Il suo fiore innocente

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Izabella’s shrill yell resonated throughout the house and her father and brothers came rushing to her room, alarmed.

“What happened?” Jacob questioned as he burst through the door, his head snapping in different directions, searching for any sign of danger.

Izabella didn’t reply, instead, she continued staring at the small cardboard box at the foot of her bed, her chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted.

“Princess? What happened?” Sean asked as he walked into the room, slowly approaching, afraid she would have another panic attack.

As her two brothers reached her, Mr. Knight busied himself with the box and his eyes widened at what he saw inside.

“Sean, Jacob.” He called his sons over as his eyes watched his traumatized daughter who was still frozen in shock.

“Wha-” Jacob’s words got stuck in his throat when he peered into the box and he stepped closer, looking closer to make sure it was actually what he saw.

“Is that a heart?” Sean asked, his eyes glued to the bloody organ in the box, surrounded by icepacks.

All three pairs of eyes snapped to Izabella when she suddenly sprang up and sprinted into the bathroom, slamming the door as she entered hurriedly.

“Izabella.” Her hair was pulled back and a hand rubbed circles onto her back as she leaned over the toilet, heaving and coughing way too much.

When she was finally able to empty her stomach, she braced against the wall and shut her eyes tightly, her shoulders moving up and down.

“Here.” Her father handed her a cup of water as he flushed the toilet. Izabella stood up and rinsed her mouth, reaching for her toothbrush immediately after.

“Who could have sent this?” She heard Sean ask from outside and there were a few murmurs from the other two males.

“I just opened the door and it was there.” Jacob spoke and Mr. Knight hummed, rubbing his growing stubble.

Izabella quickly brushed her teeth and walked out of the bathroom, the taste of mint lingering on her tongue.

“Don’t worry, princess.” Mr. Knight said as he hugged her tightly, patting her loose curls reassuringly.

It wasn’t much, but it was enough to calm her.

“Do you have any idea who it could be from?” Izabella shook her head, her mind beginning to race as she thought of persons to suspect, coming up unsuccessful just like before.

She didn’t know of anyone who had anything against her because as far as she knew, she didn’t do anything bad to anyone.

The only thing she could have thought of was when she was in kindergarten. She had shoved a girl and made her bruise her knee when the girl took her toy away.

Izabella didn’t think the girl still held a grudge, besides, that was ages ago and she most definitely couldn’t recognise her now.

“It’s okay, princess. We’ll find out.”

Enrico had gotten a very disturbing call from Izabella’s father.

It angered him that someone was targeting her and knew it was all because of him.

Ever since he had started interacting with her, he had confided in one of his most trusted men, his sister’s doctor who was also his therapist. The man was in his early thirties and he had a degree in psychology, neurology and physiology. His wife had been murdered by the American mafia.

Enrico had saved him from them some five years ago and he had offered to work for him.

“Carter. I need you to meet Mr. Knight at his house.” He spoke into the phone and Carter hummed.

“Why can’t you go?” Carter curiously asked and Enrico sighed. Carter was his best man and all, but sometimes, he needed to shut up and just follow orders.

“I can’t be seen near her. She’s being threatened because of m-” He stopped speaking when a sharp knock was heard on his office door.

“Update me.” He told Carter on the other end before swiftly hanging up and telling the person outside to come in.

His therapist poked his head in and grinned at him.

“Hey, Enrico. I just stopped by to see if you were okay.” The man said, his eyes twinkling in excitement like they usually did. Enrico always wondered how he managed to remain so carefree and jovial when the love of his life was dead, then again, everyone is different.

Maybe he did not like showing his pain, just like Enrico did.

“I’m fine.” Enrico grumbled back, clenching and unclenching his fists, the doctor’s eyes noticing the action.

“There is something on your mind.” He stated, sitting himself in a chair at the desk and crossing his ankles.

“Tell me.”

Enrico raised his brow at the man, not in the mood for his jubilance.

The man chuckled and shook his head in a somewhat disappointed manner.

“Enrico, I’ve known you long enough to know when your mind is occupied and something is bothering you. Spill.” A smile tugged at the corners of his lips as he watched his leader have a mental debate on whether he should speak or not.

After a few minutes of silence, Enrico sighed out loud and his shoulders sagged.

“I can’t be seen around her anymore.” His words were barely audible for the human ear and if there hadn’t been complete silence in the room, the therapist wouldn’t have heard him.

The man smiled.

“Why is that so?” He asked and Enrico shook his head, resting his face in his hands.

“Talk to me, Enrico. I want to help you.”

“Someone threatened her.” The words were out and it seemed more real than ever.

Admitting that she was in danger made him angry with himself. He had been stupid enough to think she could be in his life and he would protect her.

He was the devil.

He was the Mafia King and in the mafia, the higher you ranked, the more targeted you were. It was just the way it was and he was drowning in it.

His life flying by, him not accomplishing anything for himself.

He was empty and she was the only one who filled him up, but he had to stay away.

He had been so stupid.

“I was so stupid.” He muttered and the doctor stayed silent, gazing at the stressed out man in front of him.

“Then you need to protect her.” He stated simply.

Enrico shot him a small glare and the man smirked.

“Don’t act smart with me, Bryan.” The man laughed, throwing his head back as the sound escape him.

“Oh, Enrico. You put her in this mess and you need to get her out. The only way for you to do that is for you to protect her from this unknown threat.” Enrico was silent as he thought over Bryan’s words, his jaw clenching at the truth in his statement.

He had brought her into his mess of a life and he needed to get her out, and even if it was the last thing he did, he would do it.

“You’re right.” He sighed and Bryan hummed, proud of himself.

“Of course I am. I am the best after all.” Enrico bent his head and rolled his eyes, not liking the man’s confidence.

Bryan had a way of believing he was the best, but Enrico didn’t say anything. The man had kept his sister alive for three years after all.

His phone rang and he stood up, sending Enrico a farewell smile and walking out the door as he answered the call.

Enrico stared at the closed door for what seemed like minutes, just thinking about his next move before acting.

He dialled Austin and the man picked up after the first ring.

“Yes, boss.” He greeted and Enrico hummed.

“I need you to collect the parcel from the Knight’s mansion and take it to the lab. I’ll meet you there in an hour.” He quickly cut the call and stood up, stretching his sore muscles and grabbed his phone and coat before he walked out his office, not forgetting to seal the door shut.

No one would be able to get in.

“Boss!” His head snapped to the left and he saw Antonio running towards him.

“Yes?” He questioned the young lad, one eyebrow raised in silent question and he held back a smirk when the boy gulped, his face reddening as he looked down.

“Look at me when you’re speaking to me.” He firmly commanded and Antonio straightened, his eyes meeting his as he spoke.

“Your sister just woke up.” Enrico’s heart rate increased and his breathing became uneven, but he didn’t let it show.

“Let’s go.” He simply commanded and at once, they were jogging down the corridor, skipping two stairs at a time and in a matter of seconds, Enrico reached the basement which was also the hospital and he burst through the white, iron doors that concealed his sister from the outside world.


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