Il suo fiore innocente

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Izabella’s head snapped up at the word and her plain brown eyes met grey-green ones.

“Mr. S-”

“Enrico.” He corrected and she nodded.

“Good night.” She greeted, avoiding saying his name as it somehow felt odd to address him informally.

“Say my name.” He rumbled and she looked down to the floor, her cheeks flushing brightly.

He always had to put her in an uncomfortable position.

Why did he want her to say his name?

“Would you like to have the latte?” She asked instead of obeying his command and Enrico stepped closer to her.

“Fiore.” He called and his gaze on her was intense, so demanding that she looked up.

“Yes?” She feebly asked, timidly meeting his piercing gaze.

Enrico raised his hand and rested it on her cheek, his thumb caressing the soft flesh. Izabella gulped and tried to maintain the eye contact.

“Please say my name.” The air between them was charged and she could’ve felt the heat radiating from his body and it was welcoming.

“Enrico.” She breathed and it was as if a switch had flipped in him.

He leaned closer to her, his minty breath brushing against the side of her mouth and his stormy grey-green eyes fell to her parted lips.

He so badly wanted to taste them and feel them against his own, but felt it wasn’t the right time.

Sure, there was once a time when he considered it impossible to even be in the same building as her, but now that he had already touched her and spoken to her, all those things seemed possible and reachable.

“Thank you.” He spoke and his breath fanned against her lips, warming them and she could almost taste him.

Izabella held her breath as she shut her eyes, her mind screaming for her to move back, but her feet were firmly planted to the ground beneath her, her body refusing to move.

She felt something soft and warm on the side of her lips and snapped her eyes open, staring in amused grey-green irises.

Embarrassed and feeling quite stupid for assuming, she looked down and fiddled with her fingers.

“Fiore.” Enrico murmured, hiding his smile as he tilted her head up and smiled at her.

“You’re so beautiful.” He watched in satisfaction as her face flushed bright red.

Izabella didn’t know what to say. She would usually say thank you and that was it, but with Enrico, it was a whole new experience.

She felt it wasn’t right to just say thank you and act like he was one of those vain, envious persons she got compliments from because he was not.

Nevertheless, she said it to avoid the awkward silence she was sure would follow if she didn't.

“Thank you.” Enrico seemed pleased with her answer as he pulled away, his stormy eyes clearing the longer he stared at her.

“Yes, fiore. I’ll have the latte.” Izabella nodded, scurrying away from him and holding onto the counter for support, feeling like she would collapse without it.

She quickly prepared the latte and handed it to him, avoiding eye contact at all cost.

“Is your brother picking you up?” He asked out of the blue and she looked up, hesitantly nodding, unsure of the cause of his question.

Enrico nodded and watched her as he sipped his latte. It was sweeter than anything he would have ever chosen since all he drank was water or plain, black coffee, but he couldn’t deny the fact that it was incredibly delicious.

“I have a meeting with them, do you mind if I met them at your house?” Izabella wasn’t sure why he was seeking her approval, but shook her head.

“No. It’s fine.” She replied.

“I’ll drop you home.” With just that one sentence, she took out her phone and shot Jacob a quick text, telling him she was offered a ride.

His reply was instant, not failing to ask her who it was and she decided to answer him, after all, they had asked her to be more open.

Jacob’s reply wasn’t as quick as before and it seemed as if he had been debating whether he should be okay with that or not.

However, he didn’t object and told her to reach home safely, keeping it brief, showing his displeasure subtly..

“Oh, Enrico dear. You’re here. How have you been?” Amelia asked as she stepped out from the back room and Izabella noticed how Enrico always came when she was not present which was quite fishy.

“It’s good to see you again, Enrico.” Mr. Knight shook his hand before he hugged his daughter and kissed her cheek.

“There’s pizza in the kitchen, the boys were too hungry.” Izabella nodded and walked away, unaware of someone’s eyes on her retreating figure, her father not missing the longing in his eyes.

“Enrico.” Mr. Knight stated firmly, gesturing to the sofa.

“I hope you’ll excuse me for not having this meeting in an office, but I had mine converted into Izabella’s private library since I like working here.” He smiled politely.

“Not at all. It’s fine with me. So, why did you call me here?” He asked, getting straight to the point and Mr. Knight smirked.

“It’s about Izabella.”

Izabella was sitting in the kitchen, nibbling on a slice of cheese pizza with the open box in front of her.

There were two other large pizza boxes beside her, both empty and still, nearly half the pizza she was eating from was gone.

Her brothers were forever hungry and there was no denying it.

“Hey!” Sean greeted as he walked into the kitchen, swiping up a slice of pizza, ignoring the glare from his fuming sister.

“You already had about ten slices.” She whined.

“And your point is?” Izabella rolled her eyes, gulping down the glass of water beside her and chewing on the pizza slice in her hand.

“Anymore pizza left?” Jacob asked as he walked in and Izabella scowled.

“No.” She grunted, counting the slices and putting them in the fridge for the next day.

“What? You have four slices left. Share.” He complained, pouting and she rolled her eyes, washing the oil from her hands and licking her lips.

“Get a piece from Sean.” The two boys’ heads snapped to each other, their eyes narrowing almost predator-like.

“Share you pig.” Jacob grumbled and Sean shook his head defiantly.

“No, you rat.” Sean answered and the two brothers stood still for a moment before Jacob lunged at Sean.

Sean sprinted out the kitchen with Jacob running behind him.

“Jacob and Sean Knight! Behave like adults.” Izabella yelled, stomping out the kitchen and glaring at her brothers, unaware of her father's and Enrico’s gazes on her from the sofa.

She opened her mouth to speak at the same time her eyes connected with his and she blushed hard.

“I’ll just be in my room.” She muttered, hurrying up the stairs and slamming her bedroom door, her mind racing a mile a minute.

He had just seen another side of her and she as sure she wasn’t a pretty sight yelling at her playful brothers.

Walking up to the huge mirror beside her bed, she grimaced at her reflection.

Her lips were oily from the pizza and a large crumb was on her cheek.

“And he thought I was beautiful.” She said to herself, stripping and getting into the bathroom, adjusting the water’s temperature.

“What was that all about?” Jacob asked when Izabella finally came down the stairs, a few hours later.

“What was what?” She asked dumbly and Sean rolled his eyes.

“Why did you blush, dumbo?” Izabella grimaced at his choice of words and shrugged.

“I don’t know. There are times I randomly blush. I was cold, I guess.” Jacob chuckled.

“Sure you were.” He teased and Izabella groaned, walking past them and heading down the stairs.

“Hey, dad. What did you guys talk about?” She plopped down beside her father on the sofa.

“Stuff.” He replied briefly, staring at the television as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

Izabella pouted his way and cuddled closer.

“Can you please tell me?” She asked and he tore his gaze from the television ahead.

“Not yet.” Though she wanted to know badly, she didn’t ask, choosing to trust her father.

Her two brothers sat on the other sofa, Sean leaning his head on Jacob’s shoulder as they gazed at the television.

“I’m hungry.” Jacob spoke, turning to face his father and sister, and Sean nodded along with him.

Izabella sighed and closed her eyes.

“Go eat the pizza in the fridge.” The two boys immediately sprung up, running into the kitchen and shuffling around.

“They just wanted the pizza.”

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