Il suo fiore innocente

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“She’s so stupid. I’d never love anyone like her. This is all for you, baby. I’ll have my revenge and you’ll be at peace.” Luciana stopped in her tracks as those words reached her ears.

That was Bryan’s voice and as far as she knew, she was the only woman in his life, so who was he talking to?

“I’ll have my revenge. This is all for you. I’ll make him pay for taking you away from me then I’ll join you up there. He thinks he can just kill innocent people and get away with it? He’s a fool. No one harms what’s mine and leaves unscathed.” Luciana peeked through the leaves and saw Bryan.

He was holding a picture and caressing it as he walked back and forth, never taking his eyes from it.

“I miss you Cathy. You were the best wife until that idiot took you away from me. He’ll pay for that.“ Luciana held in a gasp and willed herself to continue listening.

“Enrico won’t escape this alive, both he and his stupid love will die today.” She knew Bryan had a wife, but he told everyone the mafia had killed her, now she was hearing that her brother had killed her.

Of course, she didn’t believe because she knew her brother didn’t kill without a reason and for him to kill Bryan’s wife, she either had to be guilty of something or it was an accident.

“My original plan was to use his sister against him, make her believe I loved her and all that trash and she fell for it, but the moment I found out about Izabella, I knew I was blessed.” Luciana couldn’t believe her ears. The same man who had taken her out on dates, cooked her food when she was hungry and made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world was that psychotic, vengeful man.

It was a strange sight because Bryan was always smiling. He never took anything negative anyone said to heart and would have often brushed it off, but that side of him left her stunned. She would have never thought he was the same Bryan she knew from before, although, it would explain why he had been avoiding her, never in when she asked for him and always dismissing her whenever she tried to make conversation.

“You know what the best part is? Izabella’s parents also want to kill her and the Mexican mafia want Enrico dead.” Bryan snickered.

“He will never be able to see it coming, he’s too busy trying to figure out who is sending those body parts, but guess what. That’s a diversion because as we speak, her parents are headed to the house to wait for me. We’re going to kidnap Izabella now.” He kissed the picture and laughed.

“I’ll be back love. Just a little longer.” Bryan stuffed the picture in his pocket and walked out of the garden, headed in the same direction Luciana was.

She quickly moved to hide behind the trees and watched him walk pass, totally clueless about her presence. She was hurt that the only man she had ever truly loved was a fraud, just like the other men in her life, but she ignored that and called her brother.

“Enrico. I know who it is.”

“Bryan!” Enrico bellowed as he ran up the stairs, Luciana following close behind.

“I don’t think he’s here.” She stated, but Enrico was too far ahead to hear, already at the top of the stairs.

She sighed and followed him, watching as he ran down the hall, stopping at Bryan’s door and kicking it open.

The office was empty, everything was in place and Luciana frowned at her bother who was tumbling all Bryan’s clothes and papers.

She looked to the desk and noticed a piece of paper fluttering in the wind.

“You must know by now. Meet me at the place it all began.” She read the note aloud and Enrico snapped his gaze in her direction, launching himself at her and grabbing the paper.

“The place it all began?” He questioned, his brows furrowing as he thought.

“The place I killed his wife, but how do I know when? I don’t even know if I killed his wife.” He groaned frustratedly and Luciana sighed, taking the paper back from him and reading over the words.

“Why did he write at the top of the page? He had a phobia of writing in the middle of blank pages and this page is most definitely blank.” She observed and Enrico hummed, an idea forming in his head.

“Maybe.” He grabbed the paper and places it on the desk, rushing to close the curtains and telling Luciana to turn off the lights.

The only source of light in the room was the single lamp on the desk and it was sufficient enough for them.

“He had told me he had bought an invisible ink pen. What does that look like?” He turned to his sister who was staring at something on the desk in the pen holder.

“Like that.” She said, pointing to a florescent green pen, the only one in the pen holder and Enrico took it, turning on the light and shining it on the paper.

Just as he had thought, there were words written in invisible ink, only visible because of the special light.

“I’m sure you remember where you rescued me. If you don’t here’s a tip. It’s near the border of the country. Better hurry, clock’s ticking and Izabella might be lost.” He read and looked to Luciana.

“Andiamo!” (Let’s go!)

“The path has changed. I can’t remember where I went!” Enrico growled, fisting his hair and tugging at the roots.

Lucian took out her phone.

“Chi ti ha accompagnato?” (Who accompanied you?)

Enrico released a breath, attempting to calm himself and think at the same time.

“Carter.” He finally answered and Luciana called him.

“Carter. Remember where you rescued Bryan? Meet us at the forest.” She hung up and looked to Enrico.

“He’ll be here soon.” The man gritted his teeth, his fiore’s life was in danger all because of him.

Fifteen minutes later, a familiar car passed theirs, honking as it passed and Enrico started the vehicle, adrenaline pumping once again as he followed Carter down the path.

“Remember us?” A familiar voice asked as Izabella slowly opened her eyes.

She didn’t see anyone though, she couldn’t.

It was pitch black wherever she was and she felt the beginning of a panic attack rising in her.

“Mum?” She called out, remembering the face she’d seen just before passing out.

“Oh! You do remember me!” The woman squealed and the lights flickered on.

Izabella shut her eyes, the light burning them as they had already adjusted to the dark.

Open your eyes, baby. Have a look at your parents one last time.” At those words, Izabella’s eyes snapped open, squinting in the brightness of the room.

“W-what?” She asked and there was a deep chuckle before a man walked into the room.

“You naive little girl. Your beloved grandmother left all her fortune in your name and the only way for us to get it is for you to die, so this is it.” Izabella stared up at the man who had beaten her mercilessly until she was soaked in a pool of her own blood.

“D-dad?” The man chuckled once again, the sound sending chills up her spine, nothing like Mr. Knight’s own.

“You wouldn’t kill me.” She boldly stated and the couple looked at her as if she was crazy.

“What ever has made you think so? Do you remember when I battered that weak, pathetic body of yours? If I could do that, what makes you think I can’t kill you?” Izabella mentally agreed and scolded herself.

What was she thinking? Those people were insane and wouldn’t think twice before killing her.

“Well, look who’s awake.” A new voice reached her ears and she looked to the door, staring at the man who had helped her at the airport.

“You? Who are you?” She asked and the man shook his had.

“How bad of Enrico. He didn’t even tell you about the sin he had committed.”

“What sin?”

“He killed my wife.” Izabella knew not to believe him.

She had believed the rumours about him long enough and had started second-guessing them after that night she had spent at his house.

Enrico was nothing like those people told and she knew it.

He couldn’t have killed that man’s wife. He wouldn’t harm an innocent and she didn’t have to know him well enough to know that because it was understood in the way he behaved.

She believed in Enrico and knew he was somehow going to save her.

“You know what? I have some men who have had rough days. What do you say you ease their stress?” The man eyed her as he brushed his hand on her hair, tugging at the curls painfully.

Izabella glared at him, her gaze hardening because she knew what he meant.

“No.” The three people in the room chuckled at her reply before the man spoke again.

“Too bad then because I'm wouldn’t listen to you. Boys!” He yelled and three huge men dressed in dirty, muddy clothing came through the doorway, their ugly, bruised faces scanning Izabella’s small frame.

“She’s all yours.” He told them as her parents walks out the room.

“I hope you’ll satisfy them, Izabella.” He flashed a devilish smile before walking out the room and instantly, he was pushed back harshly.

The three dirty men jolted, their heads snapping to the door.

“She won’t be satisfying anyone but me!” Enrico declared as he stomped through the door, grabbing the man by his collar and punching his face repeatedly.

By then, Carter and Austin had already entered and were fighting off the three dirty men.

There were some gunshots from outside, but Izabella didn’t notice it, she was just focusing on the man who had managed to save her once again.

She watched as he dropped the bleeding unconscious man to the floor and wiped his hands on his shirt, walking over to her and untying the rope, being careful enough to not hurt her in the process.

He avoided eye contact all the while.

“Enrico.” She mumbled and he looked up.

“Hi.” She giggled and he sighed, a faint smile on his lips.

“Hi.” Enrico scooped her up in his arm and Izabella buried her face in his neck, inhaling his unique masculine scent.

“Thank you for saving me again.” She whispered, her warm breath fanning against his Adam’s apple.

“I’d save you any time. I love you, fiore.” Izabella felt her chest and face warm at his words.

How oblivious had she been to not realise it?

She sighed and squeezed his neck tighter.

“It's okay, fiore. I know it's too soon for you. Just know that I love you, always.”

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