Il suo fiore innocente

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“Oh my goodness! Are you okay?!” Mia pulled Izabella into a tight embrace as soon as she walked through the door.

“Yeah. I guess.” She answered, not too sure whether she was lying or not.

Ever since the realisation, it was all she could think about, even the memory of how close they were made her shiver.

After the policeman had finished questioning her, Jacob, Mr. Knight and Sean all arrived, instantly sweeping her up in their arms and almost stifling her.

Apparently, it was already on the news and everyone knew the fearsome Enrico Silvano had saved Izabella, since the witnesses spoke out.

Amelia had sent Izabella home saying the café was going to have to undergo major reconstruction since nearly everything was damaged.

Some tables and chairs were broken along with the door and shattered glass window.

There were a few bullet holes in the wall behind the counter and huge blood stains on the floor.

“Go upstairs and freshen up. I’ll make you some soup, okay?” Mia patted her shoulder as she nodded and walked towards the staircase in the middle of the room.

Izabella opened her bedroom door and headed into the shower, stripping and stepping in, allowing the cool water to soak her from head to toe.

She never understood how people could take warm showers all the time. She absolutely hated them and only took them during the winter, and it had to be extremely cold for her to do so.

She heard her bedroom door open before Jacob’s voice sounded.

“We’re putting the flowers in here, okay?”

Izabella yelled back an okay, before beginning to scrub herself with the loofah.

After rinsing herself, she turned off the water and stepped out the shower.

She wrapped a fluffy mint-green towel around her body and a white one around her hair before walking out the bathroom, closing the door and gathering her ice cream printed pajamas and drying herself.

She quickly got dressed and pulled on her favourite pair of grey socks lined with black and white before blow drying her hair and exiting the room and heading downstairs to eat dinner after putting it in a ponytail.

Mr. Knight was sitting in the living room drinking a cup of coffee as he watched the news.

“Hey, dad.” The young female plopped down onto the couch beside her father and he smiled before wrapping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her into him.

“Hey, princess. You good?” Izabella nodded although she wasn’t so sure about her answer.

Mr. Knight already had too much on his plate and she didn’t want to be another problem of his. He was already so stressed with work and it bothered her to see him coming home with intense migraines and stiff muscles.

“Izzy? Your soup’s done. Would you like me to bring it for you?” Mia asked as she walked into the living room.

Izabella turned to her and shook her head.

“I’ll come. Bye, dad.” Mr. Knight hummed as his daughter pecked his cheek before standing up and heading into the dining room.

“Thanks, Mia.” Izabella gave her a small smile as she set the bowl of soup in front of her.

“It’s no problem, dear. Eat up. I hope you feel better soon.” She smiled before walking off.

“Princess.” Izabella looked to Sean as he inched his chair closer to hers.

He grabbed her hand from her lap and enclosed it in his.

“Don’t worry, princess. You’re safe now.” Sean kissed her temple softly, trying to reassure her and she simply nodded.

“Thanks.” Izabella muttered distractedly as she began eating her soup.

“What’s got you so quiet?” Jacob asked as he came through the door, his hair wet from his shower.

“Huh?” Sean rose a brow at his sister beside him before speaking up.

“You’ve been really quiet ever since we picked you up. Are you in shock or is it became of that man?” He inquired, his eyes searching her face for any hint of her emotions, but gave up when he didn’t find anything.

“Which man?” Izabella drank another spoonful of the soup and kept her gaze down.

Her mind was clouded with questions and no one seemed to have the answers beside the cause of them, Enrico Silvano.

Jacob sighed deeply, sitting down and pulling her into his side as her hand slid away from Sean’s.

“Enrico Silvano.” At the mention of his name, she shivered and a chill ran up her spine.

“W-will he come b-back to harm me?” She questioned softly, mentally praying the answer was in the negative.

Izabella clutched Jacob’s shirt tightly as images of her father and mother beating her as a flashed in her mind, only this time, they were replaced by Enrico.

The absolute hatred and scorn in his eyes scared her so much and she unknowingly let out a wobbly sob, soaking her flushed face in her salty, warm tears.

“I-I don’t want h-him t-to.” The flashes of the images intensified as she writhed in agony, screaming and shaking in utter fear.

Izabella’s throat clogged up and she couldn’t breathe, Jacob’s arms beginning to feel too tight around her waist and she pushed him away, falling onto the floor and backing away.

“N-no! P-please! I-I didn’t m-mean to break it!” Izabella yelled as he approached her, scampering away like a startled animal.

“Izabella!” He bellowed and she jolted in fright, sweat beginning to form on her forehead as her palms became clammy.


“Izabella.” Enrico’s face morphed into Mr. Knight’s worried one as he stood just a few feet away from her, Jacob and Sean stooping beside her with their arms outstretched.

“He can’t harm you, princess. It’s okay.” Mr. Knight whispered as he went closer and she started coughing violently, her throat clearing and finally making it possible for oxygen to once again fill her lungs.

Izabella felt her father’s arms around her and cuddled into his chest, her tears silently falling and soaking his shirt.

“It’s okay, now. It’s over.” He whispered into her ear as he rubbed calming circles on her back, kissing her matted hair ever so often.

Eventually, Izabella’s tears stopped flowing and her breathing slowed.

“I’m okay.” She whispered, her voice hoarse from all the crying and hiccuping.

“Yes, you are. It’s okay, princess.” Mr. Knight placed his arms under her legs and lifted her up, Izabella latched onto him like a monkey, her arms wrapping around his neck as he carried her out of the dining room and up the stairs with Jacob and Sean following, both of them had worried expressions on their faces.

Mia was nowhere to be seen so it was assumed she had already left.

Mr. Knight opened her bedroom door and laid her on the bed before pulling the covers over her body and kissing her head as he and the guys settled beside her.

They stayed silent for several minutes, each lost in their own thoughts as Mr. Knight held her hands in his.

Izabella curled up to his side and rested her head in his lap, just like she used to when she was little every time she had a nightmare.

After a while, he kissed her forehead and got up.

“Goodnight, princess. Sleep well.”

“Goodnight, daddy.” Mr. Knight gave her a forced smile before walking out the room.

Jacob rose from his seat beside her and went to the door to close it.

“Are you guys sleeping here tonight?” He only nodded as he lifted the covers and got in, Sean quickly following his lead.

The two brothers laid down beside her just like when they were little, each on a side.

“Goodnight, guys.”

“Goodnight, princess.” They replied simultaneously, patting her hair and wrapping their arms around her before closing their eyes and drifting off, leaving her alone to her never-ending thoughts.

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