Il suo fiore innocente

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Izabella got out of the shower and dressed in a pair of white jeans and a black off-the-shoulder top before wearing her diamond studs and putting her long hair in a low ponytail.

She put on her dark grey ankle-socks before exiting the room.

Reaching the top of the staircase, she saw Mr. Knight and a blonde-haired guy seated on the sofas in the living room, the small coffee table between them covered with papers and folders.

Mr. Knight had an office but he preferred to work in the living room, claiming it was less enclosed and airy though his office was almost as large as the living room itself and had numerous windows, eventually, he had it converted into Izabella’s private library, since the boys had no interest in reading.

With a small smile, she walked down the staircase and reached them. The blonde-haired guy raised his head first and gave her a cute smile, reminding her of Jacob and Sean.

“Good evening. You must be Izabella. I’m Carter Stone.” He said, rising to his feet and nodding his head in an appreciative manner.

He was taller than her of course, she was only 5′5".

His eyes scanned her from head to toe and weirdly, she wasn’t freaked out.

He seemed to be analyzing her.

She nodded with a smile.

“Yes. Nice to meet you. Now, shall we?” She replied, gesturing in the direction of the dining room.

Mr. Knight chuckled and nodded.

“Are those socks?” Carter asked, pointing to Izabella’s sock-clad feet and all eyes shifted to her feet.

She wiggled her toes a bit before nodding happily.

“Yes. Last time I checked they still were.” Izabella said before sprinting off to the dining room.

“Be careful!” Mr. Knight shouted and she waved him off.

“Why am I not surprised?” She heard him mutter to himself and giggled quietly.

A few seconds after she reached the table, the others arrived and they all took our seats.

“It’s a self-served dinner.” She stated, reaching for the bowl of lasagne.

After everyone had their plates filled, they filled their glasses and Izabella saw Carter had a perplexed expression on his face.

“Something wrong, Mr. Stone?” She questioned with a raised brow and he shook his head immediately.

“No. It’s just that when I usually have dinner at a business associate’s residence we usually have wine. It’s unusual to see us having juice.”

“That’s good, after all, we do want you to remember this dinner.” Izabella said with a giggle and Mr. Knight shook his head at her, a small smile playing on his lips.

“Shall we?” Sean asked impatiently, his eyes darting from his sister to Carter.

He and Jacob were guarded when it came to Carter.

Izabella nodded with an eye roll and the two boys dug in, immediately stuffing their faces.

She waited as Carter took his first forkful of spaghetti and watched in pride as his eyes widened and he looked to Mr. Knight.

“This is delicious.” He declared after chewing and swallowing.

Mr. Knight nodded and looked at her, a glint of pride in his eyes.

“Indeed. Izzy loves cooking for us, especially when we have guests over. She rarely lets our house-help cook.” Carter looked to her and raised his fork a bit.

“You have serious skills. Man, if I could have your cooking everyday.” He grinned and Izabella laughed heartily, her cheeks reddening from all the praises.

“Well, you can’t because she’s ours.” Jacob murmured quite loudly and his father instantly glared his way.

Carter just shrugged and nodded in an almost defeated manner.

“That’s true.”

“There’s some extra in the kitchen, I could always pack it for you.” She said, happy to give him the rest of the food as compensation for her bothers’ behaviour.

He shook his head with a chuckle.

“That’s ok. I don’t want to rob you of your delicious dinner.” Sean snorted, disguising it as a cough and Izabella’s hawk-like eyes met Jacob’s quizzical ones.

Instead of saying anything to them, she turned to Carter with a bright smile.

“No. I insist. I’m sure you have family who would enjoy it, besides, I think these guys have has enough.” Her, Carter and Mr. Knight burst out laughing as Sean and Jacob frowned.

“Okay. I hope it’s not too much.” Carter spoke once again and Izabella shook her head.

“Not at all.”

The rest of dinner was filled with Mr. Knight and Carter discussing business, the boys shooting Carter looks and Izabella ordering them to stop with her eyes.

After dinner, she cleared the table and made Sean and Jacob do the dishes as a punishment for being so hostile towards Carter.

Every chance they got to shoot him down, they took. They always said things that would make everyone uncomfortable but what she liked was that Carter never seemed to mind. He just laughed it off and continued talking as if everything was normal.

“Thank you for dinner and these.” He said, shaking her hand with a polite smile, raising the two containers in his free hand.

She grinned before letting go of his hand and watching him turn to her father.

“I look forward to doing business with you, Mr. Knight. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a goodnight.”

“Same to you, Carter. Feel free to visit us again.” The older Knight said, giving Carter a firm handshake and a smile.

“I might just take you up on that offer.” Carter grinned, showing all his pearly whites.

“Goodnight, Carter.”

“Why were you two behaving so inhospitable towards Carter? What is the reason this time? Don’t you dare tell me he was eyeing me up.” Izabella spoke in a motherly tone, her eyes narrowing at the two immature adults on the couch.

Mr. Knight was upstairs taking a shower and getting ready for bed.

The two boys scoffed audibly and crossed their arms childishly.

“But it’s true. He was.” They argued back, their eyes roaming the floor and the wall behind their sister as if it held the answer to her question.

She sighed deeply, facepalming.

“Guys-” She started, sitting between the two and pulling their hands into her lap.

“You can’t stop guys from talking to me and not every guy who looks at me is lustful. Carter was practically analysing me, besides, he’s married.” She giggled at the surprised expressions on their faces.

“Really? Still, has marriage ever stopped anyone? If so, no one would be cheated on.” Sean argued, his chest puffing out as he spoke.

“True, but, Carter’s a nice guy. He just has this aura that makes you comfortable around him. I’m sure you guys would be great friends if you tried.” They didn’t answer, too occupied in coming up with a million reasons why their friendship wouldn’t work.

“The next time Carter comes here, I want you two to welcome him in and serve him food. You two will sit with dad when they are discussing so you can learn something, since you both will inherit the company when dad retires.” They immediately groaned and tried to protest but she was having none of it.

“You will do it.” Izabella stated, her voice laced with finality and they nodded, their heads bowed in submission and she ruffled their hair before standing up.

“I love you guys, but, you need to stop being so overprotective. At this rate, I won’t get married until I’m at least eighty.” She laughed at her own joke.

“That’s the goal.” Jacob replied with a smirk and she rolled her eyes.

“We shall see.”

“We shall indeed.”

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