she managed to talk to him like everything was okay during dinner.

She was in trouble and she couldn't avoid the consequences at all.

Izabella woke up feeling extremely warm.

She opened her eyes and smiled at the sunlight streaming through the open curtains. It was one of those rare days where the sun was warm during the cold weather and as much as she loved the cold, she had to admit that those types of days were the best.

Sitting up in the bed, she stretched and yawned, giving her body and mind time to actually wake up properly.

It had been the best sleep in her life, the mattress was not too hard and neither was it too soft, unlike the one she owned that was a bit too soft for her liking. Not that it was so soft that you’d sink in, but Izabella preferred mattresses like the one Enrico had in his home.

Izabella ripped the comforter from her body and shifted to the end of the and, slowly letting her feet touch the dark, wooden floor beneath her.

She stretched one more time before walking into the bathroom and getting ready for the morning.

After brushing her teeth and having a bath, Izabella wore the same clothes from the previous day, after all, she couldn’t just leave the house in Enrico’s ridiculously large clothes.

She giggled at the image of her brother’s reaction seeing her in another male’s clothes, especially Enrico’s.

Izabella grabbed her phone from the nightstand and placed her bag around her shoulders before opening the door, the scent of waffles reaching her nose and making her stomach rumble loudly.

Walking through the hallways she somehow managed to navigate, she reached the same staircase.

“Good morning.” She greeted Enrico as she sat on the kitchen stool, resting her bag on the table and turning on her phone.

Enrico swirled around and sent her a warm smile. He was already dressed in his signature black suit and this time, his hair was slicked back.

Izabella wanted to say he looked better with it messy, but didn’t as she concluded she wasn’t in a position to tell him how to style his hair.

Maybe he liked it that way.

“Good morning, fiore. Did you sleep well?” Enrico asked, a smirk playing on the edges of his lips and Izabella blushed, remembering what he had done last night.

“Y-yes.” She mumbled timidly, refusing to raise her eyes from her lit phone screen.

Her ringtone broke the blanket of calmness that had enveloped them and she instantly answered the call, not looking to see who was calling.

“Hello?” She answered and there was no reply, just heavy breathing and the sound of cars.


“Izabella Knight!” Her entire body tensed and Enrico noticed, his relaxed face taking on a suspicious look.

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