Rae of Light

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Chapter Twenty-Nine

Fortunately, the Christmas vacation wasn’t over yet, so I still didn’t have to see Chase. Besides, it’s not like he was looking for me anyway. He had my number, he could’ve called. He didn’t. I didn’t. And I didn’t want the holiday to be over and then to face his confrontation at school.

But I didn’t think about it. Because the day after New Year’s Eve, I was displaying my relationship with Gunner to all. Jez seemed more confused than angry, and so did Danger, Ryder, Henry, Maddox and Evelyn, who stayed here for the rest of the holiday. Evelyn specifically almost looked mortified that Gunner picked someone like me. But Gunner and I avoided her, and Gunner kept on talking to me throughout the meals, and I kept on having a goofy smile on my face.

Later, Jez dragged me away from Gunner and asked, “What the hell had happened?!” in an excited voice. Her crush was probably nonexistent now. She seemed, actually, pretty interested in Danger all of a sudden.

“Eh...” I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share with her. “I...”

“Gunner literally snatched you from Chase!” She squealed. “It’s so romantic! And now he seems to be interested solely in you!”

I flushed. “It’s... complicated.” I said. “I can only say... we’re sorta together now.”

Jez’s sky-blue eyes filled with wonder. “How?” She demanded. “How did you make him even consider relationship? I know Gunner. He’s the most stubborn person alive. How?”

Shrugging, I smiled sheepishly at her. “I’ve not idea,” I said truthfully. “It just... happened.” Not exactly in the easiness that it seemed, but still, it happened, right? I still couldn’t believe myself that all this actually happened to me.

Arms wrapped around my waist from behind and I immediately felt the warmth shooting straight into my heart, especially when I felt Gunner’s chin landing on my head. “What’re you two talking about?”

Jez smiled a shit-eating smile just when Danger and Ryder came over to us. We were all at the lounge, and Ryder, Danger and Jez stared at Gunner and me with grins. Especially Danger, who knew about my feelings for Gunner in his own way. “When did you plan to tell us, you jerks?” Ryder asked.

Gunner and I exchanged looks and we both smiled at the same time. He squeezed me tighter to him and planted a kiss to my temple. I closed my eyes and sighed at the content I felt.

“He-llo,” Jez drawled, “we’re still here waiting for some explanations instead of ‘it’s complicated’. What’re you, twelve?”

Gunner released his lips from my temple and turned to look mysteriously at Jez. “What’s between Rae and me shall remain between us only.”

“Oh, come on,” Ryder begged, “All day you’re being lovey-dovey with each other. It doesn’t take a genius to understand what the fuck’s going on here.”

“So if you already know,” I said with a sweet smile. “Why don’t you excuse yourself and fuck off?”

Ryder made a face, his gold eyes twinkling, and then Danger snickered. “You caught yourself a bratty one, Gun,” he said, his cattish-green eyes glinting in mischief.

“Anyway,” Jez cut in, “there’s a fair going on not so far from here. Wanna go and check it out?”

“Fairs are for couples,” Ryder pointed out. “Mostly, anyway.”

“We can go,” I said, looking at Gunner. It could be like a date. Out first date.

Gunner’s sea-green eyes told me he was onto me, and he smirked a little. “Sure,” he said aloud, “let’s go.”

“I can bring a date, too!” Ryder said excitedly.

Immediately Jez and I were on alert. “If you’re thinking of bringing Taryn Torres along - “ Jez started but Ryder caught her with a laugh.

“That sexy bitch? Nah,” he shook his head. “She’s not a girlfriend material. Besides, I’m going out with someone already.”

That made Jez, Danger and I very interested. Gunner stayed calm and uncaring, as though as long as he had his arms around me he was perfectly content. The thought made me feel warm and mushy.

“Who?” Jez demanded.

“Do tell,” Danger said in the same tone.

Ryder smiled smugly, like he liked keeping us in the dark. “Irie Grace,” he said, satisfaction in every syllable.

Jez and Danger didn’t see that one coming, and their chins almost hit the floor. I grinned a little. Those two were so similar it was scary. They would make a cute couple. “Irie Grace?” Jez asked in shock. “The bakery girl?”

“Yup,” Ryder beamed at them. “The one and only.” His eyes became hazy and his face turned dreamy. He was a goner where Irie Grace was concerned.

“Congrats,” I told him with honesty. Irie was a great girl, and when I thought about it, she could match to puppy-eyed-bad-boyish Ryder Wayne.

“So Gunner, Rae and I can go,” Ryder said smugly and looked pointedly at Jez and Danger. “What about you? Do you have a date?” It was a deliberate question that made me understand that Ryder also knew about what was going on between Jez and Danger.

The two in question exchanged quick glances and then looked away in embarrassment. Jez turned a little red, while Danger ruffled his nonexistent hair. It was actually pretty refreshing see criminalistic-looking Danger looking so awkward and beautiful-and-confident Jez looking so lost. Ryder and Gunner probably thought the same, seeing as knowing grins appeared on their faces.

“I - “ Jez eventually started to say and then Danger caught her.

“Can you leave us alone for a sec?” He asked us, his face turning determined.

Gunner was more than glad to oblige and I found myself dragged out of the lounge in his arms, Ryder following us. Outside of the lounge, Ryder murmured something about calling Irie and left Gunner and me alone.

“Shall we do something practical while we’re finally alone?” Gunner whispered in my ear, making me shiver at the sexy, sinful offer.

“S-Sure,” I stuttered, my heart beating so hard in my chest it almost hurt.

He took my wrist and led me to the offices area. He opened one of the doors and apparently it was his own office. It looked much like Henry’s, only he had a few memorials, like pictures of the beautiful Gwendolyn Murray and a man who looked like how Gunner would be when he was older. His parents, then.

Before I could ask about his Marine father, Gunner turned me to him and before I could catch my breath his lips covered mine, and I was being kissed passionately. His tongue wetted my lower lip, making me gasp and give him the access inside. He slid in and I had to grab his biceps so I wouldn’t fall from the powerful feelings I felt. I felt things lower in me getting all hot and bothered and aroused, and I swear my nipples became so pointed they could’ve penetrated my shirt. It was a reaction only Gunner could bring out of me.

I found myself pressed against his desk, electricity in me veins and fireworks spreading in my blood as the kiss became even deeper, hotter. He grabbed my waist with those big and warm hands of his and I gasped into his mouth as he pulled me up and sat me on the desk, his muscular, sexy body between my suddenly spread-open legs. I felt my sex getting wetter and wetter, the arousal consuming every cell in my taut body.

Gunner’s hands grabbed my thighs and I whimpered. It took everything in me to grasp a coherent thought and when I did, I disconnected my lips from his. It didn’t bother him, though, and he started to kiss down my jaw, to my neck, as his hands squeezed my thighs again and again, like he couldn’t get enough of me.

“G-Gunner...” I moaned when his lips found my neck and sucked there erotically. I gulped and said again, “Gunner...”

“Hmm?” He murmured and licked my neck now.

My eyes rolled and I would’ve let the heat consume me once again, but the thought nudged in my brain. “The door...” I whispered. “Anyone could...”

He understood my implication. “Locked.” Was the only thing he said before he raised his lips to mine again to shut me up. Not that I cared. Now that I knew the door was safely locked, I could let myself be possessed by the hottest man alive.

And he took his time. He bit my lips making me moan again, and then kissed me deeply again. He pressed his body harder to mine, and I felt through my jeans that he was hard for me. Just like I was wet for him. His denim-covered sex pressed against my own covered one and we both groaned. It was both frustrating and ecstatic, and I pulled him closer, wanting him to press even more. He obliged and when he did press again, deeper, I couldn’t help a loud moan. He took my moan with his mouth, kissing and suckling my lips to no end, while one of his hands moved from my thigh to my breast and squeezed. It made my eyes open wide and a groan to leave my throat. The act was so erotic, especially when he pinched my hard nipple through the fabric of my shirt.

My abdomen, taut with knots of anticipation and exhilaration, suddenly became tauter. It felt like the seam of my jeans pressed inside me, and then I moaned so hard as ecstasy spread through my whole body. Black dots appeared in my vision and I felt my body going limp. Suddenly exhausted, I put my arms around Gunner’s neck and leaned my head on his broad shoulder, breathing heavily.

He chuckled. “Done already?” He asked lowly, roughly, sexily.

“Mmm...” was all I could speak.

Another sexy chuckle that made me feel as if all this was a dream. I mean, Gunner was here, making out with me, making me feel as if my body shattered inside out...

“Did I...” I murmured. “Did I... orgasm?” I whispered the last word.

A sexy smirk meant only for me and then kissed me again. After a while I felt my arousal shoving back into me but he already leaned back, taking those lips away from me. “We’ve been here too long,” he grinned.

“W-What does it mean?” I asked, confused.

“That I don’t want to have sex with you in my office,” he paused. “Even if it sounds really erotic.”

Not that I wanted to have sex right now, but I was curious. “Why?”

Now it was his turned to look a baffled. He raise a sexy brow. “Because you’re a virgin and you’re not ready.”

I gulped, blushed and looked away. “How... How do you know...?” It’s not like I told everybody.

“A guy can sense,” he said mysteriously. “Besides, you’ve just asked me if you got an orgasm. If you’d had sex, you wouldn’t have asked.”

“Oh,” it made sense, and it made my blush deepen.

“Come on,” he got out of between my legs, making me want to groan in disappointment. “Let’s go.”

Reluctantly I did, and we both went to dinner. Jez and Danger were both a little pink, Ryder had a big goofy grin on his boyish face, his brown hair pulled into a small ponytail, and Henry, Maddox and Evelyn looked uninterested in anything. Maybe except Evelyn, who kept sending Gunner and me odd glances.

It was decided that the next day we would go the the fair. Apparently Danger and Jez worked their problems or whatever because the next day she looked even prettier, dressed in a skirt, thighs, shirt and boots. She even put on make-up. Even Danger seemed even more dressed up and looked really great. They even went far as to hold hands. I felt like a proud mama.

Ryder also cleaned up nicely for Irie, who looked as cute as she always was. The two were really into each other; they couldn’t keep their eyes away from each other for more than a few seconds and seemed really cozy together.

Gunner and I were the only ones that, in my eyes, didn’t fit, looks-speaking. Gunner with tousled jet-black hair, those luminous greenish-blues, his hot body that was dressed today in some rich jeans and manly boots, not to mention his sexy shirt and jacket. I, on the opposite, was a weird Irish girl with frizzly red hair, tanned skin that didn’t fit to the hair color, dark brown eyes, and small and slim figure. I tried to dress up too, putting on jeans shorts with black thighs, black boots, some red shirt and gray jacket. But I just didn’t have the good-looks of Gunner, or Jez, or Danger, or even Ryder and Irie.

But I’d already accepted it. And as long as Gunner liked me that way, I had no problem. Because frankly he was the only one that’s opinion about my looks actually mattered.

We all drove to the fair in one car – the Preston’s big, black 4X4 Jeep. Gunner was the driver, while I sat on the seat next to his. Danger, Jez, Ryder and Irie sat at the wide backseat. We all talked and heard some good music on our way to the fair and when we arrived, it was about four in the afternoon.

We all split after arriving, but I didn’t care much. Because Gunner was with me. And when he took my hand in his, intertwining our fingers, I couldn’t help to keep the happiest smile I’d ever had from my face.

Girls looked at Gunner as we passed, then glaring enviously at me. I just shot them smug smirks, because he was mine and not theirs. And I was keeping him, now that he finally came to me.

Gunner bought me a sugared apple which I ate with a stupid smile on my face. We talked lightly as we walked around the fair, deciding what booths we should visit.

After about two hours, when it was sunset already, he took me to the ferris wheel. We hopped in when our turn arrived and he fastened the rail on us just before the wheel started moving. We still held hands, my sugared apple no longer in my hand but in my stomach, and I had a goofy smile again.

The setting sun made Gunner look even more godly. His profile showed me how greek-godly-like he was. So perfect, so harsh, so... Gunner. And he was mine – willingly.

He caught me staring at him and grinned at me. “Admiring your boyfriend?” He asked, seeming smug.

I chuckled. “What can I do? I have a beautiful, sexy, handsome boyfriend.”

He snickered at me. “A shame I can’t say the same about my girlfriend - “

I slapped his arm at his joke. I would’ve never thought he had some sense of humor, not with him being always so indifferent and unreadable, but for those three days we were together, I found out he could be funny if he wanted to.

“What?” he mockingly protested in a dry voice. “My girlfriend isn’t so hot.”

I grinned. “It’s not what your dick thought yesterday when you were all but about to fuck me through the clothes.”

He grinned a wicked, slightly wild grin that made my heart flutter and my face blush. “I love it when you talk dirty,” he murmured and leaned in, so he was so close I could see the little dark blue around his pupils. I gulped, feeling the arousal gripping me.

Without giving me time to adjust, he took my chin in his hand and brushed his lips against mine. Electricity burned us, and I was sure that when we actually had sex, it would make an inferno.

And so he kissed me slowly, deliberately, teasingly, and I melted, wanting to get closer. But our ride was over, and so our romantic gateway on the ferris-wheel. But I wasn’t disappointed, because Gunner sent me a sexy smirk that made me think of all kinds of wicked, wicked things he would do to me in the future.

I could hardly wait.

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