The Welsh Sisters Book 1

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(Sample) In high school you never know what's going to happen. Especially with these sisters. Will she go for the bad boy? Will the quiet good girl tell anyone what's happened to her? These two sisters are nothing alike. Juniper is sixteen and what you would call a good girl. Her life was amazing until he came into it. Frankie is fourteen and just starting high school. When she met the bad boy and wanted to be more than just his friend. She could feel the anger coming off of him in waves of heat. "I just want a kiss, come on baby." She backed away from him in fear. This can't be happening to me. She thought. He stalked towards her as she tried to get away. Reaching out he grabbed her wrist making her cry out in pain. It didn't seem fair to her that he already had a girlfriend. She didn't care that he was the bad boy. She didn't care that he was older. She was attracted to him, he was so gorgeous. When he smiled at her and offered her things she knew she shouldn't have she didn't care. She would do anything to make him happy.

Romance / Drama
Mickey Myjak
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Chapter 1

I'm in a kitchen kneading dough there's a cloud of flour in the room. I sculpt the dough into a bowl like shape, and start to fold the ends. I go to the cutting boards and chop some apples. The knife hits the cutting board in a rhythm like beat. The sweet smell of apples fills the room. I finish getting the pie prepared and put it in the oven. My Gramps lets me work part time at his bakery. I'm sixteen my name's Juniper Welsh I live with my mom Mia Welsh {maiden name Smith}, my dad James Welsh, and my little sister Frankie Welsh she's fourteen. My moms a part time nanny so on Monday's through Thursday's at 6am till 5pm she's playing someone else's mom. Which I guess is good for them and I'm fine with it cause whenever she's home we always get to spend time together. My dad's a full time lawyer so he's at his office a lot or at the courthouse defending someone. Frankie and I go to high school. Frankie just started high school this year, I'm in eleventh grade so one more year and I'm out. I know lot's of people say they have plans and they know exactly what they're going to do when they get out of high school. Honestly I have no idea. I love baking and I think I want to do that for the rest of my life, but do I? I take the pie out of the oven and it looks perfect. I put the pie in the fridge to cool then clean up the rest of my mess. As I put my apron away Gramps walks into the kitchen.
"Hey Gramps I'm heading home okay."
Gramps looks up at me, smiles and then nods. "Alright June, need a ride?"
"No thanks I'm going to walk."
"Alright then, be safe love you."
"Love you too Gramps"
I leave the bakery and start walking home. I think about how much my mom looks like Gramps and I do too. Frankie doesn't though, she looks like dad. I have long black hair, peach colored skin and light blue eyes. My mom and Gramps also have black hair and blue eyes. My mom is tanner than me though and Gramps is pretty pale. Frankie has bleach blonde hair and her eyes are brown like my dads. My dad also has blond hair but its more grey now than blonde. I reach home and go inside. I hear Frankie on the phone with one of her friends. They're talking about a science project. I look at the clock it's 5:30 and it's Thursday so mom should be home soon. She usually comes home between 5:30 and 5:45. I wonder what's for dinner cause I'm starving.

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