Il suo fiore innocente

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“Lasagne!” Sean shouted, bolting into the kitchen and reaching for the freshly baked pan of chicken lasagne.

Izabella smacked his hand away and scowled like a mother scolding her two year old child.

“Touch it and you’ll watch us all eat while you starve.” He whimpered and she rolled her eyes at his act, not feeling guilty at all.

“Just a tiny bit?” He asked in a small voice with his best puppy face on and she shook her head, biting her tongue to hold back her smile at his lame attempts that were making her resolve weaken.

“No. You already know that doesn’t work on me. Now, go get your brother so you both can set the table.” With a childish pout on his lips, he turned and exited the kitchen, yelling Jacob’s name all the way.

“Boys.” She muttered begrudgingly before turning to the stove and taking off the pot of spaghetti.

She rinsed out the dishes, dried and placed them on the kitchen island for the boys to move to the table before doing the same to the glasses.

“Boys!” Izabella yelled after not seeing them in the doorway and soon enough, they both appeared, shouting and tugging at one another to get through the doorway at the same time.

“Sean and Jacob Knight! If you two don’t quit your fighting right this instant, so help me-” All the plates and glasses were removed from the island as they quickly grabbed them and rushed into the dining room, not wishing to be in her presence while she was in her mother mode.

She grabbed the bowls of rice and spaghetti before heading there also, being surprised at how neatly they had set the table.

“Some people are learning.” She teased and they grinned cheekily, before grabbing the bowls and placing them along the middle of the rectangular table.

“Go get the juice. It’s on the tops shelf in the fridge.” She said to Jacob and he simply nodded before heading out.

Just as he disappeared, Mr. Knight appeared and smiled at her, shaking his head, amused at his smiling son beside his daughter.

“What has my princess cooked tonight?” He asked, going up to her and placing both his arms around her and Sean’s shoulders.

Izabella laughed at him and gestured to the table. He turned to look and his face brightened.

“Lasagne!” He declared, excitedly.

“That’s what I said.” Sean stated and Izabella shot him a look as their father laughed.

“I’m sure you tried to get a piece.” Sean looked away in guilt as she cracked a tiny smile just as the doorbell rang.

“Oh daddy! I have to go take a bath. We aren’t eating dinner yet, right?” She asked, not yet ready for their guest to see her in her regular house clothes.

“No, no. I’ll have the boys cover the food so it won’t get cold.” He said, quickly waving her off and she smiled, kissing his cheek and heading off to her room just as Jacob re-entered the dining room.

“Someone needs to answer the door.” She shouted as she ascended the staircase to the second floor.

“Got it!” Sean yelled back and she smiled.

Izabella walked down the hall, admiring the pictures of her father and his late wife.

She never got to meet because she died just after Sean was born. Apparently, the nurses forgot to take out her placenta after Sean was born and it killed her.

When Sean was old enough to understand what had actually happened to his mother, he went through depression for years. It started when he was nine and he barely managed to get rid of it when he turned sixteen.

He had almost died that day, the memory was still painful and fresh in their minds but they tried to not speak or think about it for both their sake and Sean’s.

“Sean! We’re home, bro!” Jacob shouts as he closes the door behind him.

His voice is already changing and it has started to deepen and she smiles as it resonates throughout the house, or rather the mansion.

A weird, uncomfortable feeling arises in her when there is no answer and the house is eerily silent.

“Sean!” She calls, willing him to answer as she walks into the kitchen only to find him not there.

He usually greets them as soon as the door opened or he would be in the kitchen.

She can’t say he’s taking a shower because he dislikes baths as much as a troublesome toddler.

Her heartbeat increases when once again, there is no answer. Her mind is racing with worst case scenarios.

Is he dead?

Did he run away?

He has been in depression for years now but therapy has been working since he’s more open and almost back to his old elf.

He can’t go back to that stage.

Both Jacob and her rush up the stairs, pounding on Sean’s closed bedroom door, their eyes wide in panic as their breathing becomes uneven.

“Sean! Please open up!” She says, her voice cracking and she doesn’t even care that she’s about to cry.

“Bro! Can you open up off us?” Jacob asks, his voice shaking in fear.

They wait for a few seconds before Jacob tells her to move back just before he kicks the door.

It rattles but doesn’t swing open so he kicks it once again and it flies open, revealing Sean’s empty bedroom and closed bathroom door.

They both run to the door and repeat the process once again.
Sean’s bedroom is dark so the light in the bathroom is showing from under the door.

Jacob once again breaks down he door and Izabella's face turns pale at the sight before them.

She feels something wet on her cheek but doesn’t bother brushing it away as she takes slow steps towards her unconscious brother lying in his bathroom.

“Sean!” She yells as Jacob whips out his phone, tears streaming down his face as his other hand holds Sean’s hand.

She sinks to her knees and rips the bloodied razor from his loose grip and shake him, trying to wake him up.

“Sean! G-get u-up!” He doesn’t move and she releases a loud sob, her tears now flowing rapidly.

“D-dad! It’s S-Sean!” Jacob sobs into he phone but she doesn’t remove her eyes from Sean’s still body.

“H-he’ll be ok, r-right?” She asks, her teary eyes shifting to Jacob’s red-rimmed ones as she asks her question, hoping against all hope that his reply is ‘yes.’

“I d-don’t know.” He says shakily before they both look back down to their bleeding brother.

Sean needed a lot of blood that day and she was the only one who shared his blood group.

That day was the first time they had ever seen their father cry. She guessed the bottling up of his emotions wasn’t good for him at all.

Mr. Knight never cried, not even when Sean was diagnosed with depression. He just kept it all in and never let them see him weak.

She used to listen to him cry outside his bedroom door at night. She used to cry with him and it made her feel much better, but, she had Jacob to help her but he had no one.

He always portrayed himself as this strong man and she guessed Sean’s near-death just did it for him.

Ever since then, she’d been trying to get Mr. Knight to open up, though it took a while, he eventually did and he had admitted that he felt much better and relieved.

When Sean had regained consciousness, he started crying and wouldn’t let anyone into the room but Izabella coerced him into allowing her in.

When she entered, he was a mess, anyone could tell he as crying with his puffy red eyes and messy hair. He looked drained and fragile.

She instantly took him in her arms, just like a mother would and they cried together. Not a word was exchanged and nothing needed to be said.

After his recovery, he told them how he felt pressured during therapy so they stopped his sessions. She became his therapist, whenever he felt depressed or pressured, he’d go to her and they’d talk.

She was so grateful that he was talking to someone. It helped him greatly.

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