Il suo fiore innocente

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The startled woman stared up at him in utter shock, her head tilted far back and her mouth gaped a bit as her eyes resembled saucers.

“W-what?” She finally managed to choke out after barely overcoming her shock.

He folded his hands infront of his broad chest, peering down at her through stormy grey-green eyes.

“Would you like me to finish him off for you?” His question was followed by a subtle quirk of one of his thick, dark eyebrows.

His gaze never left her face as he awaited her answer.

“No!” Izabella all but shouted in slight panic, narrowing her eyes when the corner of his plump lips tilted up just a bit.

“Y-you think this i-is f-funny?”

His amusement only seemed to increase as her face heated up in both frustration and embarrassment.

“Signore?” (Sir?)

A raspy voice sounded from beside them and she turned to look at the man who spoke, still feeling his gaze on her.

However, the man did not even glance at her, his eyes solely fixed on something at the wall opposite him.

“Austin.” Her saviour said in a flat tone and she could have still felt his scorching gaze on her.

“The media are already outside and have surrounded the place.” Austin spoke, his handsome features distorted with a hint of worry.

“I’ll take care of them.” Izabella’s saviour murmured lowly, moving closer to her as a calloused, yet warm hand brushed her forearm making her shiver slightly.

“Sì, signore.” (Yes, sir.)

With a firm nod, Austin turned around and walked to the van, climbing in and shutting the door, leaving Izabella and the mysterious man she was sure she had seen before.

“Come on. I’ll take you home.” Just as the words left his mouth, Amelia came bursting through the door, a group of policemen following behind.

“Izzy! Oh my goodness!” She cried out, hurrying over to Izabella on her short legs.

“You’re ok? Are you hurt? Did he hurt you? Did they hurt you?” She bombarded the young girl with questions, not even noticing the man beside her.

“Yes, Amelia, I’m fine. They didn’t hurt me. He saved me.” Izabella said and gestured to the seemingly tall and devilishly handsome man beside her.

Amelia looked to him and frowned slightly before putting on a faux smile.

Her reaction left the younger woman confused and curious.

“Thank you, dear.” She smiled up at him, not making a move to hug him like she usually would.

“You don’t have to thank me, ma’am. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.” Izabella's face warmed at his words and she saw the change in Amelia’s expression.

It became much more sincere as she smiled brightly up at him, the crinkles at the side of her eyes showing.

“I can see that and you can call me Amelia.” She said, rather pleased and Izabella felt his gaze back on her.

For the second time, he smiled and even Mrs. A seemed to be mesmerized.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Amelia.” She smiled and chuckled.

“Likewise, Mr. Silvano.” Suddenly, everything snapped in place.

With just the mention of his name, she knew where she had seen that face.

He was Enrico Silvano.

He was the man who owned more than half the world and no country’s government ever dared to go against him. He controlled everything and was the world’s most feared man.

Enrico Silvano was the Mafia King.

He was the devil.

The stories she had heard and read about him were so terrifying and horrendous that they sometimes left her having reoccurring nightmares of him harming her and her family.

He was the man everyone was told to stay away from. He was the devil and she was just standing beside him, blushing and stuttering like an idiot.

She felt her face pale as her eyes shifted to him, only to see his gaze still on her.

Tiny beads of sweat formed on her forehead as their eyes never wandered.

His intense grey-green eyes bore into hers, as if he was searching for something, something she’d never know about, something she didn’t want to know.

As if a switch had flipped in him, his gaze changed to an empty one and his eyes moved to something behind her and he spoke in a distant voice.

“I’ll get going now.” With one last glance at Amelia, he was out the door, not even looking back at Izabella.

She felt a strange pang in her chest as she watched him leave the silent café.

Izabella watched as the media persons hurriedly moved away to let him walk though them, none of them uttering a word as their heads were cast downwards.

He walked up to the policemen and said something before continuing his walk.

As soon as he was out of sight, they immediately began pushing to get inside, luckily, the police were quick to block them.

“Stay back!” They shouted at the inquisitive media.

“Izzy?” Amelia’s soft voice made Izabella look at her and she felt her eyes begin to water, the reality of it all hitting her like a load of bricks.

She was standing so close to the world’s most dangerous man, that too in his arms.

It was then that she understood why her attacker was so scared.

“What are you crying?” Amelia asked as her chubby arms wrapped around the younger female, pulling her into her chest.

Izabella stayed silent, not even releasing tiny whimpers as the scenes flashed in her mind.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Amelia asked after a few seconds of Izabella’s silent crying and she nodded, raising her head and wiping at her puffy eyes.

“T-that was E-Enrico S-Silvano.” Her voice cracked as she spoke, saying it out loud only made it seem more real.

Amelia nodded, her eyes softening.

“I know.” She simply stated and Izabella looked at her, confused with her response.

The older woman looked into her eyes and sighed deeply.

“He would never hurt you, Izzy. He can’t.” Izabella’s brows furrowed at those words, she found that hard to believe.

Enrico Silvano was the type of man that could wipe out an entire family and make it seem like suicide.

He could do anything he wanted and no one would go against him.

Did she not understand? Surely, she did, after all, she was one of those who had warned Izabella about him.

Though she never told any stories, she always told her not to have anything to do with him.

Though it seemed highly unlikely at the time, it was now possible since he had saved her life.

What would would happen if he thought she owed him something?

Would he ask her to leave her family and work for him? Would he want to sell her?

The thought of it all scared her and she bit her lip harshly, flinching at the horrible metallic taste of blood that gushed into her mouth from the newly open wound.

“How can you be so sure?” Izabella questioned after a while.

Amelia gave me a small sympathetic smile.

“I just know it.” She kissed the younger woman’s head before walking out the door to talk to the policemen who had finally managed to get the media to go away.

Izabella silently watched as she spoke and they nodded before they all turned to her.

One of the older policemen followed her as she re-entered the café and walked up to her.

“Izzy? He just wants to ask you a few questions. Would you like me to stay or leave?” Izabella stared at her for a few moments before replying.

“Please stay.” Her voice was barely audible but Amelia somehow heard and nodded, hugging her as she carried her to the back room.

The sight of the numerous flowers making her remember earlier today when the delivery guys came.

She was still curious who could’ve sent them but pushed the thought far back in my head and tried to calm herself.

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