Il suo fiore innocente

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“This means we’re looking for a doctor.” Mr. Knight stated as he watched Enrico’s eyes scan the paper in his hands.

Enrico nodded, a burst of hope bubbling inside him at the new information.

“Do you have any relation with anyone in the medical field who you haven’t gotten along with?” Austin queried, his hollow grey eyes gazing at Izabella’s family.

Mr. Knight shook his head.

“Not apart from my wife and she died years ago.” The older man looked to Sean as he spoke and Austin nodded.

“I’ll be back.” Carter rose from his seat and rushed out the door, his retreating footsteps being silenced by the door closing and the soundproof walls of the room.

“I don’t think this isn’t just about revenge. A smart person wouldn't reveal all their intentions. Perhaps revenge is one of the main objectives. ” Sean remarked, staring at the ground below him.

Jacob hummed.

“If this person has a partner, then they have to have some part in all of this too. We know this person wants to harm Izabella to get revenge on Enrico but what does the other person want?”

The door opened and Carter walked in with his computer.

He closed the door and hurried over to his seat, opening his computer and typing away.

“You told us that Izabella was taken to he hospital when they found her, but what happened to her parents? They aren't doctors so they can't be the main person behind this.” He pointed out as he typed, his eyes never leaving the screen.

“There!” He declared after pressing enter and a bunch of websites came up.

“They were tried and got sentenced to life in prison, but there was a prison break last year and they escaped along with the Mexican mafia leader and some other inmates. Is there anything that would make them target Izabella?” Mr. Knight frowned at the news, remembering the prison break on the news and the authorities hadn't managed to catch all the escapees even until then.

“There is one thing. Her grandmother left all her estate and money to Izabella and the only way her parents would get it is if she dies.” As he spoke, his eyes widened and so did his two sons’.

“It’s her parents.” Enrico murmured and grabbed the computer from Carter.

“I’m going to have Dante and Vincent find them. In the mean time, we need to think of who this doctor person is.” He pulled out his phone and walked out the room, talking on the phone in his language.

Izabella was eating in the living room when she heard a loud bang.

Jumping up from the sofa, she rested her plate on the coffee table and approached the main door, peaking through the one way glass windows on the door.

She screamed at the sight that greeted her. The two guards were sprawled on the ground, red liquid oozing from the side of their heads and a man clothed in black was standing above them, their guns a few feet away from them.

The man turned to the door and smirked right at her, as if he knew she was there.

Izabella backed away and tried to push anything in front of the door to stop him from entering.

As she pushed a table in front of the door, the glass at the side shattered and she screamed, jumping away.

“Well that was stupid." The man said, his eyes scanning the table pushed against the door.

His voice seemed familiar, but that was the least of worries for Izabella at that moment.

“Stay away!” Izabella warned, grabbing a candle holder and throwing it at him.

The man easily dodged it and chuckled.

“I’d suggest you start running.” He advised and as if he had spoken some sense into her, she sprinted towards the staircase and up the stairs, locking herself in a random room.

“Lord, help me.” She whispered, searching for the phone and quickly dialling her father’s number when she did, her heart beat increasing as she heard footsteps coming down the hall.

“Hi, prin-”

“Daddy. T-there’s a man here. He k-killed the guards.” She stuttered, the tears flowing freely.

“Where are you?” He questioned, trying to keep his voice calm so as to not make her more irked and scared.

Izabella looked around and realised where she was.

“Your room.”

“Go in the drawer in my nightstand and open the black box inside.” Izabella did as he commanded and gulped at the sight of the gun.

“It’s a gun.” She whispered and her father hummed.

“Listen to me. You need to shoot that man-”

“I can’t do that.” She jolted when there as a harsh knock on he door.

“I know you’re in there. I’ll count to five before I come in.” The man spoke and Izabella released a whimper.

“You don’t have to kill him.”


“Help.” She cried to her father on the phone.

“Izabella, listen to me.”


“Hold the gun and shoot.”


“I can’t.”


“Remember what I taught you.”


“Five.” There was an ear-piercing sound and the door flung open.

Izabella sank to the floor, clutching the gun in her right hand as the other held the phone.

She watched as his head turned in all directions before his gaze settled on her still figure, a smirk slowly taking over his features at the sight of her shaking hand holding the gun.

His pulled his hood down and she gasped.

He was the man from the airport who had offered to fetch the drinks for her.

“Put that down, doll. You’ll hurt yourself.” The man was partially wrong because Izabella knew how to hold a gun, her father had given her private lessons, but he was also right because she had never used the knowledge to injure a real person, just dummies.

She was scared.

What if she missed and ended up killing him?

What if she missed and shot something else? Then she’d definitely be doomed, seeing that the gun wasn’t fully loaded.

“Put that down, little girl.” The man began to get irritated and began walking over to her.

“Stay there!” Izabella shouted, her hands gripping the gun as her finger hovered over the trigger.

The man tipped his head, a slow smile taking over his face and soon enough, he was full out laughing.

He opened his eyes and stared at her as he laughed before he became serious when his eyes found the phone in her hand.

“You called someone? Your daddy perhaps?” He mocked and started running to her.

Izabella screamed and her finger came down on the trigger, the sound of the gun going off was almost to the point of deafening.

Her eyes were squeezed shut and she only opened them when she heard painful groans.

The same man was on the ground just in front of her and his hand was clutching his stomach, his face the picture of anguish and pain.

Quickly standing on shaky legs, she sidestepped him and squeaked when a hand wrapped around her ankle and pulled her down to the ground, her head connecting with the tile and cracking it.

Izabella groaned loudly, willing herself to stay conscious and get away from danger.

“You’re not going anywhere.” The man spoke slowly, his hand tightening around her ankle.

Izabella ripped his hand off, her eyes barely managing to stay open as she rose to her feet and dragged herself to the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” A feminine voice reached her ears and she looked up just in time see a face she hadn’t seen for years, but in her dreams.


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